Inside: Meaningful Olive Branch Tattoo Ideas.

Tattoos are way for us to outwardly express what we inwardly feel. They are a way from the wearer to show the world who they really are, what really matters to them. Many people put a lot of time, energy, and effort in choosing a tattoo design that captures who they are and what they value. One of the more popular designs people are going for these days is the olive branch tattoo.

An olive branch tattoo packs quite a punch when it comes to symbolism and meaning. Part of lore and literature the world over, the olive branch has come to represent many different things over time. We often think of the old adage “I extended an olive branch” as a metaphor for calling a truce in the midst of a fight or disagreement.

You will see that the olive branch symbolizes much more than that.

Take a look at this collection of beautiful, meaningful, and unique Olive Branch Tattoo Ideas and Designs.

Olive Branch Tattoo Ideas

What Does an Olive Branch Tattoo Mean?

For hundreds–if not thousands–of years, the olive branch has come to symbolize peace, harmony, and even victory. If you’re someone who has a peaceful, harmonious personality, the olive branch would be a great tattoo idea for you. The olive branch is often used in political seals, official documents, or famous pieces of art to symbolize the continuing desire for world peace. It has long been a staple of artistic expression–why not incorporate it into your next tattoo?

Olive branches have also come to represent prosperity and happiness. Many people, especially in the Mediterranean basin where the olive tree has its origins, plant the tree in hopes of blessing their homes or neighborhoods. Getting an olive branch tattoo would encapsulate that hope for a better world, a better experience as you walk through that world.

History of an Olive Branch

In Ancient Greece, the olive branch was often used in supplication to power–acolytes would extend the branch when meeting with a god, goddess, or political leader of the day to show their subservience. When fighting over who would rule Athens, Poseidon and Athena both offered gifts. Athena’s gift of the olive tree was seen as the better gift, thus making her the patron goddess of Athens itself. The first Olympic competitors in Ancient Greece were crowned with an olive wreath, as were brides to represent the harmonious union of two individuals.

The olive branch also holds some symbolism in western Christianity. When God flooded the earth and Noah sent out a dove to find new land, it returned with an olive branch in its beak, signifying a new beginning, a chance to start over. Many religious iconography incorporates the olive branch to represent the benevolence of the Holy Spirit, the third entity in that ethereal trio of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Simple Design Ideas

These olive branch tattoos are simple, sweet, and perfect for making a statement.

1. Shoulder Branch Design

2. Small Ankle Tattoo Idea – This is one of our favorite simple designs!

3. Olive Branch Wrist Wrap

4. Olive Heart Tattoo

Simple Olive Branch Tattoo Designs

5. Realistic Olive Branch – We love how realistic, yet simple this idea is.

6. Simple Olive Branch Design

7. Realistic Food Tattoo

Simple Olive Branch Tattoo

Dove with Olive Branch Tattoo

Traditionally, in Christianity, the dove holding the olive branch represents peace and harmony. Tattoos depicting a dove holding an olive branch in its talons represent both victory and success. Many people will often get this tattoo to symbolize success in both relationships and life.

8. Black Outlined Design

9. Large Side Tattoo

10. Pretty Dove Wrist Tattoo Idea – This is so pretty! 

11. Small Heart Tattoo with Dove

12. Tiny Dove with Olive Branch

Dove With Olive Branch Tattoo

Large Olive Branch Design Ideas

If you’re looking for a massive statement, then these larger olive branch designs are perfect for you.

13. Large Olive Branch Design

14. Black and White Chest Piece – Large but so perfectly done and detailed.

15. Olive Branch Tattoo Sleeve

16. All Green Olive Branch

Olive Branch Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

17. Unique Neck Tattoo

18. Perfect Arm Branch Design

19. Beautiful Ankle Tattoo – Another one of our favorite olive branch designs.

Large Tattoo Ideas

Small Branch Tattoo Designs

These small, detailed branch designs are perfect for a first tattoo or as a filler option.

20. Small Bicep Idea – This design is so simple and soft but still packed full of beautiful needlework.

21. Back of Neck Olive Branch

22. Bold Branch Outline

Small tattoo Ideas

23. Single Stem

24. Crossed Stems

25. Branch Tattoo – We love when a tattoo is done perfectly in black outline, and this olive branch design is defiantly one of those!

minimalist tattoo idea

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