Inside: December Birth Flower Tattoo {Narcissus}.

December’s birth month flowers vary, as do the others, depending on who you ask, and what country you happen to be in. The consensus usually agrees upon the narcissus. The narcissus is similar to the daffodil…except, thanks to the name, doesn’t get the same reputation of overwhelming joy and cheer.

We didn’t find any birth month flower tattoos that perfectly captured that bulb, but these bright red babies should do the trick!

Narcissus Design For Tattoo Ink

Meaning of the Narcissus Flower Tattoo

Every flower has its own symbolic meaning. The Narcissus flower has several symbolic meanings that are linked to it and that pass on a special message we all need to understand. Narcissus flower is linked to these symbolic meanings:

  • Rebirth and renewal
  • Good luck and happiness
  • Egoism and narcissism
  • Clarity and inspiration,
  • Chinese New Year
  • Future bad luck
  • Arrival of spring
  • Prosperity and wealth and
  • March birthdays.

Deeper Meaning

Rebirth and renewal – Narcissus flower symbolizes rebirth and renewal of energy and life in general. These bright-colored flowers grow in springtime and are perfect examples of new beginnings and rebirth. Their energy makes us feel full of positive energy and powerful feelings, we can’t and shouldn’t ignore.

Good luck and happiness – This flower is also a symbol of positive energy and joy. Whenever you feel bad or your day hasn’t been going so well, get a beautiful bouquet of these bright flowers and bring some positive energy into your home. The Narcissus flower is a symbol of good luck and happiness in general in many cultures around the globe.

Egoism and narcissism – There is an entire legend related to the Narcissus flower, so it is no wonder that it symbolizes egoism and narcissism. Once you learn more about this legend you will understand why this flower is the symbol of egoism. We will talk about it later in the symbolic meaning of the Narcissus flower.

Clarity and inspiration – Narcissus flower symbolizes inspiration and clarity as well. They are symbols of creativity and they were often used by artists to evoke inspiration. Many artworks are covered with narcissus flowers and their brightness simply brings positive energy and vibes to the observers.

Chinese New Year – Narcissus flower symbolizes the Chinese New Year and the New Year’s celebration festival. The streets are covered with Narcissus flowers and they sell narcissus flowers in shallow dishes with pebbles and water on the bottom.

December Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. Black and White December Birth Flower Design

2. Narcissus Ankle Tattoo in Black Ink

3. Yellow Narcissus Flower Tattoo

4. December Birth Flower Outlined Design

Narcissus Flower Tattoos

5. Detailed Outlined Narcissus Flower

6. Back of the Arm Narcissus Tattoo

7. December Flower Bundle Design

8. Large Narcissus Leg Tattoo Idea

December Narcissus Tattoo

Narcissus December Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

9. Simple Sketched Narcissus Flower Bundle

10. Inner Arm Detailed Flower Tattoo

11. Group of December Birth Flower Tattoo

12. Large Rib Tattoo of Narcissus Flower

13. Dot Work December Birth Flower Tattoo

Narcissus Tattoo Black and white outline

14. Modern Narcissus Tattoo Idea

15. Soft Detailed Narcissus Bundle 

16. December Birth Flower Tattoo with Date

17. Half Sleeve December Birth Flower Design

December Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

December Flower Tattoo Designs

18. Single Needle Narcissus Flower Tattoo

19. December Birth Flower Back Design

20. Black Flower Outline Tattoo

21. Unique Bumblebee and Narcissus Flower Tattoo

December Flower Design

22. December Birth Flower Wrist Design

23. Long Designed Narcissus Tattoo

24. Filled in Tattoo of Narcissus Flower

25. Single Flower Tattoo Idea

December Flower Tattoo Designs

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December Birth Flower Ideas