Inside: Black Eyed Susan Tattoo Ideas + Designs.

If you like your ink with a side of symbolism and hidden meaning, flower tattoos are the way to go. Florals of all kinds tend to be a popular pick across the country, especially for someone just starting out on their tattoo collection…

They can easily be scaled down to the dainty sizes trending on Instagram over the past few years. At the same time, they’re also just as pretty when enlarged to cover your torso or arms. And since they tend to carry connotations of positive things (like love, new beginnings, and happiness), chances are very low that you’ll want to remove them one day.

These black eyed Susan flower tattoos are one of those beautiful florals that are unique in meaning and bold in design. Check out our favorites!

Black Eyed Susan Tattoo Meaning

What is a Black Eyed Susan?

The black-eyed Susan is so called because of its daisy-like flowers with dark brown centers. These plants can grow rather tall – up to 3 feet. Their leaves can also get as big as 6 inches, and their stalks can reach a length of 8 inches.

Black-eyed Susans typically bloom from June to October. They are long-blooming perennials that can produce beautiful flowers not only in summer but also in early autumn.

Why were black-eyed Susans named after Susan? The name was probably given to the plant by British colonists, who would have encountered the wildflower in the New World. But who Susan is exactly, we’ll probably never know.

Black Eyed Susan Tattoo Meaning

The black-eyed Susan has been Maryland’s official state flower since its designation on April 18, 1918. What does the black eyed Susan symbolize?

Black-eyed Susans are considered a symbol of survival, endurance, and truth, which can be attributed to the plant’s adaptability and widespread availability.

  • Resilience, Endurance, and Survival – Black-eyed Susans are Known for being highly adaptable and for surviving just about anywhere. They’re resilient plants that can thrive even in inhospitable environments. This beautiful wildflower last incredibly long, growing in front yards, roadsides, and even in pavement cracks. They have become perfect symbols of resilience, motivation and encouragement.
  • Justice and Truth – After the flower has bloomed, the petals start to droop and expose the dark brown center. The way its center is exposed may also represent justice in a poetic way. Its golden petals shine a light to its otherwise dark center, similar to how justice brings light in the darkness. This light does not mean to condemn but encourages people to overcome and accept whatever darkness is inside of them.

Black Eyed Susan Tattoo Ideas

Let’s start this list with this beautiful collection of flower tattoo ideas. These black eyed susan designs are some of our favorites.

1. Outlined Black Eyed Susan Flower

2. Realistic Flower Tattoo Design

3. Unique Black Eyed Susan Flowers

4. Temporary Black Eyed Susan Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoos

5. Black and White Flower Design

6. Colorful Cluster of Flowers Tattoo Idea

7. Simplistic Black Eyed Susan Flower Design

8. Detail Shaded Flower Inner Bicep Tattoo

9. Small Flower Bundle Tattoo Idea

10. Thin Line Flower Tattoo Bundle

Black Eyed Susan Flower Tattoo Designs

The black eyed susan flower has a unique and vibrant look, making for some out-of-this-world tattoo designs. Check out a few of our favorites.

11. Bright Colored Flower Tattoo Design

12. Black Eyed Susan Flower Bundle

13. Flower Thigh Tattoo Idea

14. Black Eyed Susan Half Sleeve Tattoo

15. Black Eyed Susan Side Tattoo

Black Eyed Susan Vine Tattoo

16. Full Sleeve of Colorful Black Eyed Susan

17. Bright Yellow Black Eyed Susan Flowers

18. Classic Bundle of Black Eyed Susan Flowers

19. Black Eyed Susan with Flamingos

20. Detailed Flower Bundle Thigh Tattoo

Black Eyed Susan Vine Tattoo Art

21. Bundle of Flowers Tattoo

22. Flowers on a Vine Tattoo

23. Full Sleeve of Black Susan Vine

24. Flower Head on Shoulder Tattoo Design

Black Eyed Susan Flower Tattoo

25. Yellow Black-Eyed Susan Flower Idea

26. Black Eyed Susan Flower with Butterfly

27. – 55. Variations using sunflower tattoo artwork to get further inspiration

56. Colorful Bundle of Black Eyed Susan Flowers

57. Black and White Shoulder Piece Outline

58. Flower Tattoo on Foot

59. Half Sleeve of Black Eyed Susan Tattoo

More Flower Tattoo Inspiration You’ll Love

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  • Vintage Flower Tattoos – Incorporating flowers into any tattoo design can bring in color and imagery that can highlight important feelings and expression for the wearer. Using a vintage flair means toning down some of the color pallet and utilizing additional shadow techniques to create the perfect subtlety to add to any creation. Check out our list of vintage flower tattoo designs.

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Black Eyed Susan Tattoo