Inside: Creepy Beetlejuice Tattoo Designs + Ideas

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle — just kidding.

Ever wondered what’s it like being a mischievous poltergeist? Only Beetlejuice can know!

If you love the Beetlejuice movie, then consider getting a tattoo based on that iconic, loudmouthed poltergeist. From Barbara and Adam’s scare-the-humans faces to gothic Lydia, the terrifying sandworm, and that famous Polaroid of the ghosts with no feet, these tattoos are all fun to look at (and to get, obviously).

Regardless of what aspect of Beetlejuice’s world you choose to commemorate, few will fail to admire your own devilish delight in the afterlife. Check out our favorite Beetlejuice and Tim Burton tattoo ideas.

Beetlejuice Tattoos

Why Do People Get a Beetlejuice Tattoo?

Beetlejuice’s weird and quirky nature has left many fans wanting to show their admiration in the best way possible – through tattoos!

Beetlejuice Tattoo Designs

Beetlejuice isn’t your typical movie, but it sure has left a mark on the minds of many individuals ever since its release in 1988! The movie revolved around Adam and Barbara Maitland, who have just moved into their dream home that happens to be haunted by its previous owner, Betelgeuse. The film was directed by Tim Burton and is still watched today! These creepy Beetlejuice Tattoo designs are sure to rock your world and inspire you to go with something spooky.

1. Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice

2. Never Trust the Living Quote Tattoo

3. Outline Beatle Juice Balloon Head

4. 90’s Beetlejuice Snake Tattoo Character Design

5. Unique Beetlejuice Portrait Tattoo

Beetlejuice Tattoo Designs

6. Colorful and Creepy Beetlejuice Ice Cream Cone Character

7. Beetlejuice Tattoo in Detailed Color

8. Attack of the Beetlejuice House

9. My Sandword Tattoo Design

Beetlejuice Portrait Tattoo Ideas

Our Beetlejuice tattoo list wouldn’t be complete without the man himself. Check out a few of our favorite portrait ideas of this creepy character.

10. Neon Glowing Beetlejuice Portrait

11. Beetlejuice Guide Tattoo

12. Black and White Forearm Portrait

13. Beetlejuice Side Profile Idea

Portrait Tattoos Ideas

14. Super Realistic Beetlejuice Art

15.  Colorful Portrait Tattoo Design

16. Beetlejuice with Sandworm Tattoo Design Idea

17. Cartoon Portrait of Beetlejuice and Lydia

18. Black and White Shaded Portrait Tattoo Art

Beetlejuice Sandworm Tattoo

Sandworms are a type of creature that lives on Saturn. They are minor antagonists from the film. While they don’t speak, there is an interesting cartoonish reaction when they are hit. They appear to have a personality not unlike an unruly dog.

19. Black and White Linework Sandworm Design

20. Sandworm with Ghost Portrait

21. Flowers and Sandworm Tattoo Idea

22. Beetlejuice in Sandworms Mouth Tattoo

Sandworm Tattoos

23. Sandworm with Purple Flowers Half Sleeve Tattoo

24. Unique Sandworm Tattoo Idea

25. Sandworm Coming Up From the Ground Design

26. Large Sandworm Design on Back of Arm

27. Sandworm Crawling through Green Skull

Tim Burton Tattoo Ideas

Chances are if you like any creepy, scary, spooky, or crazy movie out there then you love Tim Burton. Here are a few of our favorite small Tim burton tattoos and inspiration for your next creepy ink session.

28. Unique Edward Scissorhands Tattoo

29. Large Nightmare Before Christmas Leg Tattoo

30. Crazy Detailed Sleepy Hallow Tim Burton Tattoo

Tim Burton Tattoo Ideas

31. Black and White Corpse Birde Portrait Tattoo Idea

32. Tim Burtons Beetlejuice Design

33. Frankenweenie Tattoo Idea

More Tattoo Inspiration You’ll Love

Looking for a few more creepy, crawling, and spooky tattoo ideas? We have a couple more favorite ideas that we think you will enjoy.

  • Spider Tattoos – Another one of our favorite small creature tattoo ideas are these spider designs. Before you cringe too hard, these creepy creatures are packed with powerful and strong meaning. Although spiders have many negative associations and meanings, they have positive ones, too. Given this vast range of possible meanings, only the person wearing the design could tell you what it represents to them, but people seeing the design may bring any of these meanings to it. Some possibilities are (Read More)
  • Ghost Tattoos – Looking for something that can be a little tamer but still embrace that spooky vibe? Then you should check out these ghost tattoo ideas. There are many ghost tattoo ideas to choose from. You can do it as a cute tattoo, a scary one, or an artistic one. These tattoos are fantastic for both beginners and experts. You will see that you are going to love any ghost tattoo you choose!
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos – What is better than combining your love of the darker side of classic films with your love of tattoos! All of these tattoo ideas from The Nightmare Before Christmas have one thing in common…they are plenty spooky! Not only is The Nightmare Before Christmas a little dark and scary, but it’s also a love story too! Consider adding Jack Skellington, Sally, or the rest of the gang to your ink collection.

A Few Products You Should Try

Now that you have your spooky characters inked on your body, it’s important to keep them looking fresh, vibrant, and true to their creepy selves. So check out a few of our favorite tattoo aftercare products that will keep your tattoo looking as good as the day you got it.

  • Bright Aftercare Lotion – This product is one of our favorite aftercare lotions. It helps soothe your skin and promote the healthy healing of your new ink.
  •  Aquaphor – We always recommend using Aquaphor for the first two to three days of healing. It delivers the right amount of moisturization without feeling heavy or suffocating. It also minimizes peeling and flaking. Just make sure you don’t over-medicate the tattoo by applying too much ointment because it could clog the pores and create a rash that would definitely disturb the healing process.
  • Dial Antibacterial Liquid Soap – Keep your new tattoo fresh and clean with some gentle soap. It’s important to stay away from perfumes and any kind of harsh chemicals.

Beetlejuice Tattoo