Inside The Sweetest Kids Name Tattoos + Ideas.

Getting a name tattooed on your body is one of the tattoo industry’s biggest unspoken no-nos. Unless you’re getting the name of a child. There’s no denying that the bond between parent and child is one of the strongest, most enduring bonds a person can experience in this life. Especially that between a mother and child. Many mamas–and dads–are deciding to get their children’s names or initials incorporated into a tattoo design as a testament to that unbreakable bond.

Tattooing someone’s name onto your body is a big decision, not unlike the decision to have kids. While some kids might think their parent getting their name tattooed is a little dorky, it’s one of the most beautiful and public declarations of unconditional love a parent can make.

There are so many different designs to choose from tattooing the names of loved ones. No matter your style, there’s an artist out there who can incorporate your child’s name into a jaw-dropping tattoo.

Check out a list of our favorite Kids’ name tattoos that are both beautifully designed and extra meaningful.

Kids Name Tattoos

Is It Bad Luck To Tattoo Your Child’s Name?

A lot of people think it’s bad luck to get a name tattoo. Are you permanently inking some bad juju into your skin by getting your child’s name or initials tattooed? Are you asking for trouble by permanently altering your body for another person?

While a lot of artists will tell you they will absolutely advise against a significant other’s name as a tattoo–the ultimate death blow to any relationship, whether you’re new loves or seasoned spouses–you’d be hard pressed to find an artist that felt the same about children’s names.

It’s important to remember that it’s your body–superstitions aside, tattooing is a way for you to use your body to reflect what’s in your mind and heart. If your relationship with your child is strong and loving, then getting their name tattooed on you isn’t going to change that.

Best Placement for Name Tattoos

If you’re looking at your body like the blank canvas it is, there are a plethora of places for a name tattoo. Some areas aren’t advisable, like the inside of the elbow, the top of the foot, or the side of the finger because these are areas prone to high friction. Socks and shirts will constantly be rubbing against any tattoo. Finger tattoos fade alarmingly fast. Though not so alarmingly when you take into account how we use our hands for everything everywhere all the time.

Getting a name tattooed on the wrist, forearm, chest, or back are all excellent place. A lot of people love to get names tattooed on the chest, just over the heart. Depending on how intricate you would like the script, a larger flatter surface is ideal for detailed handwriting. Something simple would work well on smaller areas.

Children change our lives in inexplicable ways. It’s like one moment you’re on one path, and the next, you have done a 180.

I have seen artwork, dedications, and my personal favorite tattoos. We are going to focus on the latter today. I have found the sweetest kids’ names and tattoos that you will ever see.

I think you will love these.

Kids Name Tattoo Ideas

1. You Are My Sunshine with Sunflower – If you want more “You are my Sunshine” Tattoo ideas, we have a whole post just for you!

2. Tattoo of Kids Name in Childs Handwriting

3. Different Version of Arrows for Each Kid

4. Infinity Sign with Kids Names

Kids Name Tattoo Ideas

5. Two Flower Stems Together with Names

6. Kids Name with Birthdate Design

7. Name with Roman Numerals of Birthdate

Cursive Name Tattoos For Kids

Tattoos with Kids Names for Mom

These classy tattoos with kids names for mom are some of our favorite designs.

8. Simple Script Font with Names

9.  Name Written in Flowers – It would be so cute to use their birth flowers for this design.

10. Cool Font with Kids Name for Moms

11. Inner Arm Kids Name Tattoo

Tattoos for Mom With Kids Names

Tattoos with Kids Names for Dad

12. Babies Foot with Name

13. Manly Font for Kids Name

14. Chest Tattoo of Kids Names

15. Kids Name with Rose

Tattoos for Dads

Heart Tattoos with Kids Names

16. Simple Heart Tattoo with Child Initial 

17. Old School Sparrow with Hearts Tattoo

18. Kids Names in Shape of a Heart Tattoo

19. Line of Hearts Down Back with All Kids Names

Heart Tattoos with Kids Names

Wrist Tattoos with Kids Names

These small tattoos with kids’ names are some of our favorites.

20. Thing Wrist Tattoo with Names

21. Simple Font with Heart Tattoo

22.  Kids Name Initials

23. Simple Scripted Font

Wrist Tattoos Of Kids

Children’s Name Tattoo Designs

24. Flower Stems with Kids Name

25. 3 Kids Name Tattoo

26. Simple Font with Heart Tattoo

27. Butterfly Tattoo with Kids Names

Childrens Name Tattoo Designs

If you have a child that you want to honor by getting their name tattooed, you should stick around for this list. I also answer some of your most asked questions, such as tattoo price and pain. Let’s get into it.

How Much Do Kids Names Tattoos Cost?

The good news is kids’ name tattoos don’t cost very much. I mean, unless you get a super complex one. If you are planning on getting a detailed and large idea, it could cost hundreds of dollars. On the opposite spectrum, if you plan on getting a simple cursive small name, then you are looking at around $75-$100.

This will vary based on the size, the detail, and the shop you get your tattoo at. So I always recommend that you sit down and talk with your artist to see what their rates are and to show them your specific tattoo idea. There are so many to choose from, but they will know how much your idea will cost.

Sweet Kids Names Tattoos

Will It Hurt?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but yes, your tattoo is going to hurt. But if you go with a simple cursive name, your pain is going to be significantly less than if you got a huge detailed tattoo. So if you want the name but not the pain, keep it simple.

