Inside: Spooky horror movie tattoos for scary movie fanatics.

I am going to be honest with you, Horror movies have never been my thing. I have always been drawn to them, but every time I push play I am turning the TV after 5 minutes. Or, I stay deeply stressed out for an hour and a half, which is never fun to me. I want to be that cool person, though, the one who isn’t phased by the spooky things in life.

Regardless of whether I can get through them or not, I still know all of the world’s most renowned scary movie bad guys by heart. I know that these movies have a cult following, so I thought I would do the Horror Movie Community a solid by showing you some of my favorite horror movie tattoos!

Photo of ghost face with knife

There are so many different questions you may have when deciding on a tattoo, like what style do I like? Or will it hurt? Oh, plus there is always the dreaded, “How much will this cost?” I am going to answer any questions you might have. Ready?

How Badly Do They Hurt?

The pain experienced when getting a tattoo can vary significantly from person to person, and it is not specifically tied to the design or theme of the tattoo, such as horror movie tattoos. Factors that can influence the level of pain include:

  • Placement: The location of the tattoo on your body plays a significant role. Areas with more nerve endings, thinner skin, or closer to bones tend to be more painful. Common painful areas include ribs, the sternum, collarbone, and the head.
  • Size and Detail: Larger tattoos with intricate details can be more painful as they require more time to complete, exposing you to the tattoo needle for a longer duration.
  • Individual Pain Tolerance: Everyone has a different pain threshold, and what might be excruciating for one person might be tolerable for another.

3 different dark tattoo ideas from horror movie

  • Artist’s Technique: The skill and experience of the tattoo artist can also impact your pain experience. An experienced artist can work more efficiently and minimize unnecessary discomfort.
  • Mental State: Your mental state and anxiety level can also affect your perception of pain. If you’re extremely anxious or stressed, the pain might feel worse.
  • Aftercare: Proper aftercare is crucial to ensure the healing process goes smoothly and to minimize pain during the healing period.

Ultimately, if you want a horror movie-themed tattoo, the choice of design should not be the primary factor influencing your decision; instead, consider your pain tolerance, the placement of the tattoo, and your overall commitment to the tattooing process.

Check out this tattoo pain chart female for a more in depth look on the best placements.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of a horror movie tattoo, like any other tattoo, can vary widely depending on several factors including size, placement and color. Here are some more of the key factors that can influence the cost of a horror movie tattoo:

  • Tattoo Size: The size of the tattoo is one of the most significant factors in determining the cost. Larger tattoos will generally cost more than smaller ones because they require more time and effort to complete.
  • Detail and Complexity: Tattoos with intricate details and complex designs will typically cost more than simpler, less-detailed designs. The more time and skill required to execute the design, the higher the cost.
  • Artist’s Experience and Reputation: Highly experienced and well-known tattoo artists often charge more for their services. If you want a horror movie tattoo from a renowned artist, you can expect to pay a premium.

3 different horror movie character tattoos

  • Color vs. Black and Gray: Color tattoos generally cost more than black and gray tattoos because they require more ink and additional time to complete.
  • Tattoo Studio Policies: Some tattoo studios charge a flat hourly rate, while others may provide a price estimate for the entire tattoo. Be sure to inquire about the pricing structure at the studio you choose.
  • Additional Customization: If you want to make changes to an existing horror movie design or have a custom design created, there may be additional charges for the artist’s time and creativity.

Simple Horror Movie Tattoos

I figured the best place to start this list of ideas would be with the simpler horror movie tattoos! These feature one character each, and they are epic.

1. Pet Cemetery Tattoo

2. Saw Character Tattoo

3. Friday the 13th

Pin head tattoo

Pin Head Tattoo By shamvn_king

4. Traditional Jason Mask

5. Steven King Book Idea

6. Halloween Themed Movie

Chucky Tattoo Idea

Chucky Tattoo Idea By redrumtattooparlour

7. Simple Scream Tattoo

8. Scary Pinhead Tattoo

9. Chucky Tattoo Idea

10. Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein tattoo

Bride of Frankenstein By street_tattoo_lounge

Horror Movie Tattoo Sleeve

If you are a TRUE horror movie fan, then just one tattoo may not cut it for you. I respect the grind! This list is full of some seriously awesome horror movie tattoo sleeve ideas that I think will blow your mind.

