Inside: The Happiest Smiley Face Tattoo Ideas

It is pretty much impossible not to crack a smile when you lay your eyes on a smiley face tattoo. They are too cute and will cheer up even the grumpiest person!

Oftentimes, we take life a little too seriously and get worked up over the littlest thing. Instead of going into the darkness, go for something fun and playful instead. These Smiley Face Tattoo Ideas are just what you need to lift your spirits.

Plus, these tattoo designs are great for starting conversations and breaking the ice too!

Happy Face Tattoo Designs

Small Smiley Face Tattoo Ideas

Whether you want a typical emoji or a unique smiley, you are sure to find something here! Take a look at these playful ideas.

1. Pink Heart Smiley Face Design

2. Simple Smiley Face Tattoo

3. Happy Smiley Face Idea

4. Tiny Smiley Face Tattoo

5. Colorful Matching Smiley Face Tattoo on Finger

Small smiley face Tattoos

6. Little Ear Smile Face

7. Picture Perfect Yellow Happy Face

8. Cloudy Smiley Face Design

9. Winky Face Tattoo

Little Tattoo Designs of smiles

Cute Little Face Tattoos

Smiley tattoo designs are also quite favored by many celebrities. Many famous celebrities are rocking smiley tattoos.

10. Inner Bicep Happy Face Design

11. Crazy Little Heart Smiles

12. Inner Finger Happy Face Tattoo

13. Simple Smiley Face Tattoo 

14. Daisy Happy Faces

Colorful Smiley Face Tattoo

15. Smiley Face Tattoo on Toe

16. Thin Line Happy Face

17. Red Ink Smiley Face

18. Merged Happy and Sad Face Design

Cute Little Face Tattoos

Nirvana Smiley Face Tattoo Designs

19. Black Ink Nirvana Smiley Face

20. Temporary Nirvana Happy Face Tattoo

21. Nirvana Tattoo Outline

22. Black Splatter Nirvana Smiley Face

23. Neon Nirvana Face Tattoo

Nirvana Face Tattoos

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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Smiley Face Tattoo

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