Inside: Adorable Buttercup Tattoo Designs

When you are thinking about getting a floral tattoo, it can be ridiculously hard to pinpoint what kind of flower you want to include. I have been there before, trust me.

I have found that one of the best things to consider when choosing a flower, is which ones have had the biggest part in your life. I know that can be kind of a funny thing to imagine, a flower being a part of your life, but they are.

Whether it’s the first flower you ever picked, the kind that filled your lawn as you grew up, or if it was the first that was given to you, specific flower tattoos can end up meaning a lot to us.

Most of the time without us even knowing.

Small yellow flower Tattoo Ideas

So if you are someone who loves Buttercup flowers…then do I have the list for you! Deciding on the flower may feel like the hard part, but in reality, the hard part is figuring out the style and placement of your piece. I can help you with that. But first, let’s discuss this beautifully vibrant flower!

Buttercup Flower Meaning

Buttercups are most closely aligned with children. They are these tiny golden flowers that many youngsters will pick when they are outside. This is how I first became acquainted with them, and they bring me right back to my childhood because of this!

Since they are associated with children, buttercup flowers hold many symbols that are linked to the qualities of a child: Joy, Naivety, and Wonder.

Joy: because of its beautiful golden yellow color. Yellow is the color most associated with joy and happiness, so this makes sense. Though the color itself is a happy one, nothing can quite compare to the simple joys of being a child. They are not bogged down by the weight of the world, and they are more able to be happy because of this. So if you want to bring more joy into your life, you can get this tattooed on you as a reminder!

Naivety: because of a child’s naive nature. This may sound like a bad thing, but in reality, it is not. What power is there in focussing on the bad things in life? None! It just holds you back from experiencing the true joys of life. So if you would like a daily reminder to focus on the good…then this is the flower for you to get tattooed!

Wonder: This one is my favorite. Have you ever seen a child pick a flower…they are absolutely mesmerized and excited by such a simple small thing. To find beauty in the mundane is one of the biggest superpowers that children possess. It is this power that can ensure you a happy and fulfilled life as an adult. Now that is a message I can stand behind.

How Much Does A Small Flower Tattoo Cost?

The price of your buttercup tattoo will vary based on many factors. Things like location, size, color, detail and personal cost will differ from shop to shop. Your buttercup tattoo could range from tiny($50-$100), to huge($300-$1000). It truly all depends on the tattoo itself.

Always make sure to have a pricing discussion with your tattoo shop and artist before getting the work done so you aren’t shocked by an unexpected price at the end.

Yellow Flower Tattoo Pain

This one also largely depends on where it is you are getting your tattoo. A good thing to keep in mind is that the places where the bones are closer to the surface will hurt more than the meatier spots.

This is due to there being more nerves in those places that are less protected by fat layers. If this is going to be your first tattoo then I would say to go for the forearm. This tends to be one of the least painful spots on the body!

All in all, though, a tattoo is going to hurt regardless of placement. But that should scare you away from them, it is so worth it. Getting a tattoo is also a wonderful way to prove to yourself how tuff you are. So go for it.

Now that we covered the meanings, cost, and pain that come with a buttercup tattoo…we can get into the fun part: inspiration! I have compiled a list of the cutest and coolest buttercup tattoo ideas that you have to look through to get a good idea about what it is that you are looking for in your own ink.

These artists are amazing so make sure to give them a follow if you love their work!

What are you waiting for? Dive in.

