Inside: 30+ Bold Aster Flower Tattoo Designs + Ideas.

Aster flowers are an enchanting perennial loved for their colorful hues and elegant style. They also carry deep meaning and symbolism spanning numerous cultures over the past few centuries and are as popular as ever today in gardens and floral design.

Check out the amazing meaning behind the Aster flower and some of our favorite designs and tattoo styles.

Aster Flower Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Meaning of an Aster Flower Tattoo

An ancient Greek legend says that the aster grew from a mote that has fallen from a star. Already in Ancient Greece people knew about the constellation of Maiden which associates with Aphrodite – the goddess of love. Another legend says that aster flower grew from the space dust when the Maiden cried looking down from the sky.

One more legend says, that if to go at night to the field where asters grow and stay among them listening attentively, you can hear an easy whisper that means the conversation between them and their sisters-stars.
There exists another legend about two Taoist monks, who decided to reach the stars.

Finding the Aster Flower Meaning

They had a very long way through the prickly wood, the thickets of juniper and difficult mountain tracks, till they reached the top of the Altai highest mountain. When they did this, they found out that the stars did not become closer and we’re still very high. So they had to go back without food and water in torn clothes and bodies in the blood.

When they were almost out of power, they finally came down from the mountains on a fine meadow where wonderful flowers grew. And they realized that they made such a long and difficult way dreaming to see the beauty of stars, but the stars all that time grew on earth. They took some flowers to their monastery and began to plant them and named them “asters” which means “stars” in the Latin language.

According to these myths and legends, we can say that aster flower tattoos have the meaning of love and are connected with stars. So they can be made not only by girls and women but also by men on any part of the body.

The History of the Aster Flower

In China, small and simple aster flower tattoos can be a symbol of beauty, accuracy, elegance, charm, and modesty.
Now, in Hungary aster is usually called “the autumn rose”, so here the aster floral tattoo can have the meaning autumn and melancholy.
In floral language, aster is a symbol of memoirs, refinement, grace, and love. They were put in tombs of French Soldiers, symbolizing the grief and memory of victims. There exist about 600 types of asters, the most popular grade is Monte Casino.

Aster Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. Watercolor Inspired Aster Design

2. Aster Back Tattoo Idea

3. Beautiful Aster Flower Bundle Design

4. Purple Aster Trio Tattoo

5. Detail Purple and Blue Aster Flowers

History of Aster Flower Tattoos

6. Back of Calf Aster Design

7. Small Aster Tattoo Idea on Shoulder

8. Shaded Black and White Aster Flower Bundle

9. Aster Flower Tattoo Idea

10. Bold Aster Flower Design Idea

Purple Floral Tattoo Patterns

Pictures of Aster Flower Tattoos

11. Black and White Aster Flower

12. Sunset Heart with Aster Flower Accents

13. Purple Shaded Aster Design

14. Outlined Aster Bundle Design

15. Owls and Aster Flowers

Floral Tattoo Ideas of Asters

16. Aster Flower Tattoo with Name

17. Flower Bundle Tattoo with Aster Flowers

18. Aster Flowers and Moon Tattoo

19. Aster Flower  Half Sleeve Design

20. Unique Aster Flower Tattoo Placement Idea

Aster Flower Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Aster Flower Tattoo Designs

21. Black and White Aster Tattoo

22. Matching Aster Flower with Vibrant Purple Ink

23. Black Shaded Aster Flower Back Tattoo

24. Cartoon Aster Flower and Bumblebee Tattoo 

25. Thin Stemmed Aster Flowers

Colorful Aster Flower Tattoo

26. Better Days Aster Flower Design

27. All Black Aster Flower Tattoo

28. Fun Aster and Lily of the Valley Tattoo

29. Aster Flower Heart Bundle 

30. Deep Purple Aster Flower

Purple Flower Tattoo Designs

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Aster Flower Tattoos

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