Another rule of thumb here is to keep away from painful areas. Yes, there are areas on the body that will be more painful to get a tattoo. These are your bony areas, such as your hands, your collar bones, your ribs, etc. In these spots, your nerve endings are closer to the surface, making you more susceptible to pain. So avoid them if you want to lessen your pain.

I also have one other tip for you if you desire a tattoo and one of the painful spots. A little treat from me to you, called numbing spray or numbing cream. This stuff is literally the best, you just apply it before your appointment, and the area where you were getting your tattoo will be numb so that you feel less pain!

Kids Names with dates Tattoos

Kids Names Tattoos

Since you are stuck around through all of the boring stuff, now it is time for what we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s take a look at some of the best kids names tattoos that you could be getting in honor of your little one or try one of these mother son tattoos for an extra dose of meaning.

I added a good mix of styles and ideas, so I know there is something that you will love!

28. Delicate Font Idea – If you want a cute font but don’t know what to get…this list will help you for sure. Just take your time looking through them. Check out this delicate font!

29. Baby Yoda Idea – I think one of my favorite things to see in kids names tattoos is the child’s personality. In this example, you know that this person’s child loves baby Yoda!

30. Dinosaur Baby Name Idea – This such a cute one. This one will show you that you can get really creative with such a simple concept. I’d love this!

31. Handprint with Kid Name – Handprints are basically like your child’s signature before they can actually write. I think this is such a cute addition to your name tattoo.

32. Cute Kid Name Placement –  If you are looking for inspiration on where and how you can place your kids names tattoos, then take a look at this idea.

33. Kids Names in Heart –  There are so many different ways that you can create your child’s name within a cute photo. This person used a heart and inserted their kids names in the middle of it!

34. Name with a Feather –  I Love this feather name tattoo. If you have a connection to the symbol of feathers, I think this would be a magnificent choice for your and your kid’s name tattoo.

35. Unique Tattoo with Name –  I am obsessed with this unique tattoo that includes a kid’s name. I think I see a lot of very plain tattoos when it comes to name designs, and that’s OK. But I also enjoy seeing some out-of-the-box ideas.

36. Cool Cursive Name Idea – You can never go wrong with cursive when it comes to name tattoos. This one is a prime example of that! Take a look to see what I mean.

37. The Name Happiness Idea – This is an adorable way to squeeze your kid’s name into your sleeve. You just add it as filler, and you get an even more meaningful design.

38. Cute Flower Name Idea –  I love it when people incorporate their kid’s names into flowers. If you think about the symbolism that comes with floral things, it’s all about growth and fertility. As a mother, this would be super significant for someone!

Cool Font Ideas

I believe that font and imagery or two of the biggest factors in tattoos. They say a lot about not only you but what you were getting the tattoo about. Below you will see how different parents have styled their kids names tattoos to reflect their child’s unique nature!

39. Hand Tattoo Idea

40. Rose Infinity Symbol with Name

41. Huge Name Idea

42. Kid Name in Red Ink

43. Kid Name Ink Idea

44.  Name in an Arrow

45. Name on Each Wrist

46. 4 Different Name Idea

47. Mandala Idea with Name

48. Nyra Name Idea

Sweetest Kids ink on arm

Creative Ideas for Baby & Toddler Names

Lastly, this list contains some of the sweetest kids names tattoos that you will ever see. They range from simple to unique, and I know that there has to be something here to give you inspiration for your own tattoo. I especially love when you can see the child’s personality coming through the tattoo. Check it out!

49. Derik in Block Idea

50. Thick Lined Named

51. Dainty Little Cursive

52. Fancy Styled Font Idea

53. Family Tree Name Idea

54. London with Red Ink

55. Watercolor Heart Name Idea

56. Ninja Turtle Idea

57. Full Name Sleeve

58. Cursive with Life Line

So, there you have it. I hope you enjoy this list of the sweetest kids names tattoos. There were so many to look through, but I feel I now have a good understanding of the many different directions you can take this simple tattoo in.

Baby name tattoo ideas

59. Names with dates

60. Cute idea for twins

61. Names with baby steps

Everyone has something in their life that they are passionate enough about to get a tattoo in honor of it. I think getting your kids names tattooed onto you is such a beautiful and sweet idea, and that idea deserves a beautiful and sweet execution. So I hope that these ideas have gotten the ball rolling for you!

If you are interested in more sweet tattoo ideas, I have plenty of ideas that you can take a look at. I am addicted to finding new tattoo ideas, so I have almost too many. But you can start here!

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these kids name tattoos then check out a few more of our favorites.

  • Classic Birth Clock Tattoos + DesignsThere isn’t much that happens in our lives that is more meaningful than the birth of a child. What a fantastic way to carry that magical and memorable time with you everywhere you go, then getting a Birth Clock Tattoo. They also make very lovely and sentimental memorial tattoos for those children that have gone too soon. These birth tattoo clocks are impressive, so don’t miss taking a look.
  • Sweet Mom and Son Tattoos for that Special BondCould there be a lover greater than between a mom and her son? No! This bond is so strong, and there is so much love and respect. It’s no secret that a mom will always protect her son, just as the son will protect his mom. These mom and son tattoos grasp that love beautifully.
  • Mountain Tattoo Ideas – Mountain Tattoos can be amazing works of art for a first timer or long time tattoo collector. An amazing mountain design can be as fresh and beautiful as the mountains it contains.

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Kids Name Tattoos