Inside: Bird Tattoos for Women + Their Special Meaning

Expressing yourself with tattoos is becoming more common. Whether you’re honoring the memory of someone who has passed away or simply want to decorate your body with an object of your affection. Birds are graceful, delicate creatures often associated with nature and freedom, so they make excellent tattoo designs.

So if you’re looking for the perfect bird tattoo design to get inked, we’ve gathered some of our favorites to help you decide!

Bird Tattoos for Women

Different Birds Symbolism + Meaning

Just like a bird flies free, a bird tattoo often means freedom. Maybe you have climbed your way out of disaster and are now free. Or maybe you want to express your newfound freedom. Bird tattoos are a great symbol for both!

They are also known for signifying peace, calmness, happiness, wisdom, and love.

Here are a few popular birds:

Cranes: Peace, Blessings, and Good Luck

Eagles: Courage, Rebirth, and Power

Owl: Insight, Wisdom, and Death

Swan: Light and Purity

Sparrow: Productivity, Diligence, and Creativity

Peacock: Serenity, Spring, and Vanity

Hummingbird: Joy, Love, and Healing

Cardinal: Equilibrium and Mystery

Bluebird: Joy, Honesty, and Harmony

Check out all the different meanings and symbolism of a wide variety of birds by clicking here! 

Small Bird Tattoos for Women

These small designs are the cutest body art idea for your next tattoo session.

1. Flowery Hummingbird Tattoo

2.  Flying Flock

3. Tiny Wrist Tattoo

4. Bright Blue Bird 

Small Bird Tattoos for Women

5. Tiny Cardinal 

6. Bird Tattoo Girl Design 

7. Flying Bird Tattoo Simple

8. Flowery Bird Sleeve Tattoo

Arm Tattoos Birds

Bird Chest Tattoos for Women

Are you a bold gal? These chest tattoos are for those body, brave, and birdie ladies out there.

9. Black and White Sparrow

10. Matching Bird Design 

11. Large Chest Piece Tattoo for Women

12. Flying Birds on Chest

13. Detailed Bird on Branch

Bird Chest Tattoos For Women Ideas

Bird Tattoo Designs for Women

From sweet perched baby birds hummingbirds, and modern designs, these bird tattoos are full of beauty and inspiration.

14. Perched Little Birdie

15. Detailed Crane Tattoo

16. Single Line Bird Art 

Bird Tattoo Simple Designs for Women

17. Mandala Bird Design

18. Watercolor Hummingbird

19. Old School Bird Design

20. Bird Tattoo Photo 

Flying Bird Tattoos for Women

Arm Tattoos of Birds

These detailed arm designs are some of our all-time favorites.

21. Bird on Branch Outline

22. Birds Playing

23. Playing with Flower

24. Flying Sparrow

25. Bold Cardinal 

Girl Bird Tattoo Designs For Arm

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  1. This reminds me of how sailors would get sparrows or swallows tattooed and their meanings. Birds are magical In their own right. I have 2 bird tattoos myself.

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