Inside: Rosemary Tattoo Ideas + Meanings.

Herbal Tattoos are on the rise and it’s no secret as to why. Herbs play such a large role in our day-to-day lives as humans, whether it be from the food we cook to natural medicines we use when we feel ill. Herbs are everywhere! So getting rosemary tattooed on you is a wonderful way to honor the role it has played in your life.

More than this, each herb holds its own symbolism and meaning, which adds depth and inspiration to your tattoo.

Though there are many herbs to choose from, today we are going to focus on Rosemary!

Rosemary is an evergreen plant that is a part of the mint family (which makes sense because of its pungently strong smell). It was native to the Mediterranean region and is now widely spread throughout the world.

This natural plant aids in headaches, stomachaches, mental & physical fatigue, and even improve your memory! She really packs a punch. And these are just the physical things it brings to the table.

Next, let’s get into the metaphorical!

Rosemary Tattoo Designs

Rosemary Tattoo Meaning

If you’re like me and enjoy learning the symbolism behind our favorite flower tattoos, then you’ll love this. In many cultures, rosemary is the symbol of love and remembrance! It does more than help improves our memory, it connects us to our loved ones! For a long period of time, rosemary was placed outside of tombs or on coffins during burials. This tradition was held by many cultures for many centuries because it was believed to help connect families to the loved ones that have passed on.

Rosemary is actually a part of many different traditions. For example, it’s common to give a sprig of rosemary to newlyweds to help inspire them to faithfulness and to bring their relationship luck.

The name rosemary comes from the term “dew of the sea”, this is because of the fact that because of its natural habitat, this plant would be watered and sprinkled by the waves of the Mediterranean ocean.

Rosemary Tattoo Cost

The cost of a rosemary tattoo will vary depending on many factors, such as size, placement, color, and your tattoo artist’s rate. So make sure to check with them about this so you can get a better understanding of what your specific tattoo will cost.

Rosemary Tattoo

This herb truly has many benefits and uses, as well as many beautiful symbols. This makes it a wonderful subject for a tattoo! So, if you’re someone who connected with the helpfulness of it, or the symbolic meanings it holds, or perhaps both…then this herb is the perfect one for you to get tattooed! Not to mention its aesthetically pleasing.

It looks great in black and white or colored. It’s really up to you!

Since there are so many ways and styles one can get the rosemary sprig tattooed on them, you may need some help figuring out where to start. Well, that’s what I’m here for! I went ahead and compiled a list of 27 of the coolest rosemary tattoos the internet has to offer. So take a look below to get a good idea of your style and what you’re looking for in your own rosemary tattoo!

Rosemary Tattoos

1. Rosemary and Herb Bundle

2. Rosemary Head Tattoo

3. Rosemary & Poppy

4. Rosemary in Color

5. Simple Rosemary Outline

6. Realistic Rosemary

7. Simple Rosemary Arm Tattoo

8. Rosemary Horn Bundle

9. Lavender & Rosemary

10. Dainty Rosemary

11. Rosemary Sprig with Bee

12. Rosemary on Collar Bones

13. Matching Rosemaries

14. Realistic Rosemary in Black & White

Rosemary Sprig Tattoos

Rosemary Sprig Tattoos

15. Rosemary Behind the Ear

16. Blue Rosemary

17. Rosemary with Pink Flower

18. Sprig on Ribs

19. Simple Little Green Sprig

20. Single Rosemary

21. Rosemary Bundle

22. Mystical Rosemary

23. Black & White Chest Tattoo

24. Big Rosemary over Shoulder

25. Drying Rosemary

26. Rosemary in Color

27. Classic Rosemary

And there you have it! 27 awesome rosemary tattoo designs. I hope this list helped you get a better understanding of what you may be looking for in your own rosemary tattoo.

Will it be black or white, with dainty lines or thick? New School or Old School?

So many questions but my wish is that I’ve at least helped steer you in the direction of what you’re looking for. Now get on that phone and make your tattoo appointment!

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