Inside: Custom Tattoo Ideas.

Have you ever gotten a tattoo or visited a tattoo parlor with someone? Have you ever seen a tattoo design that you can just not forget, something that caught you in awe right at the moment, like a creative birth month flower tattoo?

Well, If you have seen a design like that, then chances are that it was most probably a custom tattoo design – so what are custom tattoos?

Custom Tattoos Defined

Well, before we get to that, it is important to understand tattoos come in a wide variety. You will see numerous styles, designs, and tattoo traditions that vary from generation to generation and culture to culture. Tattoos that are considered beautiful and symbolic in one country might only seem hideous in another.

And similarly, tattoos that were the hottest designs while our parents were young are probably just considered old-fashioned and boring now. Just like everything, the tattoo fashion also changes and upgrades from time to time.

However, there is one type of tattoo that doesn’t change with age and time – but it changes from person to person. And they are custom tattoos – tattoos that people get with their own designs and of their own choice. So before getting a tattoo – especially if it’s your first tattoo you need to understand what custom tattoos are. This will help you decide whether you need custom tattoos or not. So let’s get started!

What are Custom Tattoos?

As we mentioned above, Custom Tattoos are tattoos that are done using custom designs that are finalized by both the client and the tattoo artist. In most cases, clients sit with their preferred tattoo artist and come up with the design they want to get. In this meeting of the client and tattoo artist, the two decide the design based on reference pictures, what the client is describing from their own imagination, and the tattoo artist’s creativeness.

Custom designs are mostly unique, and there is a very rare chance that a person with the same design will ever show up.

Custom Tattoos vs. Flash Tattoos

Just like custom tattoos, flash tattoos are another primary class of tattoos. When it comes to categorizing based on the design’s origin, there are simply two categories: flash tattoos and custom. Flash tattoos are completely opposite of custom tattoos, and it is important to know the difference between the two before getting your first tattoo.

Custom tattoos are made using designs chosen by the client along with the tattoo artists, and that’s what makes them unique – while, on the other hand, flash tattoos are pre-made tattoo designs. They are the most common tattoos your will find everywhere – they are available at almost all tattoo parlors, and almost every tattoo artist can make them.

You need no further discussions, you can modify them a bit, but they are set template tattoos that anyone can get.

Custom Tattoo Designs

Examples of Custom Tattoos

1. Unique Design

2. Flower Kitty

3. Your Favorite Pet Outline

4. Detailed Design

How Does Getting a Custom Tattoo Work?

Getting a custom tattoo is a multi-step process, but it is very simple and doesn’t take much time – as long as the client is satisfied. However, the process of getting a custom tattoo may become longer if the client takes the time to decide on the design properly. Following are the steps that take place when getting a custom tattoo:

  • Step 1: The client approaches the tattoo artists with a design in mind. Always remember a client might have to visit a tattoo artist because not every artist does custom tattoos, and some might even refuse to do your particular tattoo as it might not fall into their area of
  • Step 2: The tattoo artist discusses with the client to see how to go about with the tattoo. In this step, the tattoo artist and the client take inspiration from designs on the internet, designs the artists might have done before, and the artist’s own inspiration. The beauty of the custom design is that they are open to modification as per the client’s preference – there is no pre-set design to follow.
  • Step 3: Once the design is finalized, the client takes an appointment for the tattoo with the tattoo artist and comes back for the tattoo. The price and duration of getting the tattoo depend on the design you are getting. Since custom tattoos are open to the client’s preference, the cost and time needed for each tattoo vary from tattoo to tattoo. The rest of the process of getting a custom tattoo is just like getting a traditional tattoo, so you will feel no different!

Custom tattoos are unique and can be your own way to speak your mind using ink on your body. Most prefer custom tattoos because they are a reflection of their life – if you like meaningful tattoos that can become a way to communicate to people you meet about yourself, then custom tattoos are just your thing. However, before getting a custom tattoo, be careful of finding a talented, experienced, and highly skilled artist.