Inside: 35 Totally Cute Tattoos for Girls. 

Small and cute tattoo designs that are popular with girls are butterflies, hearts, stars, and flowers. These little tattoo ideas are perfect for you if you’re looking for ideas for your first tattoo or if you’re ready to add a little cute tattoo to your collection!

These are images that girls can always relate to. They are not only attractive as body art, but they are meaningful as well.

Check out 35 of our favorite cute tattoos for girls.

Totally cute tattoos for girls

Planning Your Cute Tattoo

Girls who would like to go for their first tattoo should go for small and cute designs. Since they are tat newbies, big and bold imagery are not yet advisable at this stage of their tattoo journey. Tattoos are permanent, so a great way to test if it’s for them is to go for miniature tattoos that look great as well.

When it comes to the choice of locations, there are several options to go for. The foot, leg, and arms and superb body parts to go for when it comes to small designs. However, these areas are more painful since there are fewer fats in those areas, so less padding from the ink during the tattooing process. So if the pain is an issue, one can always go for the flesher areas to lessen the pain, these are the arm, shoulder blade, back, and thigh part.

Aside from tattoo design and location, one very important factor that a girl has to consider is the tattoo studio that she will have it done. She must check the studio first before committing. Make sure that its sanitary, reliable, and the artists are professional and well-trained. The success of your tat depends on your tattoo artist, so don’t take these things for granted.

Totally Cute Tattoo Ideas for Girls

1. Colorful Little Butterflies: I love how these float up her hip, so feminine and cute!

2.  Star Constellation

3. Small Sunflower Tattoo: This perfect little sunflower tattoo fits so nicely on the side of the ankle!

Cute Tattoos

4. Wishbone

5. Love Finger Tattoo: Love is all you need! Plus it makes the cutest little tattoo idea!

6. Bumblebee

7. Cute Bundle of Flowers: They are so dainty and pretty!

Cute Tattoos for Girls

8. Old School Camera: This is the perfect cute tattoo for any photographer out there. Plus I am obsessed with this placement.

9. Finger Butterfly Tattoo

Girly Tattoos

10. 1964: Want to remember a special date, maybe your mom’s birthday or the year of your child’s birth. A wedding date is another great reason to get this year tattoo!

11. Floral Heart

12. Pinky Promise: Such a cute matching tattoo for you and your bestie!

13. Cotton Candy Dream

Tattoos for girls

Cute Tattoo Ideas

14. Zodiac Sign: This tattoo works for any zodiac sign!

15. Olive Branch

arm tattoos

16. Lemon Slice: If you’re a little sour this one is great for you.

17. Tiny Lightning Bolt

18. One-Line Face: I love these one line tattoos, they are so pretty and creative!

arm tattoo ideas

19. Girl Power

20. Bundle of Flowers

21. Honey Hip Tattoo: Using red ink adds a little fun to a simple tattoo design.

22. Fingers Crossed

cute tattoos for girls

Cute Tattoos for Girls

23. Fiddle Leaf: This takes being a plant lady to a whole new level!

24. Bloomed

bicep ink

25. Humming Bird

26. Lock and Key: Another great matching tattoo idea for you and your bestie!

27. Strawberry Outline Tattoo

Wrist tattoos

28. Back of Arm Butterfly

29. Cactus Bloom: Obsessed with this beautiful tattoo idea!

30. Little Bitty Rainbow

31. Open Book: This is for my avid readers, the ones who can just get lost in the words of a book!

cute tattoos

Cute Tattoos for Girls

32. Silhouettes

33. Seashell

34. Vase Full of Flowers

35. Head full of Flowers: Um, I need this!

cute tattoos for girls

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