Inside: 53 Mickey Mouse Tattoos with Names.

I can confidently assume that Walt Disney has been a big part of everyone’s childhoods and even our adulthoods. His movies inspired a generation. We laughed together when Simba had to eat a bug for the first time(and liked it), we’ve cried together when Bambi’s mom died(I’m still scarred from this).

We’ve even watched Andy grow up through the eyes of his toys. These movies essentially grew up with us to be honest, when you think about it. It connects parents and children alike. And what is the symbol for these Disney movies?

Well of course it’s none other than the cartoon animal who started it all…Mickey Mouse!

So naturally, it isn’t surprising that Mickey Mouse Tattoos are popular with people around the world.

But before we get into the tattoo portion of this, let’s discuss the brief origin story for everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse.

Micky Mouse Tattoo Ideas With Names

The History of Mickey Mouse

This year Mickey Mouse will have existed for over 94 years…that’s right Mickey is an old man! Well, he seriously looks great… he hasn’t aged a bit. But how did he come to be? Well at the time, Disney Brothers Studios was actually a smaller portion of the huge company of universal studios. Hard to imagine? Yeah, I get that, considering Disney is now one of the largest if not THE largest entertainment company in the world now. But back then they weren’t quite there yet. That journey started when Walt Disney created the adorable character of…wait for it…Oswalt the Lucky Rabbit. I know, you were expecting Mickey right? I’m getting there!

This rabbit was wildly popular for a whole year, and then when Walt met with the Univeral executives to attempt to negotiate another contract, things didn’t go as planned. Universal actually ended up demanding he lower his salary and had ‘hired away’ all of his employees, moreover, they also had the rights to Oswalt. But Disney refused. He and Ub Iwerks(the only Disney employee who remained loyal) left universal and began working on the rabbit’s replacement. After many sleepless nights, Mickey was born! Accept at this time his name was Mortimer….yeah you heard that right. Thank goodness they changed it.

Mickey’s first big hit was Steamboat Willie, and since then well…the rest is history.

Mickey Mouse Tattoos Symbolism & Meanings

As pointed out earlier, Walt Disney had a huge impact on all of our childhoods. Because of this, getting a Mickey Mouse Tattoo has become a symbolic representation of childhood. It’s a way to always remember your child self and the things that inspired you and filled you with wonder. Getting this tattoo can also have more meanings held by the person who is getting it. For example, one of my friends has a Mickey tattoo because she and her mom would spend hours watching Disney movies growing up and it reminds her of those good times. So this tattoo can have loads of meanings. One of the most popular Mickey tattoos are those that include names, whether that be parents, friends, or children. Mickey Mouse has truly brought together so many families and generations, it makes sense this tattoo would be a representation of that, of togetherness and love.

So if you’re someone who is inspired by Disney, take a look at the list I made below of the best Mickey Mouse Tattoos the internet has to offer. I’ve included examples of Mickey Tattoos that incorporate names, as well as some varying Mickey Mouse’s as he’s gone through time. He has gone through his own little evolution you know! So take a look at these to get some inspiration and a better understanding of what you might be looking for when you go to get your Mickey Tattoo!

Mickey Mouse Tattoos with Names

Mickey Mouse Tattoo

1. Mickey Holding Balloons with Names on Strings

2. Mickey with His Own Name

3. Elio with Mickey over the I

4. Mickey & Minnie Outline with Love

5. Mickey Outline with Son’s Name

6. Floral Outline with Cursive

7. Little Mickey with Cursive

8. Mickey Watercolor with Dad’s Quote

9.  Lucas

10. Mickey & Minnie

11. Mickey with Initial Balloon

12. Chayton

13. 3 Balloons with Cursive Strings

14. Mickey & Minnie with a Date

15. Black Balloon

Mickey Mouse Tattoo Ideas

Micky Mouse tattoo Ideas

16. Mickey Mouse Sketch

17. Disney Clock Mural

18. Mickey and Minnie in Watercolor

19. Mickey with a Suitcase

20. Classic Mickey

21. Mickey Drawing

22. Fantasia Mickey Mural

23. Minnie Kissing Mickey

24. Disney Sleeve

25. Mickey in Progress

26. Mickey on a Deck of Cards

27. Watercolor Mickey

28. Mickey Through Time

29. Cowboy Mickey

30. Mickey Face

Black & White Mickey Mouse Tattoo

31. Simple Mickey with Wine Glass

32. Happy Go Lucky

33. Mickey Giving a Kiss

34. Realistic Walt & Mickey

35.  Classic Mickey Tattoo

36. Mickey with a Mustache

37. Classic Mickey Steering a Boat

38. Cartoon Sleeve

39. Mickey Floating with a Balloon

40. Mickey with Flowers

Small Mickey Tattoo Ideas

41. Small Silhouette

42. Mickey Sketch

43. Cute Mickey n Minnie

44. Mickey Balloons

45. Little Family Tattoos

46. Cute Classic Mickey

47. Little Mickey in Color

48. Outline Placed on Neck

Mickey Mouse Outline Tattoo

Micky Outline Tattoos

49. Mickey Shape filled with Flowers

50. Mickey & Minnie

51. Disney Key

52. Mandala Mickey

53. Mickey Stars

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