Flowers are the subject of millions of tattoos every year, and it’s no secret as to why. Not only are they wildly beautiful like this Dahlia Tattoo, but each flower also holds its own deeper meaning as well! Double whammy!

The Dahlia flower is no exception to this. This gorgeous breathtaking flower has loads of soft petals and comes in a variety of awesome colors, it’s no wonder why they make such lovely tattoos. As a woman, adding a dahlia flower to your tattoo collection is a wonderful way to embrace your femininity while also honoring nature.

Mother earth deserves a shout out too!

Choosing a style, color, and size can be difficult, but that is what we are here for! In order to help take some of the stress off of ya we’ve compiled a perfect list of many different kinds of Dahlia Flower Tattoos for you to look through to get a good feel for what would be the perfect fit for you and your style.

Though this flower truly can go with any style, we know there is one on this list that is just going to scream You!

But before we dive into that, lets first discuss the meanings behind this great flower!

Dahlia Flower Tattoo Meanings

The Dahlia flower is rich in symbolism. There are so many varying types that grow in many different regions, so this comes with many different symbolic meanings from different places. Overall, the dahlia flower represents inner strength. This is due to the flower’s ability to withstand harsh environments.

For similar reasons, this flower also represents positive changes in life, because once you get through the hard times you’re able to grow and thrive. You were consistent all along and now you get the reward!

This flower also represents kindness and positive energy and asks you to embrace joy and love for others.

If any of these symbolisms resonate with you, then perhaps a Dahlia tattoo will be in your future! If this is the case then you better start saving ideas and inspiration for when the time comes to get the work done, how exciting.

Dahlia Flower Tattoos Designs

Dalia Flower Tattoo

1. Detailed Black & White Flower

2. Realistic Dahlia Flower

3. Simple Dahlia Flower

4. Delicate Large Dahlia

5. Purple Dahlia

6. Awesome Detailed Dahlia

7. Bold Quarter Sleeve

8. Single Dahlia with Triangle Background

9. Mixed Flower Back Tattoo

10. Open Dahlia Tattoo

11. Vibrant Blue Dahlia

12. Pink Dahlia in Nature

13. Freehanded Dahlia

14. A Graceful Dahlia

15. Dahlia Chest Piece

Black Dahlia Tattoo Ideas

That’s right, there’s even a dahlia flower for the angstiest of us. She’s really covering all her bases!

16.Black & White Black Dahlia

17. Bouquet in Vase

18.Dahlia with Spider Web

19. Realistic Black Dahlia

20. Simple Black Dahlia

21. 2 Dahlia Buds

22. Dahlia with Eye in Middle

23. Black Dahlia on Stem

24. Bold Lined Black Dahlia

25. Lined Black Dahlia

Small Dahlia Tattoos

Big tattoos, not your thing? That’s totally okay! Not every tattoo has to be huge, and honestly it’s easier on the pockets when they aren’t. If small tattoos are more your style then we made this next list for you! Check out these 11 small dahlia tattoo ideas below.

Dahlia Tattoo

26. Small Blue Dahlia

27. Realistic Pink Dahlia

28. Little Dahlia on Shoulder

29. Dahlia on Wrist

30. Simple & Small Dahlia

35. Tiny Soft Dahlia

36. Cluster of Dahlias

37.  Black & White Detailed Dahlia

38. Dainty Dahlia Bouquet

39. Awesome Grey Dahlia

40. Small Dahlia on Ribs

Watercolor Dahlia Tattoos

Watercolor is some of the coolest new(wish) styles to tattoo with color, and the dahlia flower is the perfect subject for it!

Watercolor Dahlia Tattoos for women

41. Vibrant Watercolor Dahlia

42. Red Dahlia

43. Whimsicl Pink Dahlia

44. Deep Purple Back Piece

45. Colorful Dahlia in Progress

Dahlia Sleeve Tattoo

You know the saying, ‘you can never have too much of a good thing’…yeah that absolutely applies to dahlia tattoos. There’s never too much of them! Below is a list of the coolest dahlia-themed sleeves. Have a look!

46. Dahlia on Sleeve

47. Dark Black & White Sleeve

48. Dahlia Sleeve in Color

49. Multiple Flower Sleeve

50. Purple Dahlia Quarter Sleeve

dahlia mandala tattoo

Flower tattoo sleeve with Dahlias

51. Mandahlia Sleeve

52.  Dahlia Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

53. Swirled Mandala Black & White

Dahlia Tattoo Ideas

Here are some of our favorite honorable mentions that we just HAD to include! Take a look at these 4 awesome dahlia tattoos.

54. Cute Dahlia in Heart

55. Dahlia on Stem

56. Dahlia Arm Band

57. Black & White Classic

We hoped you found something you loved among these flowers! Okay, who am I kidding, of course you did! How could you not! Now the only thing left for you to do is set your appointment. Happy Tattooing!

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