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If you ever need a reminder to stay positive, tattoos are one way to do it. Whether it’s an uplifting quote or a simple symbol that brings you joy, having it permanently etched will ensure that you always send good vibes.

We scoured the internet for inspiring and motivational ideas, and we can assure you that any one of these tattoos will turn a bad day into something joyful. After all, a positive mindset is what it’s all about! If you’re looking for awesome inspiration that will put a smile on your face, then check out these think positive tattoo ideas.

Positive Energy Tattoo

Why Are Positivity Tattoos So Popular?

Humans have been marking themselves with tattoos since the dawn of civilization. Tattooing has been a ritual to mark one’s place in a community, a decorative celebration to enhance one’s skin, and a way of standing out in prisons and criminal underworlds. In any case, it has always been a natural impulse to mark our bodies with significant symbols. For many, tattoos are a way of making sense of their inner worlds.

As one tattoo artist summarizes:

“There is something in our DNA that drives us to mark our body in a way that’s different from those around us.”

While 50 years ago, tattoos were rare in the Western world, now, at least one in three Americans has one. Many of these tattoos stem from indigenous communities or to symbolize spiritual powers. Others are inspired by nature and the environment. One thing’s for sure: tattoos are popular because they make people happy.

Positivity Symbols for Tattoos

If you’re thinking of getting a positivity tattoo (whether it’s your first or your thirtieth), it’s important to know what the images and symbols mean. While each tattoo is personal to the wearer, your chosen positivity image is bound to have roots in ancient culture, particularly if it is a well-known pattern or symbol. Here are some of the most popular tattoos for positivity, along with the traditions they stem from.

  • Hearts and banners: These tattoos have become a fashion staple, but they actually stem from sailors to mark their achievements at sea. These days, hearts often demonstrate personal relationships and usually have names at their centers.
  • Swallow: Sailors were often inked with swallows to symbolize their travel miles: each time they hit a new milestone, they received a new swallow. Nowadays, swallows and other birds symbolize freedom and an affinity to nature.
  • Lotus: The lotus has been a powerful, positive symbol for centuries. In Buddhist, Hindu and Egyptian religions, it is considered a sacred flower representing divine birth, creation and spiritual development. The lotus itself rises from unclean water and blossoms as a pure and beautiful flower, so it is a great symbol of persistence and growth.
  • Semicolon: The semicolon is often displayed to represent life after a suicide attempt; that one’s story isn’t over yet. This symbol can be a powerful positive reminder to anyone living with a mental illness of the struggles they have overcome.
  • Lyrics and quotes: It’s become custom to have inspiring lyrics and quotes tattooed on different parts of the body. These quotes may remind you of your favorite song, send a positive message, or help you make sense of a painful situation.

Think Positive Tattoo Ideas

1. Think Positive with Cross Design

2. Stay Positive in Large Script Font

3. Cute “I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day” Quote

4. Be Kind to Yourself Tattoo

5. Good Vibes Wrist Tattoo

6. We’ll Be Alright Tattoo on Ribcage

Think Positive Tattoo Ideas

7. Never Give Up Tattoo Design

8. One Day at a Time

9. Little Love Myself Finger Tattoo Idea

10. I am Enough Typewriter Font Tattoo

11. Limitless Temporary Tattoo

12. Believe in Yourself Forearm Design

Positive Tattoo Ideas

13. Small Believe Tattoo

14. Still Growing Portrait Outline

15. Hand Holding Flowers with “Hold On” 

16. Positive Vibes Tattoo on Shoulder

17. Smile a Little More, Regret a Little Less

18. Love Yourself on Forearm

Be Strong Tattoos

19. You Choose Who You Want to Be Quote

20. Stay Strong Scripted Font Tattoo

21. Radiate Positive Vibes with Flowers

22. I Can and I Will Tattoo Quote

23. Thin Line Think Positive with Heart

24. Positive Quote on Wrist

Stay Positive Tattoo Designs

25. Flower with “Positivity” in Stem

26. Positive Energy Tattoo

27. Be Brave, Be Positive, Be Strong Tattooed Quote

28. “Bee” Positive with Bumblebee Artwork

29. You Are So Much More Quote Tattoo

30. Life is Tough with an Outline of a Sunflower

Stay Positive Tattoo Designs

31. Stronger Than You Think in Red Ink

32.  Enjoy Today with Feather Tattoo

33. Create You Own Sunshine Quote Tattoo on Arm

34. Thin Line “You Matter” on Back of Neck

35. Simple Be Happy Tattoo

Fun Positive Tattoos

36. Keep Going Keep Growing

37. Simple and Small “Why Worry?” Tattoo

38. I Did My Best with Small Flower

39. It’s Okay to Not be OK

Quote Tattoos

40. Simple Text “See the Good” Tattoo

41. Colorful Hope Tattoo

42. I Will Feel Better Bandaid Tatatoo

43. Life is Now Tattoo Quote

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you liked these think positive tattoo ideas, then check out a few more of our favorite motivational tattoo designs and ideas.

  • Bible Verse Tattoos – Having faith is so personal to each individual. Bible verses can be motivational, uplifting, and even inspire you to make better choices. No matter what your reason, choosing one of these Bible Verse Tattoo Designs is going to be a fun experience. They are all beautiful and will mean a lot to anyone who chooses them. You can go with a shorter, more simple bible verse or a longer one with a lot more details. Either way, don’t miss out on these Biblical Tattoo Ideas.
  • Inspiring Quote Tattoos – Finding a life motto, inspiring quote, or perfect verse can be such a powerful way to get you through a hard time or set the tone of your life. I find such peace in finding a great quote that motivates me every day. If you are so lucky to find those words then what else is better than seeing those words every single day?
  • Semicolon Tattoo Ideas – Each tattoo is unique and a representation of its wearer’s style, emotions, and life. The semicolon tattoo is a popular symbol of an internal and silent struggle. Here are 89 of the most inspiring Semicolon Tattoo ideas.

Think Positive Tattoo

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