Inside: Simply Adorable Small Heart Tattoos.

There are many variations of heart tattoos, and each has a special meaning. The symbol could serve as a reminder of heartbreak and how far the individual has come, it could be used to commemorate a loved one after their untimely passing, or be a simple yet powerful expression of love and desire.

The different colors can also give the piece a new meaning; if you want to celebrate friendship or passion, a red heart is for you, while a black heart represents sorrow.

Regardless of the design and the different elements you choose, a small heart tattoo remains one of the most popular and recognizable among everyone.

Adorable Small Heart Tattoos

Why Small Heart Tattoo?

Small tattoos look dainty and cute and don’t require as much commitment as more substantial designs, both in terms of the session time and price, but also the amount of space they use on the body. Starting small is an excellent decision if this is your first piece, and you have many options with regards to placement. You can choose to ink your finger or your ankle, but regardless of which area you decide on, the tattoo will be subtle; and that is part of its appeal.

The Meaning of a Heart Tattoo

Red Heart: The color of your heart tattoo can say a lot about the reasons you chose to get it. Black ink symbolizes sadness, while red ink represents romantic love. Getting a small red heart tattoo can be a beautiful tribute to your partner, but it is also an excellent idea to get matching ink with a close friend or a sibling

Black Heart: The heart symbol is often associated with love and passion, but a black heart tattoo can also represent death and grief. This ink can be a fantastic way to honor the passing of a loved one or serve as a reminder of heartbreak or personal loss. Although this tattoo will suit many placements, some people prefer to get it in the middle of their chest, so that they can hold those they’ve lost close to their own heart.

One of the many benefits of heart tattoos is that there is a large variety of styles to choose from, and the sacred heart symbol is for those who are profoundly religious and want to honor their faith. The design has links to both the Christian and Catholic denominations and is believed to represent Jesus Christ’s unwavering love for humankind. It also symbolizes an individual’s dedication to their beliefs and is a way to show their devotion. There are several common elements of this tattoo; these include a crown or halo, across at the top of the design, and often thorns encompassing the heart.

Simply Adorable Small Heart Tattoos

1. Small Heart Outline on Ankle

2. Small Red Heart Tattoo

3. Perfectly Imperfect Heart Tattoo

4. Cute Shoulder Heart Outline

5. Small Heart + Rose Design

Small Heart Tattoos For Women

6. Small Heart Face Tattoo

7. Finger Tattoo Ideas

8. Seeing Double Hearts

9. Small Candy Heart Tattoo

10. Colorful Heart Tattoo

Small Heart Tattoos

Small Simple Heart Tattoos

11. Itty Bitty Heart Tattoo

12. The Cutest Collarbone Heart 

13. Small Shoulder Heart Tattoo

14. Simple Small Heart Tattoo on Wrist

15. Small Black Heart Tattoo

16. Tiny Matching Hearts

Small & Simple Heart Tattoos

17. Small Heart Tattoo on Hand

18. Dainty Heart Tattoo Design

19. Matching Heart Finger Tattoos

20. Black Heart Outline Design

21. Hip Heart Tattoo

Tiny Tattoo Ideas Hearts

Uniquely Small Heart Tattoo Designs

22. Queen of Hearts Tattoos

23. Initial in Heart

24. Small Interlocking Heart Tattoos

25. Heart Tattoo with Flower

Black and Grey Small Heart Tattoos

26. Love to Travel

27. Small Broken Heart Tattoo

28. Out of this World Love

29. Small Diamond Heart

Tattoo Love Designs Hearts In Black

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