Inside: What to Include in a Tattoo Portfolio.

What is a Tattoo Portfolio?

Showcases all the drawings, sketches, and pictures of finished tattoo work to let people know about your tattoo style and to book your tattoo services.
tattoo portfolio

What should be included in a tattoo portfolio?

  • Highlight Your Creativity and Unique Concept Ideas
  • Showcase Your Drawing Technique
  • Include a Variety of Different Tattoo Styles
  • Feature 50-100 of Your Best Tattoo Designs
  • Maintain an Online Website and a Hard Copy Portfolio.

What to include in tattoo portfolio

Variety of Tattoo Styles to Include

Tips for a Tattoo Portfolio

  1. Hobby, art, and craft stores are the best places to find a wide variety of art portfolios in a range of affordable prices.
  2. DO NOT include any photos of tattoos you may have already done at home. Tattoo artists are usually not impressed with scratcher work and it will only make them feel that they are probably going to have to re-train you to eliminate any bad habits. If you want an apprenticeship, you agree to start from scratch.

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