Inside: Balloon dog tattoo ideas that will fill you with Nostalgia

As I continue to grow older, I find myself looking for little ways to make my inner child happy. For those of you who don’t know, your inner child is essentially the subconscious part of your brain that has been holding onto beliefs and experiences since you were a child.

Imagine it like you are carrying around the child version of yourself. If you do things throughout your day or your week that make your inner child happy, chances are you are going to experience more joy yourself.

Cute Balloon Dog Tattoo Ideas for Your Inner Child. Black and White playful balloon dog idea.

There are some things that make my inner child squeal with joy every time I see it…and that thing is a balloon dog. So I have decided to get a tattoo to honor my inner child! Below you will find a list of the cutest balloon dog tattoo ideas for your inner child.

Will It Hurt?

First, I think an important question to answer(for you and your inner child) is the classic, “how badly is this going to hurt?” question.

Your balloon dog tattoo is going to hurt. I am sad to report this to you, but it is the truth. You can’t really escape pain when you are getting a tattoo. But you can absolutely do some things to help lessen it. I have all the tips and tricks you need here.

First, choose a safe spot. What do I mean by this? Well, there are certain spots on our bodies that are more painful to get a tattoo on. These are the bonier spots, like your hands, your ribs, and your spine. These areas have more nerve endings, making them more receptive to pain.

Second, you need to bring numbing cream. This is especially true if you want to get a tattoo on a more painful spot anyway. Just spread a little on the area you are getting done and you will be able last much longer in the tattoo ring.

How Much Will It Cost?

This tattoo can range from $50-$700 or more depending on what tattoo you decide on. It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that larger tattoos are going to cost you more.

Do you know why this is? Tattoo artists will typically have an hourly rate that they will charge you for their services. So, if you choose a tattoo that takes more time, that is more money in your pocket. But I think this money is well spent, considering you get to have this tattoo for the rest of your life.

If you want to get a realistic estimate of your tattoo, sit down for a consultation with your tattoo artist. They will know exactly how much the tattoo you are wanting is going to cost.

Okay, now we get to start looking at the fun stuff.

Black and white dog tattoo ideas.

Balloon Dog Tattoo Ideas

For this first list, I wanted to show you just how cute balloon dog tattoo ideas can be. There are many different styles to choose from, but they are all basically the same shape. I find this funny, but it’s also cool to see how many different takes there are on one subject.

1. Small B&W Balloon Animal – You don’t need this tattoo to be big for it to honor your inner child, you just need to have it somewhere that you can see it. Whenever you do, you will be reminded not to take life too seriously.

2. Simple Black Balloon Dog – If you want to have your inner child and inner adult meet…perhaps consider choosing a simple black balloon dog. This way it fits your current aesthetic while still incorporating what young you would have liked.

3. Delicate Outline Idea – I love the look of thin, delicate linework because it brings an aura of femininity to whatever is being expressed. This little outline is no exception to this rule.

4. Metallic Balloon Idea – Okay, I added a few of these examples because they are so freaking cool. What do you think?

5. Small Wrist tattoo – Getting a small wrist balloon dog tattoo is a wonderful idea because you are putting it in a space that you will see every single day.

6. Sketch Balloon Dog – If you want this to feel like someone drew it, then this is the style of art that you are going to be looking for. Check out this example.

7. Shiny Balloon Dog – I love these hyper-realistic tattoos because they always blow my mind. You would think that I never saw them before, based on my reaction.

8. Realistic Balloon Animal – If you love the realistic look, then I think you should check out this balloon animal. It looks like you could reach out and grab it.

9. Playful Balloon Dog – I think this dog balloon is super sweet. So far we’ve really only seen the dogs that are in the same standing position. This one is ready to play!

10. Gold Balloon Dog – Seriously…how do they do this? It looks realistic. This artist did not come here to play.

11. Outline of Balloon – Back to basics. If you are looking for something is simple and sweet, then consider getting an outline of a balloon dog tattoo.

12. Cute Balloon Idea – Here is a simple black and white balloon dog tattoo that is super cute. It’s not just the outline, they also included some shading too.

13. Colorful Balloon Idea – If you want something with a pop of color, I think this is the balloon for you. not only is is colorful, but it’s detailed.

14. Pink and Purple Balloon – Here is an adorable example of the different ways that you can include color in your balloon.

15. Blue and Purple Balloon – Blue and purple are the winners for me!

3 different colorful balloon ink examples

Cute Balloon Dog Tattoo Ideas for Your Inner Child

This list is full of cute balloon dog tattoo ideas for your inner child. These made me giddy with happiness, so I know that these are going to be a hit with you. Remember to pick your favorite color from childhood for your balloon(if you are getting it in color).

16. Balloon Dog Pooping

17. Pink Balloon Animal

18. Blue Balloon Animal

19. Red Balloon Idea

20. Pink Balloon with Eggs

21. Metallic Pink Balloon

22. Rainbow Balloon Animal Idea

23. Marble Balloon Idea

24. Thick Outline Idea

25. Lime Green Balloon Animal Idea

26. Cute Patchwork Idea

27. Outlined Balloon Animal

28. Simple Balloon Sketch

29. Hyperrealistic Balloon

30. Balloon Animal with Heart

31. Heart Balloon Idea

 Balloon Dog Tattoo

I hope these balloon dog tattoo ideas made you as happy as they made me. Caring for your inner child can be done in many ways, getting a tattoo just happens to be one of mine. It will serve as a reminder to never take life too seriously and to remember who you are taking care of every day.

If you loved these tattoo ideas, I have so many other amazing ones for you to check out. Tattooing is kind of my thing. So as you can imagine…I have plenty more ideas about where this came from. You can check those out here.

Until next time, have fun at your tattoo appointment, and remember to find time every day to laugh and find the beauty in being an adult. Cheesy, I know…but who doesn’t like cheese?