Inside: What is a Watercolor Tattoo?

What are Watercolor Tattoos?

A watercolor tattoo is a bright, vivid marking made up of a number of subtle color gradients and techniques that create a more gradual color fade-out.

This effect is intended to mimic the characteristics of a classic watercolor painting, which is where the style gets its name.

Watercolor Tattoo Dictionary

Dose a watercolor tattoo fade easily?

But because of the light colors, fades, and blends in watercolor tattoos, they can fade more quickly than heavily saturated tattoos. Choosing locations that don’t get a lot of sun, keeping them covered, and slathering them with sunscreen when uncovered are all excellent ways to slow fading.

Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

Watercolor Bumblebee

Flower Tattoo Design

Small Watercolored Heart Tattoo

Watercolor Wave Tattoo

Watercolor Tattoos

Do watercolor tattoos hurt more?

Some customers ask whether getting a watercolor tattoo hurts more or less than getting a traditional tattoo. However, since there is less ink used in a watercolor tattoo than a traditional tattoo of the same size, the watercolor tattoo requires fewer punctures of the skin, meaning there is less pain overall.

Do watercolor tattoos cost more?

Keep in mind that not all tattoo artists really can do watercolor tattoos.The better artists will charge you a lot for their work—a piece about four or so inches wide can cost as much as $400, depending on the design—but at least you shall be getting true quality for your buck.

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