Inside: Simple Strawberry tattoo ideas that will make you hungry.

Summertime is basically here, and what better way to celebrate this then enjoying all of the amazing fruits that are now in season. My personal favorite of which being strawberries!

Yes you can find strawberries in the store most of the year, but they never taste quite as good as they do during the hotter months. I can tie eating strawberries all the way back to my childhood. For being such a small fruit they have had such a big place in my life (and heart).

So naturally, as any tattoo enthusiast can imagine, there are tons of people out there who honor this juicy fruit by getting it tattooed onto them.

This is done for many reasons, one of which being how absolutely adorable strawberries are in tattoo form. Don’t believe me? Look!

Strawberry in a basket traditional ink

See…who would have thought right? If you are interested in getting your own strawberry tattoo but are in need of some inspiration then look no further my friend. You are in the right place!

I have put together an epic list of over a hundred different ways you can incorporate a strawberry into an awesome tattoo. But before we jump into that lets discus some of that background and meanings behind this specific tattoo.

Strawberry Tattoo Meaning

Fruits in general are always a symbol of a abundance. This is because they are the literal fruit that a plant produces. A plant can continue to give and produce it’s entire lifetime, so you have an endless supply of sustenance and deliciousness for ink inspiration.

This symbolism is truly inspiring when you think about it; everywhere you look there is growth, prosperity, and abundance even in the smallest(and juiciest) of forms. So if you like to see the world as a glass half full kind of place then a strawberry tattoo is the one for you.

Another symbolic meaning that a strawberry holds is love. Strawberries are this deep red color, and the color red is mainly associated with passion and romance. Think about it, what is the number one dessert used on Valentines Day? Chocolate dipped strawberries of course!

So if you want a reminder to always focus on the areas in your life that are filled with love and passion, then this berry is it.

What Will It Cost?

Tattoo costs will vary depending on a few things. Things like size, color, and the shop’s pricing will all impact how much the tattoo will cost in the end. The best way to go about figuring out what is in your price range and how much your tattoo idea is going to cost is to just sit down with a tattoo artist and discuss it. This way there is no space for miscommunication!

Pain Scale

Here’s the bad news, strawberry tattoos hurt more than any tattoo on the face of this planet. Just kidding! I’m totally messing with you. Tattoo pain will vary of where it is being placed and how large it is. A good rule of thumb is that the places that are closed to bone will hurt. There are more nerves here and less cushion to soften the blow.

Now that we’ve covered those things, let’s get into the whole reason why we are here: Strawberry Tattoo Ideas!

Check out the lists below that are filled with some of the most awesome tattoo ideas you can find. If you really like the work, go ahead and follow the artist, they are so talented!

Small Strawberry Tattoo

1. Black and White Heart Berry

2. Red Wild Strawberry

3. Realistic Strawberry

4. Strawberry Frog

5. Strawberry Cloud

6. Strawbaby

7. Realistic Strawberry Slice

8. Picture Perfect

9. Strawberry Blossoms

10. Strawberry Candy

11. Watercolor Strawberries

12. Strawberry Plant

13. Heart Strawberry

14. Dripping Strawberry

15. Mushroom Strawberry

16. Vibrant Berries

17. Tiny Strawberries

18. Simple Strawberry

19. Black and White Tiny Strawberries

20. Strawberry Outline

21. Red and Black Strawberries

22. Outline of a Strawberry

23. Black Berry

24. Carton of Berries

25. Frog with a Strawberry Hat

26. Bold Strawberry Vine

27. Geometric Strawberry Outline

28. Round Berry

29. Strawberry Cheesecake

30. Solid Colored Fruit

31.  Strawberry Cartoon

32. Strawberry Ear Tattoo

33. Simple Colored Berry

34. Tiny Fruits

35. Black and White Strawberry

Minimalistic Strawberry Tattoo

Minimalist Strawberry Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are such a great way to still get tattoos but not overwhelm yourself.

They are cheaper, hurt less, and have a longer shelf life (so to speak). So take a look at these adorable examples.

