Gummy Bears were the go-to sweet treat for millions of people during their childhoods, and heck…probably still are. So it’s not surprising that Gummy Bear Tattoos exist. I’m a firm believer that tattoos don’t always need to have deep, philosophical meanings, if you want to get something random you go for it! And some of my favorite random tattoos are of the gummy variety!

These tattoos are so stupidly cute that they’ll make your heart melt. Plus it’s one of the easiest tattoos to make LIFE SIZED! Because Gummy bears are tiny.

So many of my best memories as a kid were never far from these delicious chewy candies. I’m sure you have a similar experience! And although you don’t always need to have a meaning behind your tattoo, and these gummy bear ones can seem pretty random, they actually hold their own symbolism too!

So if you wanted to get one just for the sake of it, read on to learn about some added meaning that is hidden behind those adorable little bears.

Gummy Bear Tattoo Designs

Gummy Bear Tattoo Meaning

As you’ve probably guessed, Gummy Bears are largely associated with childlike fun, and happiness. They can be a perfect representation of the innocence of your youth. Many people like to get a tattoo that holds that kind of meaning because as they get older and go through life, it is very easy to become jaded and lost in the hustle and bustle of adulthood.

Getting a gummy bear tattooed on you will serve as a reminder to not take everything so seriously, and to go through like with the eyes of a child who sees the best in the world. What you focus on is your reality, and I think If we all focused on being a little more like children, the world would be a better place.

Gummy Bears can also be regarded as a symbol or expression of love. Seeing as these little guys are often given as gifts during holidays and birthdays.

So you could be getting this tattoo as a way to remember a loved one!

At the end of the day, the meaning behind a Gummy Bear Tattoo will be different for each person who gets one. If you’re someone who smiles at the thought of Gummy Bears then this is the tattoo for you. Though this may seem like a relatively simple tattoo, there are so many different styles and colors you can choose that coming up with a tattoo for yourself can suddenly become kind of a stressful thing. But don’t worry, I got your back!

Below I’ve created a list of the cutest and coolest Gummy Bear Tattoos I could find on the internet for you to look through.

By the end of this list, you’ll have a better idea of your specific style and the qualities you might want in your own tattoo. I’ve made sure to include many different styles from New School to Realistic so there’s bound to be something on here you’ll love. Take a look!

Gummy Bear Tattoo Designs

Here they are! Now as you look through these try and think of what color you’d get it in. I would say this decision should always come down to what your favorite flavor is.

A great idea for a couple tattoo would be to get EACHOTHERS favorite flavor to always have something goofy to remember them by! Happy hunting!

Cute gummy tattoos

1. Yellow & Green Pals

2. Rainbow Gummies

3. Red Bear

4. Bottle of Bears

5. Flaming Gummy Bear

6. Realistic Pink Gummy Bear

7. Variety of Colors

8. Abstract Pink Bear

9. New School Style Big Gummy

10. Tiny Pink Gummy

11. Gummy Bear with Other Candies

12. Favorite Flavors

13. Bart Gummy Bear

14. Metallic Gummy Bear

16. Matching Gummies

17.Cute Orange GummyBear

18. 2 toned Bear

19. Bear in a Bubble

20. Simple Green Smiley Bear

21. Purple Gummy

22. Realistic Green Bear

23. Violet Purple Bear

24. Gummy Bear Taking A Bath

25. Black & White Bear

26. Abstract Gummy

27. Simple Bear Outline

And there you have it, 27 of the best Gummy Bear Tattoos on the internet! Aren’t they absolutely adorable? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were already on the phone with your local tattoo shop scheduling an appointment to get one. I hope that these helped you gain a better understanding of your style as well as gave you your serotonin boost for the day.

Gummy Bear Tattoo

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