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Whether they are created by machine or by hand, tattoos offer a special chance to transform your skin into a tangible work of art. Even though the concept of wearing permanent art on your body is lovely, there are a few things you should think about before heading down to a tattoo parlor.

For starters, knowing the type of tattoo that you want to get is the place where most experts recommend the process should start.

Hand Poke Tattoos

Hand poke tattoos, also known as stick and poke, are amongst a common iteration that is being witnessed these days. The art form is unique in numerous ways and the results, although achieved with significantly more work, are intricate as well as substantially appealing.

For those who are unaware of what hand poke tattoos are, how they are made, and what needs to be done when getting one, here are all the details.

Hand Poke Tattoos

The tattooing technique called stick and poke has emerged fairly recently. The procedure for getting a tattoo is the same as when using a tattoo gun, however the needle is powered by hand rather by an electric motor.

Fundamentally, hand poke tattooing entails inserting an ink pigment into the skin with a pointed tip to create a permanent mark. Body art has been practiced for a very long time. Hand poke tattoos are believed to have represented religion, ceremonies, birth, death, and good health.

The appearance of hand poke tattoos is quite distinctive, and a variety of styles can be created using different techniques. Hand pokes are frequently regarded to have a more organic and natural appearance.

The appeal is frequently the method’s simplicity. There are no loud machines or equipment. Simply a needle, some ink, and a sterilization device would do. In general, it doesn’t hurt as bad as an artificial tattoo. This is due to the fact that it is less intrusive, allowing the skin to heal more quickly.

Stick and poke tattoos are frequently created in the dot work style. This looks particularly attractive when used with mandalas and other geometric designs since each tiny dot contributes significantly to the overall composition.

Understanding the Process

There are distinctions between obtaining a hand-poked tattoo and a normal tattoo. Hand-poked tattoos generally hurt less and recover more quickly than other types of body art. Although everyone experiences pain differently, this technique often hurts less because the process is quiet and slow. These tattoos usually take longer to apply than electric tattoos because the line-up of dots next to dots next to dots is less damaging to the skin.

In fact, the difference in discomfort and technique can make hand-poked tattoos a fantastic initial choice for ink. Hand-poked tattoos can take longer to finish, but the softer application technique can be gentler than a typical tattoo procedure.

For people who are a little anxious about having a tattoo, hand-poke is fantastic. Since there are no electric machinery involved and there is only a needle, there is no noise, making it occasionally rather peaceful.

If it’s your first tattoo, it is normally advocated to go for an arm or leg placement, as the body tends to be a more uncomfortable spot for most individuals.

More About Tattoo Healing

Stick and Poke Tattoos

Pretty Hand Poke Tattoo Examples

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Importance of Finding a Reliable Artist

Finding and choosing a tattoo artist who is in line with your ideas for your ink is crucial. In light of the fact that many artists will utilize Instagram as a venue to share their work, it is advised to use the social media site.

Viewing all of the tattoo artist’s social media posts, including healed ink and associated work areas in the backdrop, even though finished tattoos are always beautiful, is vital. Make sure the tattoo artist’s workspace is clean and that their license is clearly visible. Online reviews are another useful resource for learning about other people’s interactions with a certain artist.

Resorting to friends and perhaps even complete strangers if a social media search and online search come up empty-handed is a good idea. The greatest way to identify a good tattoo artist, whether they are hand-poked or not, is by word of mouth. You may do this by asking a friend where they got a tattoo they like or by asking the person in line in front of you.

The individual at the coffee shop will probably be flattered that you liked their tattoos and took the time to ask them about it. This is how you can find your way to a reliable and experienced artist in the area that could give you the art just as you’ve envisioned.

Should You Get Hand Poke Tattoos?

Hand poke tattoos are similar to traditional ones with the only difference being the process. The final result is identical and sometimes more detailed than that achieved through conventional electric needles. Aftercare is also easier since hand poke tattoos will heal easily.

All in all, a hand poke tattoo can be a great choice for someone getting their first body art especially if they are nervous about it.