Inside: New Tattoo Care – First 48 Hours.

Your tattoo is not finished when the tattooist is. A new tattoo is as sensitive as a fresh wound. The first 48 hours are critical when it comes to its aftercare. Miss a step, and you can get keloids and other scars that require medical treatment to heal.

Learn about new tattoo care – what to do in the first 48 hours here and how to treat complex tattoos in this guide.

New Tattoo Care First 48 Hours

Why the First 48 Hours Are Critical For Tattoo Care

A fresh tattoo is exposed derma, which has to be treated carefully during the first two days after you get one. If you follow the tips in this guide, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Speeds up the healing process.
  • Prevents infections and scars from forming.
  • The tattoo colors remain vibrant.

Important tip – An itchy tattoo is a healing tattoo.

Tattoo Care Tips for the First 48 Hours

Here are some of the things you will need to take care of a fresh tattoo in the first two days:

New Tattoo Care First 48 Hours - What Do To Right Away.

Do Not Leave the Tattoo Parlor without a Bandage

The tattooist should cover your tattoo with an ointment and bandage before you leave. Some parlors have special salves, which should not be wiped off till you get indoors. Do not fiddle with the dressing, shower, or go for a swim for the first two days. The bandage and tattoo should remain dry.

Remove the Bandage After 24 Hours

On the second day (after 24 hours tops), you can remove the bandage to allow the tattoo to get some air. Use a mild, unscented soap and cool water to clean it, and do not dry rigorously. Instead, use gentle pats to remove moisture. Then smear on some ointment or antibacterial moisturizer but don’t wrap a new bandage on the tattoo. Do this twice in the day.

You may also notice your tattoo oozing a bit. In most cases, this is ink or plasma from your blood and shouldn’t be an issue. Your skin may also feel sore, which is also standard.

How to care for a new tattoo right away.

Follow the Same Routine the Next Day

Follow the same steps in the next 24 hours. Monitor your skin for signs of infection such as swelling, abnormal oozing, redness, or scarring. The tattoo will lose its vibrancy a bit after a few days.

This is due to scabs that will shed on their own as your skin heals. Ask a doctor if you think the scabs are getting more prominent or you are getting an infection. Better to be safe than sorry.

Bonus Tips

  • Make sure you don’t sleep on a fresh tattoo in the first 48 hours! You may break the skin, which can lead to scarring or infections. Also, make sure your sheets are sanitary. You may end up sleeping on your tattoo unknowingly. Here are some more tips you should use.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol and smoking areas. Pollutants can slow down the natural healing process.

Cleaning tattoo tips for the first week

Caring For Complex Tattoos in the First 48 Hours

Leg and arm tattoos are easier to take care of than others since they are easily accessible. Cleaning and keeping them dry is not a chore. But others can be trickier to maintain. Here are some tattoo spots that are difficult to take care of and maintenance tips:

Taking Care of Lip Tattoos

Lip tattoos fade fast as you eat and drink. Plus, they cannot remain dry for long because of saliva. To prevent it from fading too fast, keep the tattoo clean by rinsing as much as possible, especially after eating or smoking. Plus, apply prescribed aftercare products diligently and do not pick at the scabs.

Taking Care of Back Tattoos

Back tattoos are difficult to reach, so keeping them clean is tricky. You may need to do some contorting to take care of them. Just don’t use loofahs or rough towels. Just don’t stretch too much to clean the area. The skin may stretch and form scabs that can ruin the design and cause infections. In this case, get help from a partner or friend.

Here are some great back tattoos you can try!

Whether you get a full back tattoo or a small one on your pinkie finger, proper aftercare can ensure they heal nicely, and the colors pop. Find out more about this fabulous art form in our other articles.

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