Inside: Origami tattoo ideas that will get you folding for more tattoos.

Origami is a Japanese form of art where you fold the paper in specific ways to make it look like cool things like birds, boats, butterflies, and more.

I remember trying to learn origami when I was younger and let me tell you… I was awful at it.

But that didn’t stop me from admiring the people who actually could create such amazing art using nothing but their fine motor skills and a piece of paper.

Nowadays, origami is still very popular amongst people around the world. With its aesthetic lines and simple style, it shouldn’t be surprising that origami is a very popular subject for tattoos. Popular AND beautiful!

Origami Tattoo Ideas

One of the most popular things to create with origami is a crane or bird. As shown in the photo above! I really love the way origami art translates to tattoo art. Although paper is a 3-D object, the shadows and details are much simpler than say a real bird (obviously). So the end result is a clean and cool-looking tattoo.

You can really create anything you want out of paper, so choosing something to get as an origami tattoo can be hard. There are too many options! But I have some great news: I created a list of over 100 different origami tattoo ideas that will help you pinpoint your style and tattoo goals.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about the meanings behind getting an origami tattoo as well as the cost and pain scale.

Origami Tattoo Meaning

The meaning behind an origami tattoo will vary based on what is being depicted on the paper. Overall, an origami tattoo can represent the beauty in the mundane, and the power we hold in finding it.

Think about it, we take an ordinary and typically boring piece of paper, look at it and think, “I could make this prettier”. Although this may be a small thing objectively, it’s actually quite deep when you truly consider it.

Getting an origami tattoo could serve as a reminder to you that only you have the power to create beauty in this world, and it all comes from a change in perspective and the drive to follow through with making changes. I think I would find this very inspiring as a tattoo!

Will It Hurt?

How badly an origami tattoo will hurt largely depends on the tattoo that you end up going with. Larger tattoos with color and thicker lines tend to hurt more in the long run.

Plus the color tattoo needle actually has multiple little needles as opposed to just one most of the time. Especially when it is being used for shading.

I’ve learned that the most painful areas to get tattoos tend to be where the bones are closer to the skin. This is because the nerves here aren’t as protected as they would be when they’re covered by a layer of fat.

From experience, the best place to get tattooed is the thigh or my personal favorite: The forearm.

These places are naturally meatier and protected! Plus they look cool.

How Much Does An Origami Tattoo Cost?

An origami tattoo will cost different depending on the artist you are going to and the qualities of the tattoo. Price can range anywhere from $50-$1000 or more depending on the size, color, and detail.

So make sure you check with your artist and get a quote after your consultation. This is the best way to make sure you know what you are going to pay.

Now let’s get into the origami tattoo ideas!

Origami Bird Tattoo with Detailed Feathers

Cute Origami Tattoos

1. Cute Dinosaur Drawing

2. Floral Bird

3. Paper Boat

4. Boat on the High Seas

5. Origami Animals

6. Soft and Simple Bird

7. Fluffy Dog

8. Little Mushroom

9. Red Bird with Cute Dots

10. Adorable Cats

11. Paper Airplane

12. Cute Sparrow

13. Intricate Animal

14. Majestic Wolf Tattoo

15. Paper Planes, Matching Tattoos

16. Perfect Flamingo

17. Cutest Little Llama

18. Simple Lined Bird

19. Watercolor Origami Tattoos

20. Geometric Quarter Sleeve

21. Simple Kitten Tattoo

22. Little Fox

23. Love Letter Zipping Through the Air

24. Thigh Tattoo

25. Beautifully Decorated Paper

26. Origami Dinos

27. Tiger Origami

28. Decorated Bird

29. Simple Bird Mid-Flight

30. Llama with Shaded Paper

31. Yorkie Origami

32. Dino Watercolor Origami

33. Dotted Paper Plane

Butterfly Origami ink Ideas

Origami Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies are another one of my favorite things to see in origami. They are so elegant and adorable at the same time, and they make for such amazing tattoos. See for yourself.

34. Black Butterfly

35. Butterfly Outline

36.  Awesome Butterfly Outline

37. Origami Butterfly with Color

38. Detailed Butterfly

39. Butterfly Pair

40. Decorated Butterfly Tattoo

41. Butterfly Blue Flower Origami

42. Black and White Butterfly

43. Mixed Medium Butterfly

44. Simple Butterfly

Other Designs

Here are some designs that have many different subjects from a classic bird to a pug… there is something here for everyone.

My personal favorite is number 45.

It’s the one in the photo right above this section. The feathers are so detailed and yet simple, I am living for it.

45. Detailed Bird Feathers

46. Red-Lined Butterfly

47. Funny Duckling

48. Pug Origami

49. Boat Paper

50. Rooster With Photos

51. String Origami Birds

52. Triceratops

53. Black and White Panda

54. Mandala Bird

55. Velociraptor

56. Hawk Origami Tattoo

57. Yellow and Black Bird

58. Purple Traditional Tattoo

59. Cat Playing

60. Origami Twinkle Bird

61. Blue Boat

62. Simple Delicate Bird

63. Colorful Fox

Origami Elephant Tattoo Examples

Origami Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are another great option for those of you getting an origami tattoo. They can represent many things. For example, if you are a parent you can get a family of elephants, one for each member of your fam. Cool right?

64. Mama Elephant with her Two Babies

65. Epic Elephant

66. Elephant Family

67. Watercolor Elephant

68. Black and White Elephant Origami

69. Simple Small Elephant

70. Pink and Blue Elephant

71. Adorable Elephants

72. Detailed Elephant

73. Small Forearm Elephant

74. Little Watercolor Elephant Family

75. Elephant Duo

76. Dotted Elephant Tattoo

77. Awesome Elephant Tattoo

78. Clean Elephant with Great Line Work

79. Elephant with Blue Flowers

70. Black and White Minimalistic Elephant

71. Elephant with Mandala Side

72. Simplistic Elephant

73. Leave Filled Plant

74. Elephant with Its Baby

75. Floral Elephant

76. Pink and Blue Elephants

Crane Tattoos

Origami Crane Tattoo

The crane is a classic animal used in origami. It’s often one of the first things you try to learn when taking on this craft. Because of this, these are probably the most popular theme for an origami tattoo.

77. Watercolor Birds

78. Red Sun Setting

79. Bird Made Out Of Newspaper

80. Perfect Paper Bird with Sun

81. Origami Bird with Shade

82. Outlined Bird with Floral Background

83. Origami Watercolor Tattoos

84. Red Detailed Bird

85. Blue Bird Origami

86. Blue Floral Bird

87. Circular Origami Details

88. Blue and Pink Roses

89. Dotted Pattern Bird

90. Cool-Themed Bird

100. Lavender Origami Bird

101. Classic Origami Bird

102. Watercolor Sketch Bird

103. Traditional Flower Tattoo

104. Origami Tattoo

105. Blue Half Circle Bird

106. Origami Stars

Aren’t these just amazing? If you found an artist you love makes sure to follow them, they deserve all the affection for their craft! IF there is a specific design you love, take a screenshot of it to show to your tattoo artist.

I’ve recently re-ignited my passion for origami, and these tattoos are just fanning the flame. Are you dialing your local tattoo shop yet? Because I am!

Oh and remember, If you do get a tattoo then make sure to use proper aftercare while it’s healing.

This is the best way to ensure your new ink looks great for the years to come.

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