Inside: Colorful + Unique Abstract Art Tattoo Designs.

If you’re in the market for some colorful and unique tattoo designs, then you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled some of the most beautiful examples of abstract art tattoos on the internet! Abstract art tattoos are growing in popularity, and no wonder—with the skillful use of colors and shapes, these images make incredible body art. If you’re looking to get an abstract art tattoo, use this list of examples to give you inspiration and help you decide which tattoo style would be best for your body and personality.

Abstract Art Tattoo Ideas

What is an Abstract Tattoo?

Abstract art is using different shapes and colors to create a work of art! These tattoos have lots of unique lines and color combinations. 

Abstract Tattoo Ideas

1. Colorful Abstract Tattoo Design

2. Abstract Flower Tattoo

3. Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Abstract Art Tattoo Designs

4. Bold Abstract Thigh Piece

5. Abstract Hot Air Balloon

6. Beautiful Butterfly Design

7. Abstract Line Art

Abstract Art Tattoos With Color

Fun Abstract Art Ideas

8. Simple Abstract Tattoo

9. Pop of Yellow

10. Single Line Face

Black and White Modern Art Tattoos

11. Abstract Circle Tattoo

12. Bright Abstract Design

13. Simple Floral Inspired Design

14. Black and White Abstract Tattoo

Colorful Abstract Art Tattoo Images & Inspiration

Cool Tattoo Design Ideas

15. Abstract Flower Tattoo

16. Abstract Portrait

17. Colorful Rose Tattoo

Abstract Floral Tattoo Designs

18. Strawberry

19. Face Wrapped Band

20. Art Design

21. Small Abstract Tattoo

Cool Tattoo Art Design Ideas

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  • Dainty Hibiscus Tattoos – Hibiscus tattoos are often big and bold with vibrant colors. However, there are also many dainty hibiscus tattoo designs to choose from. Many believe that the hibiscus flower means good fortune, joy, hope, and happiness. These beautiful flowers will be a masterpiece no matter where you have it placed. Take a look at these dainty hibiscus flower tattoo designs.
  • Vine Tattoos – Choosing a vine tattoo is a great way to include an extra pop of color along with some very unique and intricate designs. They are great for filling in open spaces and adding that extra touch of charm. Check out these creative vine tattoos to get inspired!