Inside: Tattoo Placement Ideas & Inspiration.

Whether you have tattoos all over your body or getting one for the first time, placement is super important. You want to ensure it looks as great as the day you got it for years down the line.

While you can get inked almost anywhere on your body, some spots are more ideal than others.

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Best Tattoo Placement Ideas for Women

When it comes to tattoo placement, men and women have different preferences.

Here are the top spots on the body that most women prefer to get inked:

The Wrist

The inner wrist is a favorite spot for most women who want a delicate or small tattoo. While the area is quite sensitive (since it is closer to the bone and has several nerve endings), it provides the perfect canvas for delicate designs. The spot is also easy to hide with long sleeves, a watch, or bracelets. Just make sure you choose bold colors. Tattoos that are exposed to the elements fade fast.

The Fingers

Delicate designs that embrace each finger are a favorite tattoo placement spot for women who want to make a statement without going overboard. The designs range from vines and letters to whole messages scrawled on all fingers. These tattoos are inked in quickly because of their small size.

Tattoo Placement

The Ankle

A tattoo encircling the ankle is a permanent, custom ankle bracelet. You can choose a delicate and subtle design or go for a daring look, such as an intricate henna design. These aren’t easy to hide, but why would you want to? Flaunt them in a pair of chic sandals or go barefoot on the beach.

The Upper Back

The upper back is a large canvas preferred by women who want to flaunt their creativity and make their summer bodies stand out. You can choose a small design in the middle of a large one that covers the whole spot. While aftercare may be tricky (someone will need to change the wrap and apply lotion on it for you), the result is eye-catching and can last for years, provided a professional artist makes it.

Whether you want small and dainty tattoos or to go bold and make the design as visible as possible, you can get great options here.

Tattoo Placement Ideas and Inspiration

Best Tattoo Placement Ideas for Men

Here are some of the best spots that most men usually get tattoos for:

The Chest

The chest of a man is an open and expansive canvas. The pain threshold of that spot is also tolerable, and tattoos can easily be hidden with a shirt. However, make sure you wax or shave your chest before getting inked. Also, remember that the hair will return and hide the design eventually. Just remove it when you want to go to the beach.

The Back

Full back coverage is increasing in popularity for men. The main reason is that it poses no obstacles for the artist. It is a long stretch of skin that allows you to get almost any design you want. Since it is mainly covered with a shirt, a back tattoo also lasts longer than others, and the pain level is also manageable. Combine these factors, and it is little wonder why men so favor this spot.

However, just like the upper back tattoo that most women prefer to get, a complete back tattoo is tricky to care for. You also need to be extremely careful when you sleep. Sleep on your stomach for a few days, or till the tattoo has healed up nicely. It may leave scars or lead to an infection otherwise.

The Biceps

Men who are proud of their gains in the gym usually get tattoos to commemorate the accomplishment. The biceps are popular spots of tattoo placement for gym enthusiasts who love how the ink flexes as they flex their jacked muscles.

Your physique emphasizes the design of the tattoo. While the spot can get tender, it isn’t as bad as the burning sensation you get in your muscles after a rigorous workout. If you can withstand that pain to get the desired results, getting a bicep tattoo shouldn’t be an issue.

Animal tattoos that pay homage to manliness and the male frame are popular with men. Here are some great ones you can try out.

A tattoo is a joy forever, provided you get it on a spot on your body that can withstand the elements and you can afford a touchup down the line.

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