Inside: Ladybug Tattoo Ideas & Designs.

Ladybug tattoos have a  unique symbolism associated with them that stretches across many different cultures. Having a permanent representation of the ladybug on your body ensures that you travel with good luck closely in tow.

The ladybug also symbolizes love, happiness, and friendship. Two friends getting similar ladybug tattoos represents a deep connection no matter how far they may be apart.

Due to the fact the ladybug is an efficient killer and will go to any length to keep the garden free of pests, the tattoo can represent a degree of protection from the evils in the world.

If you are looking for a skin art idea that has wide and deep symbolic meanings, consider getting a ladybug tattoo the next time you are ready to get inked up.

Lucky Ladybug Tattoo

What does a ladybug tattoo mean?

Having a permanent representation of the ladybug on your body ensures that you travel with good luck closely in tow. The ladybug also symbolizes love, happiness, and friendship.

Lucky Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

1. Cutest Small Ladybug Idea

2. Wrapped in Purple Flowers

3. Black and White Simple Ladybug Tattoo

4.  Meaningful Ladybug Tattoo

Small Ladybug Tattoo

5. Crawling Ladybug Crew

6. Larger Black and Grey Ladybug

7. Red Flowers + Ladybugs

8. Spotted Love Ladybug

Ladybug Tattoo Meaning & Designs

Ladybug Tattoos with Tons of Meaning

9. Gems + Bugs

10. Heart-Shaped Ladybugs

11. Ladybug + Lavender Tattoo Idea

12. Realistic Ladybug Tattoo

13. Ladybug Trio

Colorful Ladybug Tattoos

14. Small Lady on Left Wrist

15. Taking Flight

16. Exploring the Leaf

17. Tiny Foot Tattoo

Meaningful Tattoos of Lady Bugs

Cute Ladybug Tattoo Designs

18. Covered Sunflower Tattoo Idea

19. Minimal Ankle Tattoo Design

20. Vibrant + Detailed Design

21. Finger Tattoo Idea

Cute Lady Bug Tattoo Designs

22. Framed Ladybug

23. Ladybug Tattoo with Name

24. Detailed Design

25. Simple Ladybug Idea

Ladybug Tattoo Images

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