Inside: How to come up with tattoo ideas + Tips to make the process seamless.

Tattoos are increasingly popular outlets for self-expression, and are often an attractive way to save dates, memories, or simply decorate your body. It’s no secret, though, that tattoos are mostly permanent, and getting them removed, if necessary, can be painful and expensive.

Before hopping out and grabbing your first (or next) tattoo, you should walk through all the steps on how to come up with good tattoo ideas. Plus, choosing your artists wisely and tending to your ​design properly can help ensure that you end up with a piece of body art that you’re proud to show off in any occasion.

There are a handful of steps you can take to ensure that your next ​design is one you can live with forever.​

How to come up with tattoo ideas

Why do you Want a Tattoo? – How to Come Up with Tattoo Ideas

Typically, the itch to get inked comes from somewhere, so take a look at what’s going on in your life that might be driving your want for a tattoo. Are you bored, or is there anything you want to commemorate or honor with a tattoo? Milestone events in life are often a great place to begin brainstorming for new ink.

Tips for coming up with tattoo ideas

​Does My Tattoo Have to Mean Something?

There is a sense of shame surrounding what people often call “thoughtless” tattoos or ​designs that don’t often have some huge backstory. However, there is no reason that your tattoo has to have some symbolic meaning or an elaborate life event attached. Since you are tattooing your body, it is perfectly acceptable to get whatever you like tattooed on your body. While some people like their ​designs to have a deep meaning, other people just love to have beautiful decorations on their bodies. If you want an octopus eating a slice of pizza because you love sea creatures and Italian food, then go for it! Just make sure that whatever you decide on is something you’re comfortable living with forever. Your tattoo doesn’t have to have meaning to anyone but you, just make sure that you’re comfortable with the commitment.

Where do you Want a Tattoo?

Sometimes the location of a tattoo can lead to ideas. Make sure to take into consideration any visibility limitations, such as if you’ll need to cover it for work. If you already have tattoos, perhaps your latest will add to them, or complement your existing ink in some way. Also, give thought about how large you want the tattoo.

How to Come Up with Your Own Tattoo Design

Some people know the subject matter that they’d like to have done, but haven’t figured out what they want it to look like. We have a few ideas to get you started…

How to think of tattoo ideas

If you find something you like, but want your own take on it, print it out and save it for your appointment with one of our tattoo artists; they can take a look at your pulled images and design a tattoo that is absolutely unique to you!

You’ll want your new ink to reflect your tastes, so do what you love, and keep an eye out for things that would look great on your skin.

How to Get Tattoo Ideas from Everyday Places or Things

If you’re really into art, check out an exhibit or museum. If nature’s your deal, take a hike or go camping. If you follow your passion, sometimes the perfect tattoo idea will jump right out at you when you least expect it.

How to think of tattoo ideas

Time to Get Inked – Here Comes the Fun Part

Once you’ve got your tattoo idea or concept in hand, set up an appointment or just stop by your local tattoo shop. Have a consultation with one of the tattoo artists. At that point, they can begin to sketch something up to show you and you’ll have the chance to tweak it until it’s perfect! This is key: Make sure you LOVE your ink. This means have your artist work on the design until you’re totally happy with it before the tattooing actually begins.

Trust Your Artist

When you hire a tattoo artist, their role isn’t just to copy an image onto your skin; you’re hiring them not only for their style, but for their expertise as well. Tattoo artists can help you translate your ideas into body art, which is harder than you might think.

Coming Up with a Tattoo Idea Process

If you want to get a tattoo, but that’s about all you know, then we have some advice. We suggest four tips on coming up with tattoo ideas:

Coming up with your own Tattoo Designs

  1. Don’t get one until you are sure [about the design]! It is something you are either going to love all your life or hate until you’re dying day.
  2. Spend a long time deciding [on a design idea]. Search the internet for as many designs around the area/type of design you are thinking of.
  3. Ask a graphic artist to help you design a photo of your body, so you get a rough idea of what it would look like.
  4. Get it individually designed – unless you are set on a design you have seen on a flash sheet. The more personal it is, the less likely you are to want to change it later on.

How to Come Up with Tattoo Ideas Inspiration

Looking for some pre-made, perfectly designed tattoo inspiration? Check out some of our favorite ideas that will defiantly get those creative tattoo juices flowing. Sometimes filtering through other tattoo designs and spark a new idea that will land you on your perfect tattoo masterpiece.

Process tips for designing your own tattoo


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