Inside: Best bison tattoo ideas for cattle people.

You have heard of cat people and dog people, but have you heard of cattle people? These are the folk that have an affinity to cattle in any and all forms. This article is for you guys.

I have come across some of the most beautiful bison tattoo ideas that I know you are going to love because they aren’t any basic animal tattoo. If you have been thinking about getting a new tattoo, this is your sign to call your local tattoo shop and put your name down. You have to do this!

Beautiful Bison Tattoo Ideas That Aren't Basic. Photo of abstract colorful bison.

I will admit it; bison tattoo ideas were way cuter than I ever thought possible. So you can imagine my surprise when I found a few ideas that I may even have to get for myself. I never thought that I would be this kind of a person, but they are so cute and stoic; how could I not be?

How Much Will This Cost?

A bison tattoo could cost anywhere from $100-$1000, depending on a wide variety of factors. Every tattoo artist has different rates, and I don’t fully know what kind of tattoo you are going to get.

The only way that I could give you an estimate for your tattoo as if I sat next to a tattoo artist who could quote me for you. Since I do not have this, I am afraid you are going to have to brave social interaction and ask your artist what they think.

How much will their work cost for the piece you are asking for? These are all important things to know before sitting down in that tattoo chair.

Will a Bison Tattoo Hurt?

Yes, your bison tattoo is going to hurt. I wish I could change this, but alas, I am one of the few that think tattoo pain is a necessary part of the process.

Otherwise, it would be too easy, and everyone would do it. You have to earn your tattoos! At the same time, if this is your first and you are really nervous, then I recommend bringing some numbing spray if your tattoo artist doesn’t have any.

This will effectively numb the area, so you don’t have to deal with super intense pain for the entire time. It has been a big help to me in my longer sessions. Remember not to feel bad if you need to use a little more help when you are getting your tattoo. You got this!

Bison Tattoo Meaning

Your bison tattoo has a deeper meaning beyond the fact that you simply love bison. If you are a sucker for symbolism, then you need to read this next part. According to this article,

The iconic Buffalo has numerous symbolic meanings in various settings. Some Buffalo and Bison symbolism includes manifesting our desires, the Earth element, bravery, kindness, strength, and respect. Buffalo Spirit walks a sacred path, knowing the planet is truly a holy space and living creature. All things under Father Sky and on Mother Earth connect through Buffalo Medicine. When Buffalo travels with you, remember to live in gratitude and stay true to yourself. Honor the gifts the Universe bestows, and the lessons Buffalo teaches.

I hope this message connected with you and made you even more inspired to get your bison tattoo! I know that it inspired me.

3 different bison tattoo photo examples. 1 with a landscape. 1 In a traditional style. 1 with black and white bison outlines.

Bison Tattoo Idea

For this first list, I wanted to show you how many cute styles that are out there for you to choose from. This is your tattoo, so remember that you can change anything you want from these examples in order to get the end result that you desire. Get creative with it!

1. Beautiful Abstract Bison

2. Traditional Tattoo Idea

3. Beautiful Thick Lined Tattoo

4. Simple Outline On Arm

5. Buffalo with Red Outline

6. Bison with Landscape

7. Simple and Elegant Outline

8. Abstract Bison Face Idea

9. Tattoo In Black and White, Full Body

10. Feminine Floral Tattoo Idea

11. Black Tattoo In Traditional

Unique Bison Designs

Next, I present to you: Unique bison designs! These are some examples of how creative people can be with their tattoos. I have found that one of my favorite things about finding new ideas like these is seeing all the personality within it. Take a look!

12. Detailed Medium Sized Buffalo

13. Cute Bison with Decorated Face

14. Sky Bison in B&W

15. Dark Bison with Horns

16. Ankle Tattoo Outline

17. Bison with Skull Face

18. Beautiful Little Bison Idea

19. Bison Skull Idea

20. Bison in Arizona

21. Cute Bison with Detailed Shadow

22. Geometric Bison Idea

3 different bison tattoos. All 3 very colorful.

Beautiful Bison Tattoo Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to share with you some beautiful designs. Buffalo are some seriously majestic creatures. I would have never known had I not started to look for these tattoos. This is why I love what I do, I am constantly learning about the world.

23. Bison with Hat Tattoo – This bison is wearing a hat, and it is pulling it off beautifully, don’t you think? I have found that animals with people’s clothes give me such a serotonin boost.

24. Bison Outline with Night Sky – I love these outlines because they take it a step further and they fill it with the night sky. When you think of it, that view is what the bison sees.

25. Black Bison with Blue Eyes – I think it is sweet that they gave this beautiful blue eyes.

26. Yellow Buffalo Design – This is such a bright and happy buffalo design I had to include it. What do you think?

27. Cool Half-Sleeve Idea – I would have never thought that a buffalo could take up a whole half-sleeve, but it sure proved me wrong.

28. Brown Fluffy Bison Design – Have you ever seen photos of a cow that was shampooed, conditioned, and then blow-dried? It was floofy! This reminds me of that floofy cow.

29. Small Tattoo Idea in Color – If you prefer small tattoos, then you need to check this idea out. It’s one of those things you just have to see to believe.

30. Skull with Red Background – This one is intense but in a good way. I love the red background because it causes such a juxtaposition compared to the skull in the front.

31. Clean Black and Yellow Bison – Here is a traditional style bison head with flecks of yellow and shaded with grey. I love this style because it feels so solid and so clean. What do you think? This was quite the kicker to end this list!

Bison tattoo

I think that ought to do it. Do you know what design you are going to go with yet for your bison tattoo? I know there were so many ideas to choose from it may be hard to pick. This is why I love the internet; you can just bookmark this article to come back to it whenever you need to.

I hope you enjoyed these Bison tattoo ideas as much as I loved finding them. Sometimes my mind is seriously blown by some of these tattoos. People are such amazing creatures coming up with things like this. It’s fascinating!

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