Inside: The Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos including my favorites of Jack, Sally and Zero. From small simple movie designs to the most amazing full on double leg sleeve of Tim Burton’s Halloween hit!

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a hit by Tim Burton. It’s a 1993 animated musical starring Jack Skellington, Zero, and Sally, among others, and is one of my favorites of all time. The stop-motion film tells the story of Jack Skellington, who, bored with his job as king of Halloween Town, decides to try his hand at Christmas instead.

I love the movie and, just like many other people, love the idea of a tattoo to honor it. Luckily, I was able to find several other Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos online.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

Simple Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

1. Jack Head

2. Zero Art Tattoo

3. Character Trio

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

4. Small Scene

5. Jack

6. Zero

7. Stitched Heart

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

Jack and Sally Matching Tattoos

8. Jack, Sally, and Zero

9.Jack and Sally with Rose

10. Corpses Bride

11. All Hearts

Jack and Sally tattoos

12. Full Color

13. Colored Moon

14. Jack and Sally Scene

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

Tim Burton Halloween Movie Tattoos

15. Zero and Boogie

16. Jack and Sally Polaroid 

17. My Dearest Friend

Halloween Tattoos

18. Colorful Jack

19. Hand Tattoos

20. We’re Simply Meant to Be

21. Lock & Key

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos For Women

Small tattoos for women and simple designs that look great on any part of the body is why I adore this Burton favorite tattoo selection.

Women's nightmare before christmas tattoos.

A nightmare women’s tattoo idea that looks amazing all year long. Photo by Gouchpi Photographie.

Small women's nightmare before christmas tattoos Disney designs.

Disney designs to show your love of the movie while on set by Jessica Czernics.

Zero Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

Simple Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo ideas of Zero can be a fun and quick way to add a little movie pup love to your ink.

Zero Flying Tattoo With Lit Nose

Zero the orange nose Reindeer, love this simple and sweet design by Xanthian Moon.

Zero nightmare before christmas dog tattoo with pumpkin and magic

Amy Porter did such a fun job with this Halloween style Zero the dog tattoo scene.

Sally Holding Zero tattoo design

The hold by 27 Tattoo Studio. This tattoo idea with Sally holding Zero as a Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo is just the best.

Simple Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos Zero with colorful lights.

Zero with Christmas lights is a colorful and cute take on the inspiration by Taunton.

Sally Tattoos

Sally tattoo ideas make a great start to any large or small women’s nightmare before christmas tattoo inspiration. These designs filled with color, depth and texture are a great starting point.

Sally Tattoo from The Nightmare Before Christmas in a full movie scene

A scene of Sally at the graveyard Kelly McMurray designed this full movie scene for women with great detail to it.

The corpse bride tattoo ideas for women

The corpse bride by Ben Towers makes a great forearm sleeve design.

Nightmare Before Christmas movie tattoo sleeve with Sally large arm.

Sally > Jack for life and death! This fun design incorporating color and black work, plus scale to create the feeling of superiority all of us women want to see.

Blackwork Sally tattoo nightmare before christmas.

Blackwork ideas to incorporate Sally into your Nightmare tattoo designs.

The Lovers Tattoo Ideas

Do you have a favorite movie to watch while cuddling? Well if it’s this one, then these Nightmare Before Christmas couple tattoos will be right up your alley for celebrating love through all of life & death.

The lovers tattoo idea

The lovers from Rising Dragon.

Jack and Sally together Halloween Christmas ideas.

Jack and Sally together Danielle Merricks.

Nightmare before Christmas couple tattoos inspiration with Jack and Sally.

Couple tattoo design inspiration, why not take a cue from Coraline Ann and create a Nightmare Before Christmas family portrait!?

Nightmare Before Christmas Sleeves

Let’s showcase our artistic passions by getting a pretty or simple sleeve of The Nightmare Before Christmas, a fun way to bring our favorite Burton movie to life. From a smaller forearm sleeve to this not to miss double leg sleeve – sometimes big is the best way to go!

Full leg sleeve design Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos.

Full leg sleeve design. Easily the best Nightmare Before Christmas design I’ve seen yet, gorgeous artwork by Julian Siebert.

Nightmare before Christmas sleeves with characters.

Sleeve inspiration with characters by Russell Balchin.

Black work nightmare tattoo sleeve design.

Blackwork Tim Burton tattoo sleeve by Lord Evans is filled with texture and detail.

Deadly night shade tattoo sleeve idea with magic stars coming up from the cauldron.

Deadly Night Shade cauldron by Dinky Ink is a fun small Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo idea.

Nightmare before Christmas tattoo sleeve.

Nightmare tattoo sleeve from a drawing like this one, makes the couple tattoo come to life.

jack nightmare before christmas tattoo

Jack is back! Jack Skellington’s character makes the movie and is such a fun twist on what we expect throughout it. Here’s a few favorite tattoos if Jack’s face or full body is the design you’re looking for.

Simple Nightmare before Christmas tattoos.

Simple Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo of Jack in a plant is small, but executed so well by Thandertons Studio.

Jack as pumpkin head tattoo design.

Jack as pumpkin head also known as, Jack’s candy is perfect for Halloween tattoo inspiration.

Santa Jack nightmare before Christmas tattoo

Santa Jack is my favorite version of this story by Angelo Parente.

Nightmare before Christmas character tattoos, Jack

Nightmare character tattoo ideas are always a fun way to gussy up your ink. Love this face start to a full sleeve to come.

Small nightmare before Christmas tattoos.

Boogie Man Nightmare before Christmas Tattoos are a fun character variations. I’m digging this one of Jack Skellington holding Oogie Boogie by Robbie LaFollette.

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