Inside: Tattoo Lettering Tips.

What Is Tattoo Lettering

Tattoo lettering is a kind of design used in letters and numbers. You can pick the kind of font you want and the tattoo artist will copy it using the words that you want to be inked on your body. 
You are free to create your own font and the tattoo artist will just copy the design you want.
Tattoo Lettering Tips

Choosing Tattoo Lettering

Pick a font that goes with the theme you’re aiming for.

You have to understand that different fonts give off different emotions the same way that a slimy-looking font is often associated with Halloween or spooky events. Aside from the actual words, the font is responsible for half of the impact because it is what people often see before they actually read your tattoo.

Make sure it’s readable.

What’s the point of a tattoo lettering if it isn’t readable, right? When picking a font, one of the characteristics you should look for is whether or not it’s readable. There are a lot of fonts that will wow you with their details, but at the end of the day, all this art will not look good if it doesn’t serve its purpose.

The main purpose of having a tattoo lettering is to add an extra factor to the words you want to be tattooed on you. If it fails to be recognizable, then you should just stick to simple fonts.

Fit the design into your body.

Once you’ve found the perfect font, the next thing you should do is to finish the design. Try to measure it along the body part you want.

This isn’t as easy as you think it is because you can’t simply shorten or minimize the letters just so it can fit an area that is small. Letters that look cramped or are on top of each other aren’t good to look at. So, if you find that your design doesn’t fit your chosen body part, then it might be better placed in a much larger area.

Lettering Ideas

1. Simple and Clear

2. Thin Script

3. Whimsical Script

4. Block Outline

5. Mixed Fonts

Creative Tattoo Lettering ideas

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