11. Freddy Kruger Sleeve

12. Full Horror Sleeve in Color

13. Ultimate Horror Movie Sleeve

Freddy Kruger Tattoo

Freddy Kruger By

14. Jason Sleeve

15. Trash Polka Horror Sleeve

16. Michael Meyer’s Two Tone Sleeve

17. Horror Movie Linework Tattoo

Demigorgon tattoo idea

Demogorgon By steve_does_tattoos

18. Never Sleep Again Sleeve

19. Black and White Horror Characters

20. Horror Leg Sleeve

Jason tattoo idea

Jason Tattoo By evilcko

Scream Tattoos

Scream has taken the world by storm, once again. Honestly, the vice grip that this series has on us is impressive. Naturally, I thought this movie deserved its own section. My favorite on this list is the small heart tattoos with ghost face himself!

21. Scream on Safety Pin

22. Scream Character Holding Knife

23. You Called Me Up Again

Safety pin tattoo with scream mask

Scream on Saftey Pin By abbiehoskintattoo

24. Scream Character Holding Knife

25. No You Hang Up

26. Ghost Face Card

Taylor swift quote scream tattoo

Cute Taylor Swift Quote By wastedtalenttattoos

27. Green Heart with Scream Mask

28. Scream Mask Idea

29. Double Cherry Scream Tattoo

30. Traditional Scream Mask

Ghost face on tarot card tattoo

Ghost Face By kaylalowmanart

Horror Film Character Tattoos

The characters are the stars of the show. I needed to create a section that highlighted some of history’s most famous bad guys. Because let’s face it…we all love to hate a bad guy.

31. Detailed Ghost Face

Michael myers tattoo

Michael Meyers Tattoo By stefanie_regnier

32. Top Horror Movie Weapons

33. The Grudge Tattoo

34. Creepy Skii Mask

35. Horror Movie Ghosts

The grudge tattoo

Tv and the Grudge By bailey.parke

36. You’ll Float Too

37. Rainbow Jason Mask

38. Spooky Season Jason Idea

You'll float too tattoo

You’ll Float Too By schurchilltattoo

39. Here’s Johnny

40. Cute Horror Movie Characters with Flowers

Matching Horror Movie Tattoos

Lastly, I wanted to show you some matching horror movie tattoos. Not every one of these examples is of people matching their tattoos, but rather, they are of tattoos that I think would work perfectly as a matching set.

Remember that you can change whatever you like to suit your needs better, so brainstorm with your bff & make these your own!

41. Chucky Doll Tattoos

42. Joker and Harley Quinn

43. Wednesday and Brother

Jaws shark tattoo

Jaws Shark By arnostattoos

44. Cute Scream Themed Tat

45. Horror Movie Popcycles

46. Jaws Shark Tattoo

Redrum Heres Johnny tattoo

Redrum Tattoo By manny_ray_tattoos

47. Redrum Tattoo Idea

48. Chillin & Killin

49. Casket Horror Movie

Chillin N Killin tattoo of Ghostface

Chillin & Killin By zoeweitala

50. Stitch Jason Mask

51. The Overlook Key

The outlook hotel Keys tattoo

The Outlook Key By

After seeing all of these, I feel like I am mentally prepared to go put on a scary movie! Maybe one from the 90s; those are the best. I hope I did right by all of you Horror Movie Fanatics.

There are so many different ways and styles that you can get your favorite scary movie character in. My favorite being the cute new school ones, just because they are so funny! Everyone needs a heart tattoo filled with Ghostface, right?

Loving scary movie tattoos must mean that you are a fan of Halloween. If you feel like this is true for you, then I have the perfect set of cool Halloween tattoos for you!

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