Inside: Simply Adorable Small Heart Tattoos.

Heart tattoos appear in a variety of patterns, each with its own specific meaning. The symbol can be a simple yet powerful expression of love and desire, or it can reinforce the idea of heartbreak and how far the person has come since then.

There are a variety of interpretations to be found in the different colors; if you want to celebrate loyalty or love, a red heart is your best bet, while the black one symbolizes sadness.

A little heart tattoo is one of the most popular and instantly recognized, regardless of the style or the various aspects you choose.

Adorable Small Heart Tattoos

Why Small Heart Tattoo?

When it comes to commitment, smaller tattoos are less expensive and take up less space on the body than larger ones. They also seem more feminine and elegant. For your first work, it’s best to start small so that you have a variety of alternatives for where it will be displayed. Whether you ink your hand or your foot, the tattoo will be modest, and is one of the reasons that it’s so tempting.

Simply Adorable Small Heart Tattoos

1. Small Heart Outline on Ankle

2. Small Red Heart Tattoo

3. Perfectly Imperfect Heart Tattoo

4. Cute Shoulder Heart Outline

5. Small Heart + Rose Design

Small Heart Tattoos For Women

6. Small Heart Face Tattoo

7. Finger Tattoo Ideas

8. Seeing Double Hearts

9. Small Candy Heart Tattoo

10. Colorful Heart Tattoo

Small Heart Tattoos

Small Simple Heart Tattoos

11. Itty Bitty Heart Tattoo

12. The Cutest Collarbone Heart 

13. Small Shoulder Heart Tattoo

14. Simple Small Heart Tattoo on Wrist

15. Small Black Heart Tattoo

16. Tiny Matching Hearts

Small & Simple Heart Tattoos

17. Small Heart Tattoo on Hand

18. Dainty Heart Tattoo Design

19. Matching Heart Finger Tattoos

20. Black Heart Outline Design

21. Hip Heart Tattoo

Tiny Tattoo Ideas Hearts

Uniquely Small Heart Tattoo Designs

22. Queen of Hearts Tattoos

23. Initial in Heart

24. Small Interlocking Heart Tattoos

25. Heart Tattoo with Flower

Black and Grey Small Heart Tattoos

26. Love to Travel

27. Small Broken Heart Tattoo

28. Out of this World Love

29. Small Diamond Heart

Tattoo Love Designs Hearts In Black

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