Inside: Unique Sampaguita Tattoo Ideas (Jasmine Flowers).

Whether you are a tattoo artist, a regular at tattoo parlors, or just someone amused by the art form and likes getting tattoos occasionally, we are sure you understand tattoos’ true meaning and essence. Most tattoos that people get are once close to their heart – and rightly so, given that tattoos stay with you on your body for a lifetime.

This is why we always say no matter how simple a tattoo looks to you, it sure is to hold meaning for the person getting it.

The same is the case with some common tattoos, for example, flower tattoos. Flower tattoos are very popular among people; they look pretty and many people like getting flower tattoos. But have you looked closely and realized that not all flower tattoos are the same?

In fact, most of the time, the flowers you see in the flower tattoos are all very different – because every flower tattoo has a different meaning, and people mostly use the different flowers for their symbolism.

One such very unique and popular flower tattoo is the  Sampaguita Tattoo which represents the beauty and symbolism of the Sampaguyita tattoo. If you have also been amused by the beautiful flower and its tattoo and want to know more about it, keep reading. Today let’s talk about the meaning behind the Sampaguita Tattoo.

Sampaguita Tattoo Flower Ideas

What is the Sampaguita Tattoo?

The Sampaguita tattoo can be characterized as a beautiful tattoo representing the delicate flower Sampaguita. People often confuse Sampaguita with a jasmine flower, but they are pretty different. Sampaguita is actually a species of Jasminum sambac, which means the two are quite related and therefore look similar.

Sampaguita: More About the Flower

Sampaguita is a sweetly scented tropical flower known for its delicate petals and light pastel colors. The flower is native to the South Pacific and southern Asia – it is called the national flower of the Philippines even though it is not native to the country and is still not considered a naturalized species there. For the longest time, this flower was unknown to most countries worldwide; only people who traveled long distances could get a glimpse of its beauty – and everyone came back mesmerized by how pure and astounding it looked.

This is one reason why the flower became loved as well as symbolic in the Philippines, the surrounding areas, and then to the whole world. This would answer your question if you were wondering why the Sampaguita flower tattoo is so famous.

The tattoo is famous because it captures the beauty of the flowers that have mesmerized people throughout the world, and people who get this tattoo, hold its meaning true to their hearts.

Flower Tattoo Ideas

Sampaguita Flower Tattoo

1. Dainty Sampaguita Flower Design

2. Colored Sampaguita Flower Art

3. Cluster of Flowers Tattoo

4. Sampaguita Flower with Quote

5. Outline of Sampaguita Flower Idea

6. Dotwork Jasmine Flower

7. Hand Poke Flower Tattoo

What Does the Sampaguita Tattoo Symbolize?

As we have been saying, the Sampaguita tattoo is a symbolic tattoo that represents what the flower represents: purity, love, fidelity, and desire. Let’s learn more about its symbolism. This is what the Sampaguita flower tattoo means:

●      Love

The Sampaguita flower is a symbol of love; it has forever been used as a way to show your love to someone. This plant’s beauty and tropical appeal are used for people to feel they are special and loved. People get the Sampaguita flower tattoo as a representation of their love for someone close – and “love” is the most dominant symbol attached to this flower and its tattoo.

●      Dedication

Besides love, this flower tattoo also represents dedication. It shows that you are willing to surrender your soul to another person – which is why this flower is normally used to dedicate to your significant other on special occasions such as Valentines Day. People get the Sampaguita flower tattoo to surprise their loved ones and show their dedication to them.

●      Fidelity

Another trait close to love, the Sampaguita flower tattoo, is a clear symbol of fidelity – showing your complete love and faith in a relationship. People usually get this tattoo to show their partners they love no one else but them. In fact, in most south Asian regions, people use this tattoo as a dedication to God or someone they follow – to show oneness.

Jasmine Flower Tattoo Designs

The Jasmine flower tattoo meaning is feminity, sweetness, grace, and appeal, also the white jasmine flower tattoo design means cleanliness, simplicity, humility, and force. Girls prefer to make white small jasmine flower tattoos and vine tattoos, but Jasmine is not just a female tattoo, guys like to make them too.

8. Soft, Single Needle Flower Tattoo

9. Simple Outline of Flowers on Ribcage

10. Small Jasmine Flower Tattoo on Wrist

Jasmine Flower Designs

11. Single Flower Stem Tattoo

12. Jasmine Flower Heart Tattoo Design

13. Minimalist Sampaguita Flower Idea

Filipino Sampaguita Tattoo Ideas

Sampaguita is actually a Spanish term that originates from the Filipino words sumpa kita, meaning ‘I promise you‘. Needless to say, this flower has become a symbol of love, purity, devotion, dedication, strength, and fidelity.

14. Filipino Sun with Sampaguita Flowers

15. Phillippines National Flower Tattoo Idea

16. Danity Flower Thigh Tattoo

17. Filipino Sun and Flower Tattoo Idea

Filipino Flower Tattoo

18. Unique Dotwork Sampaguita Flower

19. Small Jasmine Flower Tattoo Ankle Idea

20. Dainty Filipino Flower Tattoo

21. Small Detailed Flower Tattoo

The beautiful tropical Sampoaguita flower clearly symbolizes love, purity, and devotion. It is a common tattoo that people get on their bodies to represent their love for someone or something – not necessarily a person every time.

Some people think it is a romantic tattoo; however, deep down, the tattoo symbolizes something more than just romantic love. It represents true dedication and genuine, divine hope. So if you can relate to the symbolism of this mesmerizing tattoo, maybe you can get it next time and dedicate it to a loved one!

Sampaguita Tattoo

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