Inside: Are Tattoos Mainstream and how has it changed over the years.

What is Mainstream?

Mainstream is known as activities, the attitude you have as well as the ideas that are well known as conventional or typical. Mainstream is popularly used to describe fashion, art, as well as other cultural norms. 

Are tattoos mainstream?

Yes, tattoos have made their way into the mainstream and are more popular than ever. Back in the day, it wasn’t common for individuals to have tattoos unless they were in jail, bikers, sailors, war vets, or rebellious individuals. Nowadays, they are popular no matter what your career choice is, male or female, or regardless of your hobbies and personal preferences. 

Mainstream Tattoo Ideas You Mom Won't Hate

When did tattoos become mainstream?

In the 1970s, tattoos have become very mainstream. They are now proudly worn by people of most age groups, rich people, poor people, industry workers, white-collar workers, and everyone in between!

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