Inside: 25 Cute Cloud Tattoos with Rainbows + Raindrops. 

Just about every culture prescribes symbolic meaning and weight to clouds. As a result, cloud tattoos one of the most popular tattoos in the world. Humans have always turned toward the sky as a portent of doom or salvation. Think about it–a cloudy sky means something sinister looms on the horizon. A cloudless day is usually indicative of positivity and good times ahead. The literary character Pollyanna even declared, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” meaning behind every cloud is a glimpse of sunlight.

There are so many different design styles that can and do incorporate clouds. Whether you’re weathering a particularly tough storm or just glimpsed the rainbow beyond the clouds, there’s a perfect cloud tattoo out there for you!

Cloud Tattoos

Cloud Tattoo Meanings

Cloudy skies can often symbolize negativity. Songwriters the world over have used storm clouds to represent sorrow, misfortune, or terrible timing. In Chinese culture, clouds were metaphors for transformation. Rain-heavy clouds could transform an entire region from drought to plenty.

Of the world’s natural elements, water and air are closely linked. A cloud tattoo could represent the balance between your head and your heart, water, and air. Clouds are also seen as the gateway to heaven, making them ideal for traditionally religious tattoo elements.

Cute Cloud Tattoos

1. Cute Cloud Outline Tattoo

2. Tiny Cloud Finger Tattoo with Raindrops

3. Rain or Shine Cloud Tattoo

4. Cute Cloudy Rain

5. Head in the Clouds

Cloud Tattoos

6. Simple Outline

7. Cluster of Clouds on Ribs

8. Cloud Tattoos on Wrist

9. Shady Cloud Tattoo Design

10. Symmetrical Raindrops

Cloud Tattoos

Rainbow + Cloud Tattoos

11. Rainbows and Raindrops

12. Cloud at the End of the Rainbow

13. Watercolor Rainbow with Cloud Outline

Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

14. White Clouds

15. Pink Rainbow Cloud

16. Rainbow Colored Raindrops

17. Colorful Raindrops

Cloud Tattoos

Dreamy Cloud Tattoo Ideas

18. Large Cloud on Back

19. Stormy Cloud

20. Head in the Clouds

21. Raining Hearts

Raindrop Tattoo Designs

22. Small Finger Tattoo

23. Sunshine and Cloudy Days

24. Sun Peeking Out

25. Matching Cloud Tattoos

Cloud Tattoos

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