Inside: Virgin Mary Tattoo ideas and the meaning behind them.

Many people use tattoos as a way to express themselves. They can put things on their skin that they find inspirational and uplifting or that hold a message they want to remember every day.

Not every tattoo needs meanings like this, but it can be helpful when deciding on something that will be on you for the rest of your life.

One of these tattoos is a Virgin Mary Tattoo. We have all heard of her beautiful story, and I think we all have something to learn from her loyalty and grace. So I am going to share with you some of the most breathtaking Virgin Mary tattoo ideas and the meaning behind them.

Breathtaking Virgin Mary Tattoo Ideas + Meaning. Photo of red and black tattoo idea.

Before we get into that, though, I figure we should go over some important factors that go into getting tattooed. Like how much it costs and how badly it will hurt!

How Much Will a Virgin Mary Tattoo Cost?

I love this question because I can help prepare those of you who are getting ready for a tattoo as best I can. There is nothing worse than having a tattoo cost more than you were expecting, and one of the best ways to avoid this is to get a quote from your tattoo artist.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that most tattoo artists will charge you based on an hourly rate, so if you are planning on a bigger tattoo, then you should plan on paying a bigger bill. One of my favorite ways to prepare for a tattoo is to contact my artists a few months in advance, come up with the design and the price, and spend time-saving.

This helps you not only save your money, but if you want to make any changes, you have months to do so. I would say the average Virgin Mary tattoo will cost you anywhere from $100-$1000. I know, not very helpful, but you know how to get your price.

Will It Hurt?

I wish I could answer this with a very comforting, ‘no.’ But alas, here we are. On this planet, the very nature of tattoos is synonymous with pain. This is because you have to go through pain in order to get your tattoo. It is unavoidable.

But if this is your first tattoo and you know you don’t have a very high pain threshold, I think it is safe to take some extra precautions to save yourself a few tears.

Some of my favorite ways are to use a number cream or choose a place on your body that hurts less. Numbing cream does exactly what it says it does, and you can get it on amazon. As far as the less painful areas, just imagine any area that is boney and it’s a no-go zone. This is because you have more exposed nerve endings in those places. Stay clear.

Virgin Mary Tattoo Meaning

Each person may have a different reason as to why they are getting this tattoo and why the virgin mary is important to them. Overall though, she is seen as a symbol of a person’s faith as a Christian. This article on explains it perfectly, 

Now the Virgin Mary tattoo might only represent your faith in the Christian religion. It might also mean some other things if you look into what it means. The Virgin Mary tattoo is a representation of unconditional love and hope in troubled times. It is also used to console for the those looking for help from the heavens. The Virgin Mary is symbolic of the kind of mother we all hope we can have. A woman who is caring, sympathetic, loving and nurturing. The kind of mother that we can reach out to when we need guidance or comfort. This tattoo is a great way to remind yourself that the Virgin Mary is there for you if you need it.

So why you are choosing this tattoo is a very unique reason that is entirely up to you. But these are just some of the different takeaways one can learn from it.

Virgin Mary Tattoo Ideas. 3 different examples with Black and White Ink.

Virgin Mary Tattoo Ideas

For this first list, I wanted to show you just how beautiful this tattoo can be. There are many different art styles that portray our mother, and it will be up to you to decide which ones you like the most. Take a look and decide!

1. Beautiful Black and White Idea

2. Detailed Black & White Idea

3. Black Tattoo with White Details

4. Mother Mary with Snake

5. Mary Tattooed On Scalp

6. Our Lady of the Picket Line

7. Mary Magdoline Full Back Tattoo

8. Sweet Tattoo with Good Features

9. Loving Mary Tattoo Idea

Unique Mother Mary Designs

Next, I wanted to show you how beautiful some of these awesome designs are. This list is full of some of the unique tattoos that you will see on this list. If you were hoping for something a little more out of the box, I think this covers it.

10. Red Mary Tattoo Idea

11. Sweet Virgin Mary in Vivid Color

12. Blue Cloak Virgin Mary

13. Virgin Mary with Roses

14. Sweet Mary with Baby

15. Virgin Mary In Color

16. Virgin Mary in Traditional Style

17. Beautiful Mary In Vivid Blue

18. Mary Holding Flowers

Breathtaking Virgin Mary Tattoo Ideas. 3 different photo examples with black shading.

Breathtaking Virgin Mary Tattoo Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to show off some of the most breathtaking Virgin Mary Tattoo ideas that you will ever see. Notice what you like best, which placements you think you would enjoy, etc. Take your time with this list; you may get emotional.

19. Mary Over His Chest – The placement with this tattoo is very important, I think you are going to enjoy this if you enjoy symbolism.

20. Mary with Rosary Idea – Adding a rosary with mary is a wonderful idea because it is a classic way that she is portrayed.

21. Mother Mary with Mandala – If you want to add a special detail to your tattoo, then this mandala should be it because it is beautiful.

22. Mother Mary Crying – This is a very powerful tattoo indeed.

23. Virgin Mary Kissing Her Baby – I can just feel the love that flows through this photo, can’t you?

24. Virgin Mary with Simple Heart – I am obsessed with this one because they use a very simple heart.

25. Modern Mother Mary – Here is a modern take on mother mary.

26. Stone Mary Idea – Some of the prettiest carvings are that of mother mary.

27. Simple Blue Mary Idea – I love the pop of color this one adds.

Breathtaking Virgin Mary Tattoo Ideas + Meaning

I love that you are thinking about getting a Virgin Mary Tattoo, and I hope these ideas helped to guide you to the one that is perfect for you. Many tattoos are representations of what is most important to us in this world, so it only makes sense that you would want to get this design.

Some of the most important things to use are things that we cannot see, but it can be helpful to have a visual aid such as this to help us remember what is important as often as we can.

If you love these religious tattoo ideas, check out some of my other ones. I love seeing the many ways that people will represent religion and beliefs through tattoos; I think it is beautiful. I know you will agree when you see these ideas.

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