36. Simple Strawberry in Color

37. Simple Black and White Tall Strawberry

38. Strawberry Vines

39. Little Plant

40. Strawberry behind the Ear

41. Outlined Strawberry

42. Strawberry with a Face

43. Strawberry Doodle

44. Strawberry Plant with Detailed Leaves

45. Cute Simple Plants

46. Abstract Strawberry

47. Red Juicy Berry

48. Simple Neck Tattoo

49. Half of a Berry

50. Classic Tattoo Style

Feminine Versions for Women

These feminine tattoos will have you dialing your local tattoo artist to book your next appointment ASAP. I love how adorable these are… I just can’t take it.

51. Strawberry Bundle

52. Strawberry Cow

53. Cute Black and White Bush

54. Cute Strawberry Plants

55. Black and White Plant

56. Strawberry Slice

57.Modern Strawberries

58. Strawberry Blossom Plant

59.  Simple Strawberry Dagar

60. Strawberry Knee Tattoos

61. Strawberries with Details

Strawberry Tattoo

62. Black and White Strawberry

63. Vibrant Strawberry Plant

64. Realistic Tattoo

65. Strawberry Knee Tattoo

66. Realistic Strawberry

67. Dark Strawberry

68. Black and Red Strawberries

69. Black and White Strawberries

70. Real Strawberry

71. Vintage Berry

72. Simple Berry Bush

73. Groovy Strawberries

74. Strawberry Waffle

75. Black and White Realistic Strawberry

76. Soft Strawberries

77. Black and White Berries with Bees

78. Cute Raining Berry

79. StrawBEARy

80. Sliced Berries

Traditional Strawberry Tattoos with Bold Colors

Traditional Strawberry Tattoo

Traditional style of tattooing will largely consist of thicker line work and solid colors like the photos above.

If you love the way that looks then you need to check out these ideas!

81. Traditional Style Tattoo

82. Strawberry Slice

83. Strawberry Bush

84. Mixed Berries

85. Butterfly Strawberry

86. Classic Strawberry Plants

87. Growing Strawberries

88. New School Tattoo

89. Strawberry Crest

90. Heart Tattoo

91. Strawberry with a Face

92. Vibrant Strawberry Flowers

93. Eaten Strawberry

94. Strawberry Sternum Piece

95. Bold Strawberries

96. Heart Seeds

97. Soft Strawberries

98. 90s Strawberry

99. Sharp Berry

100. Simple Berry Outline

101. Traditional Berry Bush

Cute Strawberry Tattoos

Seems kind of redundant but there is no other way to describe these tattoos. They are the cutest of the bunch! Get it…strawberry bunch…okay I’m done with the puns. But check these out.

102. Colorful Strawberry Plant Tattoo

103. Small Realistic Strawberry

104. Jar of Jelly

105. Half of a Cartoon Strawberry

106. Strawberry Milk

107. Frog on a Strawberry

108. Heart Berry

109. Strawberry Plant

110. Small Thin Berry

111. The Life of a Strawberry

112. Watercolor Strawberry

113. Perfect Outline

114. Calf Berries

115. Strawberry on Wrist

Unique Strawberry Examples, Mouse with Berry, Geometric Berry, and Marbled Berry

Unique Strawberry Tattoo

There are so many other unique and cool ways to incorporate a strawberry into a tattoo. These are just some of the best ones I’ve found. Take a look!

116. Heart Seeds in Black and White

117. Strawberry with Faces

118. Strawberry Girl

119. Mouse Holding a Strawberry

120. Strawberry with Heart Seeds

121. Strawberry with wings

122. Marbled Strawberry

123. Grandma’s Favorite Candy

124. 2 Toned Strawberry

125. Heart with Strawberries and Frogs

126. Neon Berry

127. Strawberry Cow

128. Studio Ghibli Strawberry

129. Strawberry with a Face

130. Strawberry Outline

131. Strawberry Slices

132. Honeycomb Heart

133. Strawberry Fairy

134. Strawberry Cow

135. Strawberry Plant in Detail

136. Hummingbird Strawberry Tattoo

137. Avant Garde Strawberry

And there you have it! Over 100 of the best strawberry tattoos the internet has to offer. Did you find one you loved? Oh who am I kidding…you probably found 10.

They are too cute to resist.

Fruit tattoos are some of my favorite to see people get. They are such so timeless and beautiful, you cannot go wrong. If you are getting it as a sleeve or an accent tattoo, they are always a hit. I’m booking my appointment now!

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