Inside: 21 Anime Eyes Tattoo Ideas Full of Emotion.

Have you ever loved something so much you wish you could keep it forever? If so, take some inspiration from these totally cool anime tattoos. These fans fabulously enshrined a piece of their favorite anime on their body canvas, paying eternal tribute to the characters and symbols they love.

Some have gone big, some small, some went subtle, and others went all-out.

We have explored all types of anime tattoos in the past, but today we are focusing on the heart of their emotions and character, their eyes! The eye shapes emphasize the emotions of the anime/manga character.  It also represents the creativity, and style of the artist; which is also a good way to accentuate their originality as an artist.

Anime Eyes Tattoo Ideas

Anime Eyes Tattoo Ideas

These expressive, fun, and creative anime eyes tattoos are full of emotion. I love how these tatoos are perfect for any part of your body, from your leg, arm, and hands these eyes bring personality to any party of your body.

1. Colorful Eye Tattoo

2. Fierce Eyes

3. Colorful Anime Eyes

4. Forearm Tattoo

Creative Anime Eyes Tattoo Designs

5. Bright Blue Eyes

6. Hearts and Sparkle

7. Eyes in the Clouds

Cartoon Eye Tattoo

Learn More about Anime + Tattoos

Kick Ass Anime Tattoo Ideas – Anime is an incredibly popular cartoon genre all over the world, and some hardcore fans choose to show off their love through body art. If you’re getting an anime tattoo, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best artwork possible, as with any tattoo, so it’s important to look into different tattoo styles to see which ones fit best. Some work better than others when it comes to anime tattoos, and not every style does this genre of tattooing proper justice. If you don’t know much about anime, be prepared to make a list of must-see series and films, and get some inspiration into your next tattoo.

What is Anime? – While Western animation incorporates far too many individual styles of drawing to even begin to mention, Japanese anime is so distinct that once you’ve seen it you can recognize it immediately whenever you see it again. Anime characters all tend to look slightly similar. They all have the signature big eyes, slight noses, and exaggerated, jagged hairdos. The women tend to have large bosoms and impossibly small waistlines. Usually display a unique sense of fashion, while the male characters generally look like they could all be cousins.

Crying Anime Eyes Tattoo Designs

These crying anime eyes are charming and personal to their owners. This makes them

8. Sparkle and Shine Eyes

9. Pink Hair & Crying Eyes

10. Sparkle Eyes

11. Bold Eyebrow

Crying Anime Eyes Tattoo Ideas

12. Crying Eyes Finger Tattoo

13. Colorful Crying Cartoon Eye Tattoo

14. Tears Falling

15. Sad Anime Eyes

Crying cartoon eyes tattoos

Anime Face Tattoos

These expressive anime faces are full of emotion and character. Find your favorite anime character and ink them on your skin.

16. Anime Face Tattoo

17. Characters Faces

18. Winking Face Tattoo Idea

Anime Face Tattoo

19. Cool Anime Eyelids + Eyes

20. Anime Temporary Tattoos

21. Anime Eyes

Anime Cartoon Face Tattoos

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