Inside: 29 Adorably Cute Animal Tattoos + Ideas.

True animal lovers won’t hesitate when it comes to getting an animal tattoo. The sheer number of designs and choices can be overwhelming, however! How can you choose just one animal when you love them all?? Well, we’ve got your back! We’ve compiled a collection of truly unique and gorgeous animal tattoos, from ferocious bears to tiny turtles, there’s sure to be a design that catches your eye!

Every animal has a different meaning associated with it. Lots of people get animal tattoos–it’s the figuring out which one is perfect for you that can be so hard. Check out these adorable cute animal tattoos to get those creative juices flowing!

Cute Animal Tattoos

Lots and lots of people choose to get animals tattooed. In general, all animals represent instinctual life, fertility, and swarming life. 

Different Animal Meanings + What they Symbolize

Bear Tattoo Designs: Bears pretty much exist all over the world. They represent power, strength, and motherhood. Ever tried to get between a mama bear and her cubs? Definitely do not recommend.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs: Because of their inherent metamorphosis, butterflies represent transition or change, the overcoming of difficulty.

Dolphins Tattoo Designs:  Is there a more playful animal than the dolphin? Pirates and sailors often categorized a dolphin sighting as a sure sign of prosperity and luck. Dolphin tattoos represent freedom, a playful spirit, and harmony with the world at large.

Elephants Tattoo Designs: Elephants have excellent memories. An elephant tattoo is often gotten in remembrance of someone or something. They represent enduring love, power, and longevity.

Fox Tattoo Designs: Foxes represent cunning, wisdom, and have a distinctly magical air about them. In Japan, foxes are sacred creatures capable of great good and great evil.

Horse Tattoo Designs: Humans have a long and complicated history with horses. They have and continue to be an integral part of life across many different cultures. They represent loyalty, freedom, and courage. Many horse tattoos are linked to Native American tribes, as their relationship with horses is sacred and deep.

Lion Tattoo Designs: Aslan, Simba, The Cowardly Lion–all three of these literary and cinematic characters have one quality in common: courage. Lions represent courage, strength, and the overwhelming urge to protect.

Tiger Tattoo Designs: There is not creature quite so fearsome as the tiger. Tigers symbolize strength, endurance, and fearlessness. They are also often associated with royalty and are the national animal of countries like India and Bangladesh.

Turtle Tattoo Designs: Turtle tattoos are often inked to represent wisdom and harmony. These gentle creatures are sacred in countries like Hawaii, Japan, and Africa.

Cute Animal Tattoos

These cute animal tattoo designs are perfect for any animal lover, from sweet sleepy tiger cubs to pretty butterfly designs. There are so many different ideas for finding the perfect pet ink.

1. Sweet Sea Turtle

2. Giraffe Tattoo

3. Sleeping Tiger Cub

4. Colorful Fishes 

5. Sleepy Sloth Tattoo

Cute black and white Animal Tattoos

6. Cute Butterfly Design

7. Happy Puppy Tattoo Idea

8. Hummingbird Tattoo

9. Whale Tattoo Idea

10. Behind the Ear Fox Tattoo

Simple Animal Tattoos

Small Animal Tattoos

These tiny animal tattoos are so cute we can hardly handle it. They make us want to squeal with excitement, which is your favorite little pet?

11. Small Panda Tattoo

12. Little Elephant Tattoos

13. Tiny Bumble Bee

14. Baby Otter Tattoo

Cute Small Animal Tattoos

15. Little Seahorse

16. Cute Little Koala

17. Pretty Swan

18. Baby Deer

19. Whale Outline

Small Animal Tattoos That Are Cute

Cute Cartoon Animal Tattoos

These cute simple animal tattoos are the perfect little addition to your ink collection.

20. Thumper Design

21. The Aristocats

22. Cute Cartoon Dino

23. Snoopy

24. Cartoon Shark Design

Cute Cartoon Animal Tattoos

25. New School Giraffe Art

26. Squirt the Little Turtle

27. Bright Pink Hippo

28. Siamese Cats

29. Space Mouse

Cartoon Animals Designs For Tattoos

More Tattoos You’ll Love

  • Elephant Tattoo Ideas – The largest land animal on Earth lives within a family that has strong ties to children, parents, and grandparents. Elephants bond for life and do not forget their tribe. The age-old idiom “elephants never forget” symbolizes the gift of memory. Elephants also have strong ties to Hindu culture. They are represented as the divine God Ganesha and are interpreted as having wisdom, luck, and prosperity. An elephant tattoo includes all of these meanings and more. They are especially good for someone who is in mourning as they symbolize divinity and memory.
  • Sweetest PawPrint Tattoos – Have a little piece of your favorite pup with you forever with these adorable paw print tattoos. Just like humans’ fingerprints, dogs have their own special paw prints. Making these tattoos special and unique to your favorite four-legged friend. Check out how to create this unique look and
  • Pretty Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas – A popular subject in the tattoo world is the Hummingbird. It is a thing of beauty that has unique shapes and amazing abilities. Capturing those qualities in a tattoo can be really rewarding. Have a look at our list of the Prettiest Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas.

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