Inside: 31 Beautiful Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo Ideas. 

From children’s drawings to gorgeous tattoos, butterflies have long been a source of inspiration for artists of all backgrounds. With their dazzlingly bright colors and intricately carved wings, butterflies are one of the purest, most beautiful aspects of nature. Flitting from place to place, this ethereal insect has inspired poetry and paintings from all over the world.

Nothing quite captures a beautiful summer’s day, the delicacy of new love, or the metamorphosis of life like the butterfly. Butterfly tattoos are as varied and multi-layered as the symbolism associated with this delicate bug.


Butterfly Tattoos

For many years, butterfly tattoos have been part of the tattoo culture itself. The ultimate symbol of womanhood, butterflies are one of the most common tattoos for women to choose. Beautiful, pure, and ultimately fragile, butterflies represent strength. Everyone knows that butterflies begin as caterpillars, fighting to become the lovely butterfly. Oftentimes we have to go through immense growth and change to achieve true peace and beauty in this life. The butterfly is the perfect representation for this metamorphosis as they themselves have to endure extreme metamorphosis.


Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

What’s more feminine than a butterfly and flower tattoo combined? One wing butterfly, one wing blossom. Butterflies are an integral part of a flower’s life cycle, and visa versa. You cannot have one without the other. There’s a bit of yin and yang balance to a butterfly flower tattoo. Just as there’s a balance in our own lives every day. The good and the bad, the exciting and the scary. The duality of a butterfly and flower tattoo represents the very duality of life itself.

Check out our favorite butterfly-flower tattoo ideas! Give your imagination wings with these gorgeous designs.


Flower and Butterfly Ideas

Beautiful Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. Big Bold Butterfly on Back

2. Half Sunflower Half Butterfly

3. Small and Detailed

Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

4. Matching Butterfly Tattoos

5. Sunflower Wing

6. Extremely Detailed Design

7. Whispy Wild Flowers

Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

8. Detailed Outline

9. Butterfly Flower Bundle

10. Large Side Piece Butterfly

Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

Colorful Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo Ideas

11. Pretty Watercolor Flowers

12. Pastel Flower Butterfly Wing

13. Purple Flower Wings

14. Pink Rose Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

15. Colorful Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

16. Green Butterfly Idea

17. Beautiful Monarch Flower Butterfly

Tattoo Ideas of colorful butterflys

18.  Red Rose Butterfly

19. Pretty Pink Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

20. Detailed Colorful Flower Bundle

21. Bright Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

Colorful Ideas

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee – These Ideas are All You Need

22. Butterfly in Bloom

23. Yellow Butterfly with Flowers

Butterfly Art

24. Pink Butterfly Art

25. Detailed Poppy Design

26. Monarch Succulent

Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

27. Pretty Orange Butterfly Blooms

28. Detailed Yellow Butterfly

Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

29. Sunflower Butterfly Tattoo

30. Flying in Bloom

31. All Pink Butterfly

Half Butterfly Half Flower TattooFlower Ideas tattoos with butterflys

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butterfly tattoos with flowers

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