Inside: February Birth Flower Tattoo {Violet}

Violet, the vibrant birth flower of February, makes an excellent tattoo. With only four petals, it’s small enough to fit on many body parts, and its meaning compliments the month of love and romance with which it shares a name.

If your birthday is in February, your birth flower is the violet – which means life, immortality, modesty, humility, and love of nature – making it an excellent choice for permanent body art that also carries personal meaning.

Additionally, the violet represents dignity, royalty, and faith. Check out these 25 Vibrant February Birth Flower Tattoo Designs.

February Birth Flower Tattoos

Violet Tattoo Variations

When you see a violet flower tattoo, there are usually many different creative ways artists will portray it. One thing which is fantastic about floral tattoos is that they can be the central element of the work or simply serve as decoration to give variation to an otherwise plain design. Below are two common interpretations of these designs we enjoy.

Basic Violet Flower Tattoo

This tattoo encompasses all the meanings of a violet flower – beauty, color, vibrancy. It’s an aesthetically pleasing sight that means something different to everyone who sees it.

Black & Grey Violet Tattoo

The black and grey violet floral tattoo is one that either has an existing color scheme or someone who enjoys this kind of flower. It’s extremely simple, but it can be drawn in different styles depending on how big you want the final product to appear.

Watercolor Violet Tattoo

Watercolor painting is the perfect way to express your love for nature. The bright shades of purple are matched perfectly with the intricate patterns found in this tattoo design. This whimsical style adds an airy feel to the otherwise deep and meaningful piece, capturing its true beauty.

Violet February Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. Vibrant Violet Flower Tattoo

2. Violet Flowered Heart Design

3. February Violet Mandala Tattoo Idea

4. Violet Flowers Going Up Ankle Tattoo

Violet Flower Tattoo Designs

5. Soft and Elegant February Birth Flower Design

6. Small Collarbone Flower Tattoo

7. Detail February Birth Flower Band Idea

8. Pretty Bold Violet Flower

9. Two Stemmed Flowers Tattoo

Violet Flower Tattoos Sigma Kappa

February Birth Flower Tattoo Black and White

10. Black and White February Flower Tattoo

11. February Birth Flower Black Outline Design

12. Inner Bicep Violet Flower Tattoo

Black and White Violet Ink Inspiration

13. Violet Flower Outline on Thigh

14. February Birth Flower Arm Tattoo

15. New School Violet Flowers Design

16. Unique Black and White Violet Tattoo

February Birth Tattoos Black and White

Birth Flower Tattoos for February

17. Single Stemmed Violet Flower

18. Two Little February Birth Flowers

19. Tattooed Violet Flower Band Design

20. Inner Arm Violet Flower Tattoo

21. Perfectly Detailed February Birth Flower Trio

Purple Flowers Tattoos Designs

22. Modern Violet Flower Tattoo Design

23. Diamond Outlined February Birth Flower Bundle

24. Super Bright Violet Flower Art

25. Purple Shaded Violet Flower Tattoo

February Birth Flower Tattoo

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February Birth Flower Tattoo