Inside: The Best Bunny Rabbit Tattoo Ideas & Easter Tattoo Designs.

Bunny rabbits aren’t just cute and cuddly creatures that make great stuffed animals. From the White Rabbit of Wonderland to Peter Rabbit of McGregor’s garden, rabbits have long been a part of pop culture as we know it. They are also animals that hold a lot of meaning and symbolism the world over.

Many people are getting tattoos of rabbits. With dozens of different species to choose from, rabbits can be stylized and incorporated into larger pieces in a truly charming and significant way.

Bunny Tattoos

What is the Meaning of a Bunny Tattoo?

Rabbits most commonly symbolize fertility, femininity, and faithfulness. The animal is often associated with the moon, which is tied directly to the reproductive system. Therefore, in many cultures, women who dream of becoming pregnant often wear a talisman in the form of a hare.

Sometimes the rabbit was considered a messenger for his ability to move quickly, overcoming obstacles and confusing marks, thereby escaping from enemies and predators.

Rabbits are often considered lucky in many different parts of the world. The early Celts of the British Isles believed that rabbits were sacred and could commune with the sprit realm. Hoodoo magic of African-American folklore decreed that a rabbit’s back left foot was a talisman of fertility. Spiritual tattoos will often incorporate a rabbit into the design.

If you’re someone who gets tattoos because of the symbolism they carry, a rabbit tattoo is a good choice. Who doesn’t want to carry good luck with them wherever they go?

Cute Bunny Tattoo Ideas

We love floppy ears, pink noses, and sweet little faces! These bunny tattoos are some of our all-time favorite animal tattoo ideas, and we just can’t get enough.

1. Detailed Bunny Design

2. Big Ear Bunny

3. Rabbit Head Tattoo

4. Sweet Flowery Bunny

Cute Bunny Rabbit Tattoos

5. Yellow Flower Rabbit Tattoo

6. Bunny Outline

7. Bunny on the Moon

8. Matching Bunny Heads

Cuddle Bunny Tattoo Ideas

Bunny Rabbit Tattoo Designs

These sweet bunny rabbit tattoo ideas are full of cuteness and charm, we are totally obsessed with their friendly faces.

9. Cuties in a Cone

10. Furry Rabbit Tattoo Design

11. Peter Rabbit Tattoo

12. Mama Always Loves You Watercolor Rabbit

13. Sweet Bunny Rabbit

Rabbit Tattoo Designs

14. Bunny and Flowers

15. Sleepy Rabbit

16. Origami Bunny

17. Rabbit Head

18. Flower Collar

Modern Rabbit Tattoos For Women

Famous Bunny Tattoos

We all know them and love them, these famous bunny rabbits make the cutest tattoos to bring back your favorite childhood characters.

19. Bugs Bunny Tattoo

20. Children’s Favorite

21. Sleepy Peter Rabbit

22. Bugs Bunny Ideas

23. Easter Bunny Tattoo

Famous Tattoo Ideas Of Bunnys

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