3 Easy Styles of Permanent Tattoo Makeup To Try

Inside: Permanent Makeup Styles & How Are They Applied? 

Permanent tattoo makeup is more than just a work of art.

On-point eyeliner, impeccably shaped eyebrows, and lovely rosy lips – permanent makeup tattoos hold the promise of a flawless face even when you roll out just out of the bed. Whether you’re hitting the gym, working all day, dancing all night, nothing will phase these tattoos – that’s a guarantee.

These cosmetic tattoos help you create and uphold your favorite makeup looks semi-permanently for utmost convenience and ease.

Permanent tattoo makeup has come a long way since our grannies tattooed their brows on. Today, the artistry and technique has evolved to offer you the most natural beauty augmentations. Before we have listed some of the most popular types of cosmetic tattoos for your knowledge.

Read on to learn how this advancement in the tattoo realm is changing the lives of countless people worldwide.

Permanent Makeup Definition

1.     Microblading – for Perfectly shaped eyebrows

Microblading is a fancy term used for permanent eyebrow tattoos and is perhaps the most popular cosmetic tattoo out there. During this treatment, an expert and licensed brow artist uses a fine needle to inject pigment directly under your dermal layer in order to replicate the natural strokes of eyebrow hairs with the aim to create fuller, better shaped brows.

Each needle stroke is done with extreme precision to make sure the final results are as natural-looking as possible. If you do not want your brows to look too big or too dark then microblading is a good option for you. The artist will fill in the sparse areas of an already thick eyebrow or it can create a new eyebrow shape altogether for some.

You may also come across terms like microshading or brow feathering. But in actuality, it’s all the same and falls under the umbrella of natural-looking brow hair strokes. The crucial thing is to closely examine the past work of your chosen artist’s and ensure they’re doing what you seek before booking an appointment.

How long does it last?

One to three years (with appropriate care).

Permanent Tattoo Makeup lipstick

2.     Lip Blushing – for lovely rosy lips

Lip blushing or lip tinting is a simple semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that gives a hint of sheer color across your entire lips. There were days when lip tattoos exuded the image of fancy dames with bold lip liners with unfilled lips. But with years of research and availability of cutting-edge tools, the technique has been refined to its present form.

These semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos look extremely natural and build consistent color throughout the lip. In addition, they’re also great for getting fuller lips and a more polished pout – minus the need of injectable fillers.

But when it comes to lip blushing or tinting, you should know that the technique is more intense in contrast to other permanent makeup tattoos. The dermal layer of our lips do not hold pigment as well as the rest of our body skin, due to this you will need two or three touch-ups for the best results.

How long does it last?

Three to five years (with regular touch ups).

3.     Eyeliner Tattoos – for on-point eyes

Permanent eyeliner tattoos are available in various styles and you can get one based on your personal needs and aesthetic style. For instance, you can get a lash line enhancement, which is basically a dark line tattoo sitting within your lash line, making your eyes pop. If you are not a big makeup fan or don’t like heavy eye, a lash enhancing tattoo will simply leave you with fuller-looking lashes.

In addition to this, semi-permanent eyeliners are also widely popular. These tattoos are created above the lash line, replicating some of your favorite eyeliner styles such as a smoky wing, a cat-eye, or a soft simple line.

How long does this makeup tattoo last?

One to three years (with regular touch ups).

Types of Permanent Makeup To Have Tattooed

Permanent Tattoo Makeup: Changing Lives One Tattoo at A Time…

If you want to make your family and friends wonder what you have done to look so polished and fresh right out of the bed, then permanent tattoo makeup if definitely a good option for you.

So, that’s all for today. We’d love to know if this post helped you in anyway at all. Feel free to reach out if have any questions regarding the different types of permanent tattoo makeup or if there’s more to add.

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