Inside: Joker smile hand tattoos that will make you question your sanity.

Everyone knows the classic tale of the Joker and Batman. Batman, Gotham City’s nighttime vigilante, nearly meets his match with one of his most classic foes: the Joker!

The Joker is this unhinged man who dresses himself up to resemble a clown with green hair and a large red smile. He causes so much mayhem and destruction, death and fear wherever he goes, yet…people love him.

Not fictional people, of course, besides Harley Quinn, but the fans.

Get your Joker Smile Hand Tattoo Real vs Fake Edition

Everyone loves to hate someone, but the Joker has his own niche group of fans. Perhaps it’s due to his tragic backstory or just his personal style…they can’t get enough! Through time, the Joker has been played in live-action movies by several different actors, including Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, and, most recently, Joaquin Phoenix.

For our tattoo topic of today, we are going to focus on Jared Leto’s character.

What is a Joker Smile Hand Tattoo?

Jared Leto’s ‘Joker’ first appeared in the 2016 live-action movie ‘Suicide Squad.’ This is a story pulled straight out of a DC comic, so to all you Marvel fans…turn away now.

Okay, jokes aside, Jared Leto’s version of the Joker got quite the makeover with a completely new look. This look consisted of that classic green hair but slicked back and kept. He had a grill and tattoos…LOTS of tattoos. Which is what we will be focussing on today. Well…one of his tattoos in particular.

The Joker is known for his big red trademark smile, and yet Jared Leto didn’t appear to have one…at first. Instead of incorporating it on his face, they decided to give it to him in tattoo form on his hand.

Throughout the movie, he would hold his hand up to his face, matching up the smile just right to reveal that creepy grin we all know and love. After the movie came out, die-hard fans flocked to tattoo shops to add this ink to their collection.

Joker Smile Hand Tattoo

Will it hurt?

When it comes to getting tattoos, there are some places that hurt more than others. These places are typically anywhere where your bones sit closer to the surface of your skin. These places include your spine, chest, ribs…and yes, your hands.

So this tattoo will hurt a little more than other places, but it will not be so bad! You get to walk out with a sweet new tattoo…and that makes it worth it. If you are worried, though, you can always order some numbing cream off of the internet or ask your shop if they supply it.

So if you are still interested in getting a Joker smile hand tattoo, awesome! I pulled some great examples off of the internet for you to look through for inspiration. You can always get exactly what the Joker had, or you can personalize it to yourself.

Before you get it, you may want to get a practicing tattoo to see how you like it. This is one of those rare instances where you can get your design in a temporary tattoo easily. So I added some fake tattoos at the end, along with some people who just drew it on their hands! Check these out.

Realistic Joker Tattoo Ideas For Halloween

Real Joker Smile Hand Tattoos

This first list is full of real Joker smile hand tattoos that people have gotten. Each of these is in a slightly different style, so you can look through and see what you like. Of course, in the end, I had to include the REALIST Joker tattoo: the one from the movie! I guess when you think about it isn’t fully real either; it’s just makeup on an actor…food for thought.

1. Colored Hand Tattoo – This first one is pretty cool. He got it in full color and placed it perfectly!

2. Dark Smile Tattoo – Notice how this person got a darker smile…and yet it’s somehow less creepy than the unhinged version from the movie.

3. Clown Mouth on Hand – This one is actually pretty accurate to the original; you’ll be able to compare it at the end of this section.

4. Clean Smile – I like this one for its clean line work and looks!

5. Large Mouth on Hand – The bigger than better, and that saying works for Joker smile hand tattoos as well. Take a look at this one!

6. Smaller Joker Mouth – If you don’t want to cover your whole hand, no biggie. Just go for something a little smaller.

7. Dirty Clown Mouth – This one is a comic book accurate version of the Joker’s mouth. This is a great option for those of you who read the comics!

8. Mouth Tattoo with Nose – If you looked at the Joker tattoo and thought something was missing…then this tattoo is for you. It has the nose included!

9. Joker-Themed Hand Design – I really love this design. They took the font and the smile directly from the comic and added color. How epic.

10. Realistic Mouth Tattoo – This one is more movie accurate, and it is so cool! It’s very realistic.

11. Full Hand Tattoo – If you want your tattoo to be big, I am talking front and center, then this is the tattoo for you. Take a look at it.

12. Large Smile with Drool – The drool is a pretty classic Joker thing, so if you like, you can include it as well!

13. Creepy Mouth Smile – This is a pretty creepy smile, so for those of you who like that sort of thing then this one fits the bill. I love it!

14. Curvy Smile Tattoo – This is a curvy joker smile that captions all of his unhinged glory. The wider the smile the crazier you are!

15. Smile with Chipped Tooth – This is a personalized one, and I am here for it. I love taking something and making it your own. Very powerful stuff.

Real Joker Tattoo – Lastly, this one needs no introduction.

Crazy Smile Temporary Tattoos Examples

Temporary Smile Tattoos

Lastly, here is a list of some awesome options for temporary tattoos. We have some classic peel-off temp tattoos along with some artists who drew their own onto their hands. Decide which is in your skill set, and go for it! There are so many benefits that come with trying your tattoo on before getting it done. So definitely give it a go!

16. Smile Drawing

17. Hand Drawing Smile

18. Great Cramped Drawing

19. Creepy Smiling Drawing

20. Light-Colored Smile

21. Joker-Themed Temporary Tattoo

22. Mouth Tattoo for Hand

23. Joker-Themed Arm Band with Hand

24. Classic Joker Smile

So, did you like what you saw? If you get this tattoo, you are going to be considered quite the die-hard fan. I respect it! There are so many different styles of smile that you can do, I hope this gave you some direction for which way you will decide to go.

Though the permanence of tattoos is kind of the point, it is always fun to use the temporary ones from time to time. Whether it be for Halloween or for seeing if a tattoo will fit you, I sometimes wish I would do that with all my tattoos; that way, I can know if there is anything I want to change beforehand.

Best of luck to you on your journey to getting the perfect Joker tattoo. It’s going to be epic!