Inside: Colorado Columbine Flower Tattoo Ideas.

Flowers are not only beautiful and natural, but they also hold a ton of different meanings. From purity, beauty, nobility, or romance, these Columbine flower tattoos are packed full of vibrant colors, detailed designs, and amazing symbolism.

Maybe you are from Colorado or just love what this beautiful flower embodies, you will find exactly what you have been looking for in a tattoo design with these creative ideas.

Let me know which is your favorite!

Colorado Flower Tattoo Ideas

Columbine Flower Tattoo Meaning

The scientific (or Latin) name of columbine is Aquilegia. This name translates roughly to the word “eagle.” The flower is aptly named, since the spurs of the flower resemble the talons of an eagle. As the eagle has, the columbine has adapted to survive in its unique environment.

That meaning is one that has remained consistent over time. Columbines are often viewed as symbols of love and romance, making them a common gift between romantic partners.

Columbine flowers can also symbolize foolishness. Since it’s shaped like a jester’s hat, the flower can have some humorous connotations.

Columbines can also be used to symbolize faith and support, along with the concept of winning. This is why a columbine flower is a great bloom to give to someone who has just won some kind of award or has triumphed in some way.

What Does a Purple Columbine Mean?

Most purple flowers represent nobility, beauty, and royalty—the columbine is no exception.

What Does a Yellow Columbine Symbolize?

Yellow columbines symbolize success, happiness, and friendship.

What Does a Red Columbine Mean?

Red columbines symbolize passion and love, usually love between romantic partners.

What Does a White Columbine Represent?

White flowers are usually meant to symbolize innocence, purity, and spirituality. They make a great addition to wedding bouquets.

History of the Colorado Columbine Flower

The species of Colorado blue columbine is the state flower of Colorado. They are also called the Rocky Mountain columbine as the flowers are found there and across several US states.

Both the genus and the common names contain references to birds due to the flower’s appearance. The Latin word aquila means ‘eagle’ and columbine is derived from the Latin word for dove. The flowers are said to resemble the claw of an eagle, and the petals on the inverted flowers can look like a cluster of doves.

Columbines come in various colors, so you can really take your pick, or even go for black and grey or blackwork/dotwork to appreciate the flower’s form.

Columbine Flower Tattoo Ideas

Let start with some of the best flower tattoo ideas, from big to small, simple to detailed, here are a few of our favorites.

1. Columbine Flower Tattoo Black and White

2. Single Line Soft Columbine Flower

3. Columbine Forearm Tattoo Idea

Tattoo Of Columbine Flower

4. Columbine Flower Head Design

5. Double Columbine Idea

6. Large Flower Tattoo Design

7. Deep Purple Columbine Flower 

Columbine Colorful Flower Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Columbine Flower Designs

If you’re looking for a colorful punch in your tattoo design, then you will love these ideas.

8. Detailed Flower Tattoo Design

9.  Large Scale Leg Tattoo

10. Single Colorado Columbine Head Tattoo Idea

Flower tattoos to commemorate tragedy

11. Abstract Columbine Flower Tattoo Idea

12. Half Sleeve Flower Tattoo Design

13. Columbine Flower Trio

Purple Aquilegia Flower Tattoos

Colorado Columbine Flower Tattoo

The colorful and creative columbine flower tattoo designs are packed full of beauty.

14. Flower Bouquet Tattoo with Columbine Flowers

15. Large Leg Tattoo Design

16. Single Stemmed Flower Design

17. Columbine Flower Hand Design

Columbine Flower Tattoo Designs

18. Colorado Columbine Flower

19. Columbine Flower Foot Design

20. Colorado Mountain View with Columbine Flowers

21. Detailed Flower Tattoo Design

Meaningful Floral Tattoos

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these beautiful columbine flower tattoo ideas, then check out these other beautiful flower tattoo ideas.

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  • Flower Tattoo Ideas – It’s no surprise that flower tattoos can be insanely beautiful, unique, and meaningful. Depending on the size and shape of the tattoo design, they can pretty much go anywhere on your body and look fantastic. While many flower tattoos are elegant and feminine, there are some pretty popular ones that are more masculine. A large black rose tattoo is hard to beat because they look so cool. But big, brightly colored blossoms are also incredible too. No matter what your style is, I’m sure you’ll find a flower tattoo that is calling your name.

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Colorado Columbine Flower Tattoo