Inside: We will be discussing a very unique, interesting, and absolutely spectacular tattoo design style called the freehand tattoo technique.

Tattoos display a unique art form full of creativity, which is why neither people getting tattoos nor the tattoo artists themselves can ever get bored of them. A tattoo may seem like a simple body modification process, but it is actually a type of art that features various techniques, diverse styles, and numerous designs – which makes it all the more interesting.

Real tattoo fanatics who are tired of getting similar, boring small tattoos are always looking for new and exciting tattoo techniques and styles, so pick their newest inking experience.

If you are also one of them, this article is just for you.

What is Freehand Technique?

If you are a tattoo lover and open to experimenting with new and unique tattoo styles – this is definitely for you. Let’s get to know about the freehand tattooing techniques so you can decide whether it is for you or not.

What is Freehand Tattooing?

Like we said earlier, freehand tattooing is a unique and quite complex technique that not every tattoo artist can use for you. From the design selection to its actual implementation, this tattooing technique is completely different from the traditional technique, and the tattoos turn out completely different as well.

As evident from its name, freehand tattoos are made with “free hand” – no stencils are used in this technique. You only have to tell your tattoo artist about the design you want and trust them to make it as per your liking. Sometimes tattoo artists use markers – sometimes, they don’t even use that and directly carve the tattoo in the skin.

These tattoos are much more dependent on the skill and creativity of the tattoo artists than the design the client has in their mind.

What is the Process of Getting Freehand Tattoos?

The process of freehand tattooing is very simple yet very distinct from an ordinary tattooing technique. It is not only different, but also a very daring process as compared to other tattoos.

Process of tattooing without a stencil

Here are some of the main steps to getting a freehand tattoo:

●      Step 1: Removing Body Hair

This is a common step for all tattoo techniques. Once you agree to get a freehand tattoo, you get an appointment to come to the tattoo parlor. Removal of body hair is one of the first things that they do once you reach the parlor. After you have identified the part of your body where you want the tattoo, and once you are ready, you are required to sit in the tattoo seat for hair removal. Hair is removed from that specific body part for a clearer view to ensure it doesn’t come in the way of the tattoo process and ruin the design.

●      Step 2: Drawing the Design

This is the most critical aspect of a freehand tattooing process because this is the step where the tattoo artist draws the tattoo. Since this is a freehand design, tattoo artists do not use a stencil and instead use markers. They use light shade markers and then darker ones to ensure the design is well defined. These markers are used to sketch on the skin to give the tattoo artist an idea of how the tattoo will appear on the body.

Some experienced tattoo artists skip this step and directly use the ink to carve the tattoo on the skin. This is when the clients rely more on the tattoo artists’ creativity, talent, and skill – as they draw the tattoo with their imagination. Once you have decided on the design of the tattoo, using markers is really helpful for the artists to get a slight idea of how to go about it.

●      Step 3: Final Tattooing

For tattoo artists that use markers, once they are done drawing the marker version of the tattoo, and the client is satisfied with what they are seeing, the tattoo artists start permanently drawing on the skin. They use the outline the markers to draw the actual tattoo on the skin. This is the final step of the freehand tattooing process, but after this step, you need to be careful of the aftercare, just like you would for any ordinary tattoo.

3 pretty Free Hand Tattoo examples

Should You Get a Freehand Tattoo?

Freehand tattoos are definitely not something for everyone – if you are a true tattoo fanatic who loves experimenting with the art, then you should go for freehand tattoos. There is no doubt that this is a unique art form and appears very different from ordinary tattoos – hence people seeking new and interesting tattoo designs must try getting thee tattoos.

However, you need to consider a few things when deciding to get a freehand tattoo. Firstly you need to make sure you can describe the concept you have in mind to the tattoo artist as there is no stencil or clear picture that you can show them.

Along with this, you also need to make sure that the tattoo artist you choose is experienced and skilled enough to draw using the freehand technique – so that you do not regret it later.