Inside: Tattoo Pain Chart For Female Tat Spots.

Tattoos are the most common and also the most beautiful body modifications – they are an art form and look good on literally everyone. But just like most good things in the world, they too come with a small price your body has to pay. In quite literal terms, we are not talking about the cost you have to pay your tattoo artists to make the tattoo on you.

We are talking about the little (or a lot, in some people’s case) pain and stinging your body has to suffer while you get your favorite tattoo.

Check out our helpful tattoo sensitivity chart.

Does a tattoo hurt

It is a common question that everyone, including you and I, have asked someone with a tattoo: “did it hurt?” We mean, it naturally comes out when you see a big tattoo because before you decide to get one on yourself, you need to gauge how much it is going to hurt you. But have you ever gotten the right answer to this question?

We are sure you wouldn’t have gotten one correct answer for this question because there isn’t one right answer to this question. How much a tattoo hurts depends on a lot of factors – from the tattoo design to where you’re getting, and even your gender. Yes, you heard it right – the same tattoo can hurt you more on one body part than the other, and similarly, it might hurt you more, but your friend of the opposite gender less.

So who tells us this?

Well, that’s where the tattoo pain chart comes into play.

Today let’s go over the tattoo pain chart female edition of our body and see where a tattoo is likely to hurt more or less.

Moreover, let’s also see what factors that can affect how much your tattoo will hurt you.

Factors Affecting Tattoo Pain

Some things can change how much pain you feel while getting a tattoo, such as:

  • Your age: Older people with wrinkly are likely to feel more pain
  • Weight: The more fat and muscle you have on your body, the less painful your tattoo will be
  • Experience: Your first tattoo is likely to hurt more than future tattoos because, with time, you will get used to it.

What Does Tattoo Pain Feel Like?

The tattoo pain feels different for everyone. What happens exactly is that a needle is going through your skin, and scratching through it. That said, the primary type of pain will feel like scratching as if a cat is scratching you or you’re experiencing constant bee and wasp stings.Tattoo Pain Scale For Women

Most Painful Body Locations:

●      Armpit

The armpit is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo – if you look at the pain chart, it is the darkest red in this location. The reason behind it is that the armpits have very thin skin right above the lymph nodes. So due to the high concentration of the nerve ending here, you will likely feel severe pain if you get a tattoo.

●      Breasts and Nipples

Breasts, especially nipples, are an extremely sensitive area. Not only for women but even men getting tattoos on their nipples experience severe pain and stinging that can last up to days.

●      Ribcage

The rib cage is a common location where people get a tattoo, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is, in fact, a very painful body part. Not as painful as the armpits, but on a scale of 1-10, it is often graded 9. Once again, it’s because the ribcage has thin and very tight skin – which means more proximity to the bone. The lack of muscle or fat for padding in this area makes it painful to get a tattoo here.

●      Behind the Knee

Another body part we rarely see people getting a tattoo because it is quite a painful location for being tattooed. The stretchy skin behind the knee is loose, has many nerve endings that cause a lot of pain, and is sensitive to tattoo needles.

●      Groin

Another very sensitive location on our body is thin skin with many nerve endings and small blood vessels. So not only is it painful to get a tattoo here, but your tattoo artist also needs to be very careful not to pierce the skin in the process.

How To Reduce The Pain When Getting Tattooed

Tattooing is painful, and if the artwork is large, it can also be time-consuming which can make the pain even greater. Here’s how to reduce the pain.

Before the session:

  • Make sure to be sober for at least 24 hours before getting a tattoo.
  • Get enough of sleep before going to get your tattoo.
  • Make sure to eat before coming to the session.
  • Try to get a morning session because the endorphins are high at that time.How To Help Tattoo Sensitivity Female Scale

Least Painful Body Locations:

●      Forearm

No wonder so many people have forearm tattoos – your forearms have thick skin and muscles padding the area, which makes getting a tattoo here much less painful than in other areas

●      Upper Thigh

Like the forearms, your upper thigh is padded by fat tissues and muscles, making tattoos less painful.

●      Upper and Lower Back

Your back usually causes low or moderate pain levels because it is thick and, most importantly, has very low nerve endings.

●      Calves

Like the upper thigh and forearms, your calves have tight skin and more muscle, making the pain low and moderate.

Tattoo Pain Map

Thanks to the tattoo pain chart female honesty, we can all find out the most painful locations on our body. This chart is helpful for people who are scared of needles but like tattoos.

If you are one of those and can’t decide what to go for, look at the tattoo pain chart and see where you will have to suffer the least, and then you will know where to get your first tattoo.

where should I get a tattoo?


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