Inside: 30+ Bold Aster Flower Tattoo Designs + Ideas.

Aster flowers are adored for their vibrant hues and refined style, making them a perennial favorite. They’ve been used in gardens and floral design for centuries and have a long history of symbolism and deep meaning across many cultures.

Learn more about the significance of the Aster flower, as well as some of our favorite tattoo designs and styles.

Aster Flower Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Meaning of an Aster Flower Tattoo

Legend has it that the aster was created by an asteroid that fell from the sky and landed on Earth. When Aphrodite was worshipped in Ancient Greece, people were aware of the Maiden constellation and its association with the goddess of love. When the Maiden wept and looked down from the sky, an aster flower bloomed from the space dust.

Further, it’s said in legend that if you go to an aster field at night and listen closely among the plants, you can hear a soft whisper that represents the stars talking to one another.

The History of the Aster Flower

These tattoos can be a symbol of style and grace, as well as modesty in China.

In Hungary, the aster is known as the “autumn rose,” so a floral tattoo depicting an aster can be interpreted as a symbol of early fall and sadness.

Asters are considered a flower of memory, sophistication, mercy, and love in floral folk tales. They were placed in the graves of French soldiers as a symbol of the sadness and remembrance of the deceased.

Aster Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. Watercolor Inspired Aster Design

2. Aster Back Tattoo Idea

3. Beautiful Aster Flower Bundle Design

4. Purple Aster Trio Tattoo

5. Detail Purple and Blue Aster Flowers

History of Aster Flower Tattoos

6. Back of Calf Aster Design

7. Small Aster Tattoo Idea on Shoulder

8. Shaded Black and White Aster Flower Bundle

9. Aster Flower Tattoo Idea

10. Bold Aster Flower Design Idea

Purple Floral Tattoo Patterns

Pictures of Aster Flower Tattoos

11. Black and White Aster Flower

12. Sunset Heart with Aster Flower Accents

13. Purple Shaded Aster Design

14. Outlined Aster Bundle Design

15. Owls and Aster Flowers

Floral Tattoo Ideas of Asters

16. Aster Flower Tattoo with Name

17. Flower Bundle Tattoo with Aster Flowers

18. Aster Flowers and Moon Tattoo

19. Aster Flower  Half Sleeve Design

20. Unique Aster Flower Tattoo Placement Idea

Aster Flower Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Aster Flower Tattoo Designs

21. Black and White Aster Tattoo

22. Matching Aster Flower with Vibrant Purple Ink

23. Black Shaded Aster Flower Back Tattoo

24. Cartoon Aster Flower and Bumblebee Tattoo 

25. Thin Stemmed Aster Flowers

Colorful Aster Flower Tattoo

26. Better Days Aster Flower Design

27. All Black Aster Flower Tattoo

28. Fun Aster and Lily of the Valley Tattoo

29. Aster Flower Heart Bundle 

30. Deep Purple Aster Flower

Purple Flower Tattoo Designs

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Aster Flower Tattoos

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