Inside: What is a Tattoo Parlor + What Makes a Good One.

What is a Tattoo Parlor?

A place where people go to get tattoos.

Tattoo Parlor Definition

Why is it called a tattoo parlor?

For instance, “tattoo shop” would more often give people the impression that they can buy things. Because “parlor/parlour” originally meant “lounge”, people might expect a more personal atmosphere and a more one-to-one kind of experience when having their tattoo done.

What should I look for in a tattoo parlor?

  • A Relaxed and Professional Vibe – It all starts with the first phone call or email. How do they sound? Do they sound helpful and interested?
  • Cleanliness – The top-level shops will absolutely have complete sterility and cleanliness. We can’t stress enough how incredibly important this is.
  • Compatible with Artist – While it’s the tattoo that will last forever, the experience should also be memorable. You’re going to be spending a few hours (or more) with the artist, so spend a little time getting to know them and make sure you’re a good fit, personality-wise.
  • The actual studio – Every place gives off a vibe. So how does it feel when you walk into the shop? Like we said, you want it to be clean and relaxed. But there’s a few other things to look for. What’s on their walls? Is it cluttered with random of flash art, disorganized pictures and posters? That could be good for small and easy tattoos and simple traditional work. But if you’re looking for a high level tattoo with depth, intricate technique and brilliant colors, a street shop should definitely be avoided.
  • Confidence through Accolades – The best tattoo studios will shine through their accomplishments. It’s important to see which artists are featured in magazines, received awards, and have great reviews. Knowing that others have taken time to write about a studio is a great sign that you’re looking at a professional and solid business.

Tattoo Parlor

Learn More About the Tattoo Process

  • Tattoo Peeling Tips – Tattoo peeling is one of the least fun parts about getting a new tattoo. Don’t worry though, it is a natural part of the healing process and will not have a negative effect on your tattoo long term. While uncomfortable and at times a bit alarming, peeling is no big deal. Read our expert advice on what to do with tattoo peel.
  • Tattoo Needle Types – There are a few types of needles used by professional tattoo artists. Some are designed for fine details while others are there to color, shade, or highlight. Interested to learn more about tattoo needle types, see our comprehensive guide.
  • What is an Autoclave? – Using an autoclave allows items to be steamed under pressure to properly kill bacteria and germs. It’s vital that the tools and things are heated to the proper temperature to achieve sterilization. We will teach you all about autoclaves and how you can benefit from using one. While they are normally used in healthcare, they can be used to clean and sanitize tattoo equipment.