Inside: Art Nouveau Tattoo + Ideas.

There are a lot of different reasons why a person may choose to get a tattoo. Self-expression, aesthetic appeal, celebrity influence, covering up a scar, something meaningful (such as a significant symbol or quote, or a matching tattoo with a friend or loved one), or even an act of rebellion are just some of the reasons people get inked.

In some cases, a tattoo may be honoring a deceased loved one or a symbol to show your loyalty toward a certain group, religion, or cause.

Once you’ve decided you want a tattoo, an even bigger question arises: what should I get? If you’re getting a tattoo for a particular reason, such as a symbol that is already meaningful to you in some way, then you don’t have to worry. But if you aren’t sure about what to get, Art Nouveau tattoos might be a good idea to consider.

Art Nouveau Tattoo Definition

What Are Art Nouveau Tattoos?

Before we learn about Art Nouveau tattoos, let’s take a small history lesson and learn about this popular art movement the effects of which can still be seen in the arts and graphics created to this day.

Art Nouveau was popular throughout Europe and the United States from 1890 to 1910. This decorative style, or specifically, ornamental style of art makes use of long, curvy, and organic lines and shapes to create a stylized version of natural elements such as flowers, leaves, trees, vines, stones, animals, birds, insects, and even humans.

Tattoo artists are known to draw inspiration from popular art trends and works of other artists and combine them with their own artistic style and philosophy. Therefore, it is no surprise that the most dominant art movement of the 19th century has had a reasonable influence on tattoos.

Art Nouveau Tattoo Ideas

Even if you’ve decided that you want to get an Art Nouveau tattoo, there are still a lot of options to choose from. Since Art Nouveau is a style of art and isn’t defined by a single symbol or motif, you’ll still need to do some research to find the best design for yourself.

Here are some ideas if you want to get an Art Nouveau tattoo.

1.    Peacock Feathers

As a movement, Art Nouveau only lasted about three decades. However, so much art was produced during this short time that it still holds great importance in the world of modern art. One popular theme that became an unofficial mascot of this art movement was peacock feathers. The iconic tail was a perfect example of Art Nouveau. Peacock feathers also symbolize holiness, nobility, and guidance. Therefore, getting an Art Nouveau style peacock feather as a tattoo is a great way to honor the movement while also having a tattoo with a positive meaning.

2.    Flowers and Leaves

Another common theme in Art Nouveau was the use of flowers and themes. However, as discussed earlier, these don’t look exactly like the flower and leaves you see in the backyard and parks. Instead, theses are stylized to symbolize Art Nouveau. Such themes are a great opportunity to let out your playful and creative side and come up with colorful and fun tattoos.

3.    Art Nouveau Tattoo Sleeve

If you want to go all out and make a bold statement, you can always get an Art Nouveau tattoo sleeve. There are a lot of ways you can go about this. The easiest way is to pick a popular art piece from the movement and have it inked on your shoulder and arm. The Kiss by Gustav Klimt or Gismonda by Alphonse Mucha could translate well into tattoos.

Or you could pick a different scene or image and work with a tattoo artists to stylize it into Art Nouveau. Either way, make sure that you consult a trustworthy tattoo artist for this purpose, or things could go very wrong.

Art Nouveau Tattoo Designs Inspiration

Examples of Art Nouveau’s Tattoos

1. Beautiful Flowers

2. Yellow Chest Piece

3. Colorful Moth Design

4. Bird Design

5. Floral Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a huge decision, so don’t rush it. Make sure you consider all the options and ideas before deciding the design you want to get. In addition to that, it is important to visit a good tattoo parlor for this purpose. You might come across smaller tattoo parlors that are cheaper, but they will likely not have the high quality tools or experience to achieve the required results, especially when it comes to an Arts Nouveau tattoo. Always go to a licensed tattoo artist, even if it’s a little expensive. In the long run, it would be worth every cent.

Once you get your Arts Nouveau Tattoo, don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Happy inking!