Inside: Unique Sampaguita Tattoo Ideas (Jasmine Flowers).

Flowers are one of the most popular tattoo designs that there are, and for good reason. Flowers are not only pretty, colorful, and simple, but they have great meaning behind each type.

Sampaguita flower grows in Southern Asia and South Pacific. For many years, this beautiful flower was unknown to so many countries around the world, and those who had a chance to see this flower in person when they went on long travels, were instantly mesmerized by its beauty.

The Sampaguita flower comes in several colors and its symbolic meaning was created by civilizations that lived around it. From love, peace, and hard work, each flower comes with its own meaning that can be special to you and your life.

Whether this is your first tattoo or tenth these unique Sampaguita tattoo ideas are full of beauty.

Sampaguita Tattoo /Ideas

Meaning of the Sampaguita Tattoo

Sampaguita flower is a tropical flower that stuns us with its beauty. The symbolic meaning of this flower assisted people for years and helped them share their emotions and feelings with people they love. Sampaguita flower has several symbolic meanings and all of them are closely tied together.


The Sampaguita flower is a symbol of love. If you want to show love to someone, this is the perfect flower to do. Their beauty and tropical appeal are going to make the person receiving the bouquet special and loved. Meaning of love was the dominant symbolic meaning for this flower in South Asia and South Pacific, and from there this symbolism spread out across the world.

Divine Hope

This gorgeous flower symbolizes divine hope. This especially goes for the white Sampaguita flower, where the color white and the symbolic meaning of this color perfectly align. You can place this flower in your home, where it will be more than beautiful decoration. Its presence is going to fill your home with divine hope and optimism for the future.


The Sampaguita flower symbolizes dedication. Besides being the symbol of love, this flower is also a symbol of dedication to someone and surrendering your soul to another person. If you want to surprise your partner and pick something different for this year’s Valentine’s Day, then pick a beautiful bouquet of Sampaguita flowers and surprise your loved one.


Close to fidelity is love. This is the perfect flower for expressing love and complete faith in a relationship. There is no other way to show love to someone than with fidelity and truthfulness. This is the ultimate goal in every relationship and you can easily show your true intentions by gifting this beautiful flower to your partner.


Just like dedication, devotion symbolizes your desire to spend a lifetime with a person and offer endless love to him or her. Sampaguita flower is going to help you transfer this message to your partner without you even saying a word.


Sampaguita flowers have also been symbols of purity for the people of South Asia and the Southern Pacific. These flowers symbolized innocence, purity, and divine forces, which is the reason they were often used in baptisms and religious ceremonies.

Sampaguita Flower Tattoo

1. Dainty Sampaguita Flower Design

2. Colored Sampaguita Flower Art

3. Cluster of Flowers TattooSampaguita Flower Tattoo

4. Sampaguita Flower with Quote

5. Outline of Sampaguita Flower Idea

6. Dotwork Jasmine Flower

7. Hand Poke Flower Tattoo

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Designs

The Jasmine flower tattoo meaning is feminity, sweetness, grace, and appeal, also the white jasmine flower tattoo design means cleanliness, simplicity, humility, and force. Girls prefer to make white small jasmine flower tattoos and vine tattoos, but Jasmine is not just a female tattoo, guys like to make them too.

8. Soft, Single Needle Flower Tattoo

9. Simple Outline of Flowers on Ribcage

10. Small Jasmine Flower Tattoo on Wrist

Jasmine Flower Designs

11. Single Flower Stem Tattoo

12. Jasmine Flower Heart Tattoo Design

13. Minimalist Sampaguita Flower Idea

Filipino Sampaguita Tattoo Ideas

Sampaguita is actually a Spanish term that originates from the Filipino words sumpa kita, meaning ‘I promise you‘. Needless to say, this flower has become a symbol of love, purity, devotion, dedication, strength, and fidelity.

14. Filipino Sun with Sampaguita Flowers

15. Phillippines National Flower Tattoo Idea

16. Danity Flower Thigh Tattoo

17. Filipino Sun and Flower Tattoo Idea

Filipino Sampaguita Tattoo

18. Unique Dotwork Sampaguita Flower

19. Small Jasmine Flower Tattoo Ankle Idea

20. Dainty Filipino Flower Tattoo

21. Small Detailed Flower Tattoo

More Tattoo Inspiration For You

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Sampaguita Tattoo