Inside: The Ultimate List of Rhianna Tattoo Designs + Meaning.

Like many of us, Rhianna has a tattoo-obsessed personality! Astonishingly, she has more than 20 tattoos on her body.

Two music notes on Rihanna’s foot are thought to be her first tattoo, which she got inked on in 2006. She has tattoos by none other than Bang Bang, one of the most well-known of all tattoo artists. According to reports, Bang Bang is responsible for at least 13 of her creative inks.

These badass tattoos aren’t ones you want to miss! Rhianna has impeccable taste when it comes to tattoos, so you can be sure you’ll adore hers.

Rhianna Tattoo Designs

How Many Tattoos Does Rihanna Have?

There are at least 20 tattoos of Rihanna’s that are well-documented. Each tattoo, from her ears to her feet, has a special meaning and design to it. If you’re curious about her tattoos, take a look at the locations of each one.

Rihanna Arm/Hand/Wrist Tattoo Ideas

In October 2013, the final section of Rihanna’s hand tattoo was added, incorporating the Maori tribal design near her thumb as well as the chevron lines. Henna art in India has inspired this design but it’s a bit more complex and abstract. The design and execution of this tattoo were the result of a joint effort between the artists Bang Bang and Cally-Jo.

1. Chevron, Lines on the back of her hand

2. Henna design on the back of her hand

3. Cross on Her Wrist:Bang Bang is the artist responsible for the tattoo of a cross that can be found on the inner side of Rihanna’s right wrist. You can view it here. The intricate cross design is made out of negative space and is surrounded by dark ink.. In addition, Rihanna stretched the henna designs, which had previously been restricted to the back of her arm, all the way up to the cross, thereby producing a single, cohesive piece of art work.

Rhianna Hand Tattoo Ideas

4. Rihanna Arabic Tattoo

5. Thug Life on her knuckles

Rhianna Back Tattoos

6. Rhianna Star Tattoo

Rhianna Back Tattoos

7. Rebelle Fleur on Neck

Rhianna Hip/Side Tattoo Ideas

8. Sanskrit on Hip

9. Gun on Side:Rihanna has a tattoo of a tiny gun that is located just below the armpit on her right side. Once again, her favorite tattoo artist, Bang Bang, was the one who designed this cool tattoo design.

10. Arabic on Her Side

Rhianna Hip Tattoos

11. Nefertiti on Side:It is unknown what the tattoo means; nevertheless, due to the placement of the tattoo, it is kept hidden and is rarely seen.

12. Tibetan on Butt

Rihanna Shoulder Tattoo Designs

13. Roman numeral on her upper shoulder

Rihanna Ankle Tattoos

14. Skull on her Ankle

15. 1988 on Her Ankle:On her right ankle, she got a new tattoo that reads “1988,” which was her birth year.

Ankle Tattoos

16. Shark on Ankle

17. Falcon on Ankle:She made the decision to conceal the music notes by placing a big Egyptian falcon on top of them. This magnificent bird is made to look like a handgun. Not only does it have a fantastic appearance, but it is also one of her more polarizing choices for a tattoo design.

Rhianna Chest Tattoo Ideas

18. Never a Failure Always a Lesson Quote Tattoo

19. Goddess Isis on Her Chest:As a mark of respect for her late grandma, Rihanna just received a brand new tattoo that is rather massive in size. Isis, an Egyptian goddess, was the one she decided to get inked on her chest.

Rhianna Chest Tattoo

20. Cross on her Collarbone

Rihanna Foot Tattoos

21. Music Notes on Foot

Rihanna Finger Tattoo Designs

22. Love on Her Finger: She has the word “love” on the middle finger of her right hand. It’s a simple design that can be easily hidden.

23. Shhh on Her Finger: When you put your finger to your lips in an effort to silence someone, the tattoo will be exposed.

Finger Tattoo

Rihanna Ear Tattoos

24. Pisces Sign Behind Ear

25. Star Inside her Ear

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Be Inspired By

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Rhianna Tattoo

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