Inside: 53 Banana Tattoo Designs + Fun Meaning

It might sound crazy, but banana tattoos, as well as fruit tattoos in general, are far more common than they might seem.

This is due to the fact that many people consider that by drawing fruits like bananas on their skin, they represent a gift that nature has given them.

Fruits are also considered to be the most natural and healthy thing for our body. This is why getting a banana tattoo is much more than wearing a fruit on your skin: it is an inspiration that comes from nature, from life.

Banana Tattoo Meaning & Designs

Banana Tattoo Meaning

In the majority of cases, bananas generally represent the fact of not being fooled by appearances. This is the reason why, if you see someone wearing a banana tattoo, it is quite logical to imagine that that person thinks that the others are not on the inside as they appear to be on the outside.

Since these are fruits and these are one of the best representations of nature that exist, it gives banana tattoos another perspective. These fill the people who wear them with self-esteem and allow them to show off their natural beauty to the world.

All bananas reach a point of ripening where they become very sweet, or even tasteless. This gives us another way to see what these fruits represent. They can indicate that you are a very loving and caring person.

On the other hand, bananas can also represent the hard work that someone does to achieve their goals.

This is because the fruits go through a cycle of growth and ripening before they are fit for consumption. That’s why, if you’ve been having great success recently and wondering how to portray it, getting a banana tattoo might be a great idea.

Banana Tattoo Designs

A banana tattoo can be done in many different ways. For instance, those who are attracted to the comedic side of the design might want to incorporate a funny face or some other way to personify the figure in a humorous manor.

A more realistic design is also possible while maintaining a sense of whimsy simply due to the odd nature of the subject.

Cute fruit tattoo ideas of bananas

1. Banana Smiley Face

2. Half Peeled Banana on Back of Calf

3. Black and White Bundle of Bananas

4. Dancing Happy Banana

5. Sketched Unique Banana Design

6. Stages of a Banana

7. Banana Split in Half

8. Andy Warhol Inspired Banana

9. Small Banana Outline Behind Ear

10. Realistic Bundle of Bananas

11. Banana with Sunglasses

12. Banana Peel Tattoo

13. Small Temporary Banana Tattoo

14. Life of a Banana

15. Stick and Poke Banana Outline

Cute Banana Tattoo Ideas

Banana tattoos could just as easily be for those who really love bananas, or even just fruit in general. Health nuts and fitness gurus can showcase their devotion to nutritious eating by flaunting an image of their favorite fruit.

16. Silly Skating Peeled Banana

17. Banana Peel with Tattooed Legs

18. Tiny Single Needle Banana

19. Realistic Bundle of Bananas

20. Banana Flasher

21. Rectangle Picture of Bunches of Bananas

22. 3D Banana Outline Design

23. Banana Bunch with Yellow Accents

24. Small Banana Hand Tattoo

25. Sparkly Banana with Raspberries

26. Banana Smiley Face

27. Half Peeled Banana on Back of Calf

28. Black and White Bundle of Bananas

29. Dancing Happy Banana

30. Sketched Unique Banana Design

Cool Banana Tattoos

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits consumed by people all over the world. They also make a great subject when it comes to tattoos and can be transformed into many innovative designs!

Cool banana ink designs

31. Stages of a Banana

32. Banana Split in Half

33. Andy Warhol Inspired Banana

34. Small Banana Outline Behind Ear

35. Realistic Bundle of Bananas

36. Banana with Sunglasses

37. Banana Peel Tattoo

38. Small Temporary Banana Tattoo

39. Life of a Banana

40. Stick and Poke Banana Outline

41. Silly Skating Peeled Banana

42. Banana Peel with Tattooed Legs

Banana Tattoos You’ll Love

Banana tattoos are a great reminder to find happiness in the smallest of things in life. You can explore your creativity with these designs and choose one that appeals to you the most.

Banana Tattoo

43. Tiny Single Needle Banana

44. Realistic Bundle of Bananas

45. Banana Flasher

46. Rectangle Picture of Bunches of Bananas

47. 3D Banana Outline Design

48. Banana Bunch with Yellow Accents

49. Small Banana Hand Tattoo

50. Gliterry Banana and Fruit

51. Dotwork Banana Design on Ankle

52. Thin Line Banana Leaf Tattoo

53. Full Banana Tree Tattoo on Calf

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