Summer flower Tattoo examples, in black and white and color

Cute Buttercup Tattoos for Women

1. Buttercup Flowers

2. Simple Buttercup Flowers

3. Bird with Florals

4. Buttercup with Eucalyptus

5. Mixed Wild Flowers

6. Realistic Buttercups

7. Buttercup with Buttercups

8. Thick-Lined Flowers

9. Tiny Buttercups

10. Yellow Bird with Yellow Flowers

11. Black and White

12. Black and White Tall Flower

13. Adorable Buttercups

14. What’s Up Buttercup

15. Buttercup in Detail

16. Bees with Buttercups

17. Black and White Flowers

18. Black and White Bouquet

19. Color Chest Piece

20. Pastel Yellow with Lavender

21. Buttercup Virgo

22. Buttercup Quarter Sleeve

23. Black and White Buttercups

24. Buttercup with 4 Leaf Clovers

Yellow Buttercups with black and white flowers

Simple Buttercup Tattoo Ideas

If you like simpler tattoos then this list is right up your alley. I find that some of the simpler tattoos will end up aging the best.

So it’s a wonderful idea for the longevity of your ink.

Don’t let this deter you from getting detailed pieces in the future, because it’s always a good idea to get them touched up as you age.

25. Buttercup Colored Flowers

26. Thick-Lined Flowers

27. Buttercup with Quote

28. Wildflowers

29. Black and White Bouquet

30. Nature Tattoo

31. Buttercup with Roots

32. 2 Simple Buttercups

33. Buttercup Ankle Wrap

34. Black and White Plant

35. Thin Flowers

36. Black Flowers with Cute Stem

37. Buttercup with Stars

38. Buttercup with Knife

39. Mixed Wildflower Tattoos

40. Buttercup in Full Color

41. Thick-Lined Simple Flower

42. Simple Outlined Flower

43. 2 Flowers in Detail

44. Buttercup Bouquet

45. Buttercup Accent Flowers

46. Cute Little Bouquet

47. Chin Flower

Buttercup powerpuff girl tattoo

Power Puff Girls Buttercup Tattoos

Okay, how could I NOT include Buttercup in this list? She’s the toughest fighter! Not to mention such a big part of many of us sassy people’s childhoods. It’s where we get it from. So check out these adorable Powerpuff girls-themed tattoos.

48. Solid Colored Buttercup

49. Sassy Buttercup

50. Buttercup at the Pool

51. Matching Powerpuff Girls

52. Black and White Buttercup

53. Vibrant Buttercup Heart

54. Matching Powerpuff Girls in Color

55. Simple Sassy Buttercup

56. Buttercup with Hearts

57. Neon Colored Buttercup

58. Colorful Buttercup

59. Buttercup in Action

60. Buttercup Fully Sassy

61. Green Heart with Buttercup

62. Punk Rock Buttercup

63. Glowing Buttercup

64. Black and White Buttercup

65. Clean Buttercup

66. Buttercup in the Morning

67. Buttercup Patchwork

68. Green Buttercup

69. Blue and Green Polka Dots

70. New School Buttercup

71. Beautiful Buttercup

72. Tv Buttercup

73. Sweet Bedtime Buttercup

74. Buttercup with Candy

75. Grumpy Buttercup

76. 3 Powerpuff Girls

77. BAM Buttercup

78. Simple Buttercup

79. Buttercup on a Red Phone

80. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Colorful Buttercup tattoo ideas

Colorful Buttercup Tattoos

If you love color then this is the list for you. Many people stray away from color for some reason, but I find that it adds so much to a tattoo. You’ll see what I mean when you look through these.

81. Amethyst with Yellow Flower

82. Heart with Flowers

83. Flower Buttercup Bouquet

84. Lavender and Buttercup

85. Yellow Buttercups

86. Delicate Colored Tattoo

87. Buttercup Flowers with Bees

88. Leg Tattoos

89. Traditional Flower Tattoo

90. Flower Heart

91. Buttercup Sweetness

92. Buttercup Shoulders

93. Vibrant Flowers

Okay…so did you fall in love with any of these awesome buttercup tattoo designs? Because I did! In fact, I fell in love with a whole handful of them.

Tattoos are such a great form of self-expression. They can exemplify what you stand for, and what your interests are, and remind you on a daily basis what concepts are important to you. There are so many other awesome flowers that you can include for different meanings. It’s a big world out there, and it’s full of wisdom!